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5 Low-Rise Jeans Trends to Look for in S/S 2024

Women walking in low-rise jeans

The fashion industry is well-known for its cyclical patterns, with the early 2000s remaining a significant source of inspiration for contemporary looks. Interestingly, the low-rise jeans’ triumphant return in 2024 is a textbook case. The pop-culture icons who ruled the era—Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and even Destiny’s Child—famously rocked the low-slung look.

Millennials and Gen-Z, driven by sentimental yearning, are bringing back jeans and the entire early-aughts aesthetic. Ready to dive into the re-emerging trend? Discover five low-rise jeans trends that prove these bottoms are here to stay.

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A brief look at the jeans market in 2024
Low-rise jeans: 5 trends for an updated inventory
5 note-worthy updates that modernize low-rise jeans
Rounding up

A brief look at the jeans market in 2024

The denim jeans market reached a value of US $90.65 billion in 2023. However, projections estimate the market will reach US $127.56 billion by FY 2030 at a 5.1% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the 2024–2030 forecast period. The jeans market owes its growth to changing fashion trends and consumer preferences, influencer marketing, and celebrity endorsements.

According to another report, the women’s segment significantly contributes to the demand for denim jeans; females are spending more on their looks, including low-rise, curve, and straight-leg skinny jeans. Most sales also came from North America, with the region accounting for a 34.7% share in 2022.

Low-rise jeans: 5 trends for an updated inventory

1. Low-rise cargo jeans

Lady posing in low-rise cargo jeans

Low-rise cargo jeans are a hot trend that combines the 2000s comeback with a love for practical, street-smart fashion. These jeans sit lower on the waist than the high-waisted styles that dominated the fashion scene, giving ladies a flirty, hip-hugging look. They are all about emphasizing curves and bringing back the bold vibe from the early 2000s.

Low-rise cargo jeans are popular in 2024 for a few reasons. First, despite their comfy, loose-fit designs and handy pockets, they still look amazing. Plus, they stand out in a crowd, allowing women to attract attention wherever they go.

Woman putting hands in the pockets of low-rise cargo jeans

Low-rise cargo jeans fit right in with the Y2K style, like crop tops and chunky sneakers, but they offer more styling versatility. Women can wear them with a tight bodysuit for a night out or throw on an oversized sweater or T-shirt for a grungy feel. And these jeans are not just for one group—they appeal to people of all ages and genders. So, businesses can market them to nostalgic young folks and anyone looking for trendy, comfy clothes.

2. Two-tone low rise

Lady rocking a pair of two-toned low-rise jeans

Two-tone low-rise jeans put a bold spin on the comeback of low-rise denim. Instead of just one denim color, these jeans feature two shades in the same pair. Businesses may offer a mix of light and dark denim, patches of varying denim hues, or even bright pops of color mixed in.

These jeans come in different low-rise styles, like wide-leg or skinny. They are perfect for people who want to grab attention and show off their unique style. Adding this two-tone twist to low-rise denim brings a fun and modern touch to the old-school look ladies remember from the early 2000s.

Lady in black and gray two-toned low-rise jeans

More and more shoppers are looking for denim that breaks the rules. Two-tone jeans offer something different and eye-catching that satisfies this requirement. Businesses can sell them to customers who love making a statement with their clothes and prefer more subtle styles.

3. The exposed waistband

Woman wearing low-rise jeans with exposed innerwear

Exposed waistband low-rise jeans are a trendy twist on low-rise denim. These jeans take cues from lingerie, with wide and eye-catching waistbands meant to be seen. Businesses can stock variants sporting logos, fun prints, lace-like patterns, or chains decorating the waistband.

These jeans are riding the wave of a few other fashion trends. One notable example is the blurring lines between underwear and regular clothes, where exposed waistbands fit right in. Plus, with everyone looking for comfy clothes these days, elastic waistbands, like the ones on track pants, are becoming popular in everyday wear, and exposed waistbands take this element to the next level, blending style and comfort.

Exposed waistband low-rise jeans are for fashion-forward consumers who love to make a statement without sacrificing comfort. Businesses must position them as bold, fashion-forward pieces to quickly send them flying off shelves.

4. Low-rise + ultra wide leg

Low-rise jeans with an ultra-wide leg

The lockdown era created a new demand for comfy but still stylish clothes. That’s where low-rise, ultra-wide-leg jeans made their glorious impression. These bottoms give ladies a relaxed, loose fit without losing that fashion edge. Low-rise, ultra-wide-leg jeans are all about playing with shapes—they go great with short tops and snug outfits that balance out the baggy bottom half.

What sets these jeans apart is their size. They’re super oversized, with some variants almost touching the floor. But the upside is that this unique design creates a flowing, billowy effect when ladies move. And even though they are laid-back, women can dress them up with fancy tops for a glam look. That’s what makes them so versatile—they can suit different occasions and styles.

Lady in chunky boots wearing black wide-leg low-rise jeans

These jeans might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they’ll appeal to people who love bold fashion choices. To make them even more attractive, offer them in different colors and materials to match various tastes.

5. Embellished low-rise

Lady showing off embellished low-rise jeans

Embellished low-rise jeans add extra flair to the classic denim style. They’re like a blast from the past, mixing the nostalgia of the early 2000s with today’s love for fancy details. More importantly, the shiny details are the stars of the show here—these jeans are covered in rhinestones, pearls, studs, embroidery, and other details that make them sparkle and stand out.

Lady posing near a wall in embellished low-rise jeans

In 2024, fashion is about embracing the glitz and glam, and embellished jeans embody the movement. While minimalism was significant for a while, it’s all about making a statement with outfits. And embellished low-rise jeans are a perfect example of this shift in fashion. These bottoms can be strategically placed around pockets, down the seams, or scattered across the legs for a dramatic all-over effect.

5 note-worthy updates that modernize low-rise jeans

Update 1: Higher waists (within the low-rise realm)

Lady waltzing in a pair of higher low-rise jeans

The low-rise trend comes at different levels. While the classic style remains low, businesses can also use more moderate models that sit just below the belly button. These moderate styles are an excellent choice for customers not sure about going for the super low-rise look.

Update 2: Focus on comfort

Lady outdoors in a pair of comfortable low-rise jeans

Unfortunately, the early 2000s sometimes sacrificed comfort for the trend’s sake. However, updated low-rise jeans often use stretchier denim and more relaxed fits for a more forgiving and comfortable feel.

Update 3. Inclusive sizing

Fuller-figure woman in black low-rise jeans

Another significant change is the broader availability of low-rise options in inclusive sizing. This exciting update makes the trend more accessible to consumers, regardless of body shape.

Update 4: Cutout details

Woman in low-rise jeans with cutout details

Cutouts are a big trend across fashion right now, and low-rise jeans are no exception. Businesses can now find low-rise jeans with strategically placed cutouts at the hip bones, across the back pockets, or even down the side of the legs.

Update 5: Unexpected materials

Low-rise pants in soft, drapey fabrics

Denim is classic, but new iterations of low-rise jeans are starting to appear in other materials. Think low-slung corduroy pants, faux leather styles, or even soft and drapey fabrics for a more unexpected lounge-style take.

Rounding up

Designer runways set the stage for what makes it into mainstream fashion. Big names like Miu Miu, Versace, and Blumarine are bringing back the low-rise, which has helped boost the trend’s popularity today. Their designs have made low-rise styles more accepted by today’s consumers, allowing retailers to stock them up ahead of the increased demand. Low-rise jeans have 201,000 customers searching for them, so stock up on these five styles to make the most of the market in 2024.

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