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5 Men’s Tailoring Trends That Will Rock Summer 2023


Tailoring is back, and consumers can enjoy classy and occasionwear outfits. These are not just regular suits. Tailoring houses a wide range of spruce jackets and separates that aren’t standard blazers.

Male consumers with tight budgets demand more versatile clothing, and tailoring offers that. Wearers can enjoy many styles that make bold expressions, and these trends will always be in line with their preferences.

Check out five men’s tailoring trends that will make waves this summer 2023.

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There’s a demand for men’s tailoring wears in 2023
Five promising men’s tailoring apparel trends
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There’s a demand for men’s tailoring wears in 2023

Research shows that the global men tailoring market had a $38.3 billion value in 2021. Experts estimate the market will expand to $62.0 billion from 2022 to 2028. They also predict the segment will have a 7.1% CAGR over the forecast period.

Such outstanding market stats show an increased demand for men’s tailoring wears. Men have experienced sudden lifestyle changes and require more unique outfits to fit their transformed preferences.

With the promising potential of the global men’s apparel market, businesses can expect the tailoring segment to enjoy more popularity in summer 2023.

Five promising men’s tailoring apparel trends

High-stance jackets

The high-stance jacket is here to make a bold statement with four unique buttons. This trend adopts the classic men’s rule of never buttoning jackets all the way down.

These jackets were hot in the previous seasons and are still gaining traction for summer 2023. And the buttons on high-stance jackets can be closer to the neckline or the bottom rim. Variants closer to the neck will have shorter lapels and more coverage on the chest area.

Some other variants have wider lapels and more spaced-out buttons. Consumers can get this ensemble in different colors, including neutrals, navy blue, and peach.

Men who love a modern look can opt for a slightly oversized high-stance jacket. This piece can look great as a set or as a standalone piece. Consider pairing a navy blue high-stance jacket with matching pants and grey tees to complete a minimalist aesthetic.

Man sitting with grey high-stance jacket

Consumers with a thing for retro looks can rock an oversized short-lapeled jacket. Men can don a neutral-colored vintage-styled jacket with grey baggy pants for this outfit.

Some high-stance jackets have simple patch pockets for an edgy aesthetic. Consumers can enjoy this piece as a matching set. Think going shirtless under a peach high-stance jacket with some matching pants.

Cotton high-stance jackets offer a casual feel for men who love looking relaxed. Pairing this piece with a light blue dress shirt and matching pants would give a dapper combo for everyday activities.

Unstructured blazers

Man holding white object with light brown blazer

Here’s a trend that offers something familiar but different. The unstructured blazer takes out most of the inner structure of a traditional blazer and creates a unique piece.

Some styles don’t have any line, while others simply soften the shoulder pads and remove some interlining for a more fluid feel. These pieces are not as strict as regular blazers and offer more styling flexibility.

Consumers can enjoy different looks they’d get from a blazer or make things extra with bolder outfit experiments. The unstructured blazer also comes in various patterns, styles, and colors, making the piece versatile and trans-seasonal.

Man sitting on a bench with blue unstructured blazer

One magical way men can rock an unstructured blazer is by going lightweight and oversized. It’s the perfect combo of comfort and style mixed with functionality. Men can sport the look with white unstructured blazers paired with grey slightly oversized shorts and collarless shirts.

Men that want to retain the formal looks of blazers can opt for an unstructured blazer with softened shoulder lines and minimal pads. They can rock the look with matching dress pants and a patterned tee.

Consumers can move away from the conventional blazer style and rock a completely unlined variant. They can style this piece like a robe or let it fly. Pairing it with baggy checked trousers while shirtless under will complete the ultimate casual look.

Classic navy blazers

Man smiling while looking good in blue blazer

Nothing exudes timelessness like the classic navy blazer. It’s a versatile piece that creates fantastic formal and casual outfits.

The classic navy blazer is a returning piece already making waves with clubhouse and refined resort themes. There’s no limit to the number of styles consumers can wear with this piece.

Some variants feature decorative embellishments like big buttons or striped patterns. One crucial detail about this classic is that men won’t feel stuffy or old-fashioned. They can opt for versions tuned to their preferences.

Men that love a more streamlined look can opt for waisted navy blazers. These pieces offer tailored fits that accent the waistline for an elegant look. Men can enjoy added aesthetics by donning a pin-striped navy blazer with black stripe dress pants.

Consumers looking for more formal attires will love the boxy navy blazer. It offers a classic fit that’s sure to turn heads at any formal event. Men can pair it with cream pants and dress shirts for an elevated look.

Alternatively, male consumers can opt for classic navy blue blazers with gold metal buttons. The apparel works well with color-block knitted vests and lazuli blue pants.

Navy blazers with draping fits can make some eye-catching casual outfits. They feature medium-length sleeves and wider lapels. They’re oversized enough to exude a draping effect.

Consumers can pair this ensemble with cream wide-collared shirts and chinos.

Statement blazers

Man holding a pole with a light blue statement blazer

Statement blazers are unique pieces that express the wearer’s personality and desire for impactful pieces. Consumers can wear them anywhere, and they can effortlessly amp a basic outfit.

These timeless pieces can create sartorial moments for both casual and formal occasions. Male consumers can easily express their creativity while maintaining a polished and professional aesthetic.

These blazers have different colors, patterns, textures, and prints to match various wearer personalities. They also come in various exciting and engaging shapes.

Statement blazers are also versatile. Consumers can wear pretty much anything under them. For instance, consider a multi-colored striped blazer with matching pants. Consumers can rock a cream round neck tee under without stealing the attention from the statement blazer.

Man in front of a mirror with a checked statement blazer

Male consumers can take a bolder approach by rocking statement blazers with commercial contrast lapels. They can mix the ensemble with some denim pants and a grey tee.

Psychedelic effects also look beautiful with statement blazers. These pieces feature multi-colored prints that exude a hippie personality. Consumers can complete the look by going shirtless and leaving the blazer unbuttoned.

More reserved personalities can opt for statement jackets with side buttons. These unique designs allow consumers to semi-wrap the blazer to give a robe-like effect. Men can rock this casual piece with denim or matching dress pants.

Alternatively, male consumers can wear statement blazers with peppy colors and design details. They feature up to six decorative buttons and appeal to personalities that love making things extra.

Alt suits

Man donning a cream-colored alt suit

These are not the traditional two- or three-piece option as alt suits present a blend of comfort and dapper looks for hybrid working. The ensemble strays away from the classic blazer and opts for an updated look with shirt-collar jackets.

Alt suits have loose fittings and less constructed styles that won’t make the bottoms look out of place. And summer wools and compact cotton are popular fabrics used for making this sophisticated tailoring.

Man posing with black alt suit

Men that want an updated look can opt for modern alt suits. This classic mix resembles a casual jacket and pant outfit. Pairing the ensemble with a white tee would add the final touches for a preppy look.

Consumers that prioritize comfort will love a light and summery alt suit. They can pair this ensemble with a black and white horizontal striped tee for a streetwear aesthetic.

Closing words

Summer 2023 reflects consumers’ need for various tailoring styles. Men want to express themselves differently for different occasions, which calls for more diverse fashion offers.

Step out of the comfort zone of core colors and plain fabrics as male consumers look for more choice in tailoring with bold and more expressive styles.

Businesses can use high-stance jackets, unstructured blazers, classic navy blazers, statement blazers, and alt suits trends to update their summer catalogs and keep up with changing consumer demands.

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