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5 Key Updates for Men’s Core Swimwear Styles in Spring/Summer 24

Men's Core Swimwear

As we look ahead to the Spring/Summer 2024 season, it’s time to start thinking about how to refresh your men’s core swimwear styles. By focusing on low-risk updates like trim details, branding, new-season prints, and features that encourage modular styling and long-term wear, you can give your bestselling swimwear a fresh look without taking on too much risk. In this article, we’ll explore the key trends and updates to consider for your Spring/Summer 24 men’s swimwear collection.

Table of Contents
1. Swim brief updates
2. Classic swim trunk refresh
3. Long-line surf short details
4. Tailored swim short features
5. Summer shirt styling

1. Swim brief updates

swim brief

The humble swim brief is steadily creeping back into favor thanks to its practicality and timeless appeal. To update this style for Spring/Summer 24, focus on trims and seasonal prints. Consider branding styles using understated, tonal drawcords and ends, patch branding or statement text.

Experimenting with a longer leg-length can create an almost square short silhouette that offers more coverage. For higher-priced items, explore innovative fabrics like hemp, recycled, bio-based, or biodegradable nylon to appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

2. Classic swim trunk refresh

swim trunk

The classic swim trunk is a perennial consumer favorite. To refresh this style for Spring/Summer 24, focus on print and pattern updates that draw on the season’s key trend stories, like Joyful nautical, Expressive resort and Synaesthesia.

Adding interesting stitch patterns in a contrast color to hems, seams and pockets is an easy way to add accent detail. Patchwork constructions provide an opportunity to use up old styles and deadstock fabrics, tapping into the growing interest in sustainable fashion. For block-color styles, experiment with fabrics that offer a subtle shine or texture to update the look.

3. Long-line surf short details

Long-line surf short

With the continued popularity of beach and water sports, the long-line surf short is a must-have in any core swimwear range. Update this style with shaped or notched hems, contrast hem binding or feature piping.

Create visual interest with contrast trims in unexpected placements or cut-and-sew pattern-play. Shaped paneling can help contour styles on the body – use contrast fabric or a mix of prints and plains for maximum impact. An elastic waistband or double waistband nods to the throwback 2000s aesthetic that’s trending for Spring/Summer 24.

4. Tailored swim short features

swim short

Elevate the humble swim short by experimenting with tailoring-inspired details that give it appeal beyond the beach and encourage more formal vacation styling. A button closure and flat-front waistband are key for achieving this look. Waistband adjusters offer the wearer a personalized fit.

Use a dense thread in a contrast color for stitching to mimic the look of a heavier woven fabric. Contrast pockets make for an eye-catching feature detail. Sartorial fabrics can further enhance the tailored aesthetic.

5. Summer shirt styling

summer shirt

The summer shirt is a key resort-ready style that pairs perfectly with swim shorts. For Spring/Summer 24, update this staple with an oversized or sailor collar for a fashion-forward finish. A placement print offers a contemporary alternative to an all-over design. Lightweight fabrics like soft chambray denim and more formal wovens are great options to explore.

Patchwork and contrast paneling details can make use of offcuts or deadstock materials, enhancing the style’s eco credentials. Merchandise the shirt as a matching set with shorts or accessories to create enticing cross-sell opportunities.


Refreshing your men’s core swimwear styles for Spring/Summer 24 doesn’t have to involve taking on a lot of risk. By focusing on thoughtful yet low-risk updates across key silhouettes like the swim brief, classic trunk, long-line surf short, tailored swim short and summer shirt, you can give your swimwear collection a trend-right update that’s sure to resonate with customers. Consider new trim details, branding executions, seasonal prints and alternative fabrics to breathe new life into these warm-weather staples. Use deadstock and recycled materials where possible in patchwork and cut-and-sew styles to boost your eco credentials and minimize waste. With these strategies in mind, you’ll be well on your way to a successful men’s swimwear season in Spring/Summer 24.

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