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Market Analysis of Amazing Men’s Apparels of 2022


The market for menswear in the United States was worth US $114.09 billion dollars in 2019, and it is expected to hit US $163.32 billion dollars in 2025, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.44% from 2020 to 2025. Given the opportunity this growth presents, this article will use insights from market data to offer five key trends in the men’s apparel sector that retailers can capitalize on. So read on for the items that will boost your inventory this year! 

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An overview of the men’s fashion market
Five essential men’s fashion trends for 2022
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An overview of the men’s fashion market

New–in apparel mix and YoY shifts

New-in apparel mix for the UK

Knitted tops and jerseys are still at the top of the new-in apparel mix, at 38% in the UK and 45% in the US. This goes to show that comfort categories are still important to customers even as the urge to dress up continues to increase steadily.

New-in apparel mix for the US

Trousers and jeans on the other hand relinquish some share of the mix in the US against other apparel. These have seen markdowns, which are considerably lower than the average and show that leisure wear and outdoor wear clothes like sweatpants are still relevant among customers. In the UK, trousers and jeans have a relatively average share mix of 6% and 4% respectively, which is a higher mark up than those in the US.

Recovery of shirts and trousers in the UK and US

Shirts and trousers recovery in the UK

Similarly, the markdown rates of trousers and shorts have seen considerable decreases in both the UK and US. This shows some shift in the apparel mix from leisure and casual wear to a return to work and work related activities. 

Shirts and trousers recovery in the US

In other words, more consumers in the UK are beginning to buy into these fashion staples—with tailored wear taking the front seat at 31%, closely followed by jeans at 30%, and shorts having the lowest share at 15%. 

The US is also experiencing a recovery, but it’s not as rapid as in the UK. For instance, tailored clothes in the US only have a market share of 19%, when compared to the UK market share of 31%. For the US, knitted jersey tops and knitted jumpers have the most significant markups when compared to other clothing types.

Outdoor activities are fueling growth in the UK and US

Pictorial representation of outdoor lifestyles impacting wears in the UK

Jeans, alongside coats and jackets, have seen somewhat constant progress between the years 2020 to 2022 and maintain first and second place among consumers in the UK.

Activewear also remains a priority to consumers. This is seen with a 10% increase in the UK and a 12% increase in the US.

Pictorial representation of outdoor lifestyles impacting wears in the US

Outerwear on the other hand is another category that seems to be thriving as it grows by 17% in the UK and by 15% in the US.

The comfort categories that include tees and other knitwear products remain relevant to customer preferences especially in the UK, recording 15% and 8% increase respectively. In the US, casual tops are dropping a little, while other pieces such as jumpers, jackets, knitted wear and cardigans have been gaining traction with a 10% increase.

New-in color mix for apparels in US

Also, as we move from spring and summer to autumn and winter in 2022, seasonal colors and hues are taking over as the seasons change. 

New-in color mix for apparels in UK

Five essential men’s fashion trends for 2022

Light resort shirt

Man wearing a dark blue designed light resort shirt

These shirts are super relevant during the spring and summer seasons. Key essentials here are lightweight fabrics that are breathable and neutral or slightly bright colors to improve extensive use and wearability.

These signature shirts often use recyclable materials like linen and hemp materials which make them suitable for an environmently friendly design. 

Man wearing a floral-designed resort shirt

Some of these shirts give off really nice retro vibes with a relaxed feel to them which is comfortable for the warmer seasons. They can go completely unbuttoned with cargo shorts or board shorts for chilling by the beach or a pool. 

Comfort shorts

Man wearing a  multi-colored comfort short

These shorts are sometimes referred to as athleisure or exercise shorts and they are a great fit for both men and women. Women can add some sizzle to these with a nice fancy shirt or top. It’s a fun way of combining uber-casual items with athletic pieces to create something new.

Women can pair these shorts with a nice button down shirt or ruffle top made from lightweight fabric for that semi-casual or business casual look.

Muscular man wearing a black comfort short

Men can wear these shorts with resort shirts or floral design prints. And they would be perfect for a hike or trip to the beach. 

Workleisure suits

Man wearing a black workleisure suit

These are work suits that essentially look, feel and act like athleisure and business casual suits. They’re more or less athleisure, but for work.

They allow one the ability to feel and look chic or smart and they are great for a spontaneous walk in the park or lunch with friends. One simple way to make these work is to take a gray blazer and pair it with a white t-shirt or V-neck shirt. Denims are a good choice as bottoms to maintain a casual look.

Man wearing a blue workleisure suit

Another great styling idea is a solid color blazer with a turtleneck that matches the blazer and trousers of choice. Chinos trousers or linen material trousers, which are somewhat lighter, are good alternative options for this outfit.

Fashion suits

Man wearing a black fashion suit and tie

With the desire to dress up this season, fashion suits are back and are in high demand. Usually, these suits would appear as matching sets which make them a lot easier to style.

The color palette for these suits are seasonal and a bit vibrant on the downscaled side with features like camel, cream, beige, navy blue and light purple. Other popular color choices could be white and gray which don’t steal the allure of the suits.

Man wearing a blue suit and red tie

For a smarter look, a button down shirt is an easy complement, and allows the addition of a tie or bow tie, depending on the occasion. Men can opt for smarter casuals with a tee or thick turtleneck so as to not look overdressed but still a tad classy and ready to go out.

Outdoor utility wear

Man wearing black utility jacket over top and denim

This season’s outdoor staples emphasize darker shades and duller hues to achieve a nice earthy tone and feel. These feature cargo pants, cargo shorts, puffer jackets and hoodies

These utility jackets are a popular choice that are suitable for a range of daily activities such as hikes, going on vacation trips and just relaxing outdoors with friends. 

Man wearing a utility hoodie jacket

On the other hand, these hoodies go great when worn with an undershirt, preferably long-sleeved and peeking out from the wrists. A regular t-shirt is also a good modular fit. Men can pair these with their favorite plain or camouflage cargo pants.

Final words

The men’s fashion market will see some key trends this year, including outdoor wear which is gaining traction alongside dress clothes, comfort shorts and resort shirts. Also, on the more formal side, there are fashion suits, which can be dressed up nicely, as well as work leisure suits that can offer comfort and class. And considering that hese trends are not showing any signs of slowing down, businesses can use the insights from the latest market data to ensure they have a well-stocked inventory to boost their appeal. 

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