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5 Must-Have Men’s Cut & Sew Styles for Spring/Summer 24

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As an online retailer, staying on top of the latest fashion trends is crucial for offering a compelling and profitable product assortment. For the upcoming S/S 24 season, focus on key cut & sew styles that align with emerging consumer needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 essential menswear pieces to stock up on. 

Table of Contents
The relaxed hoodie
The versatile sweatpant
The customized sweatshirt
The casual T-Shirt
The multifunctional base

The relaxed hoodie

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The relaxed hoodie is poised to continue its reign as a menswear staple for S/S 24. As the hoodie trend approaches saturation, it’s time to reinvent this modern classic with fresh details. Elevate the look by exploring color, pattern, and texture. Opt for an oversized, zip-up hoodie design with a drawstring and panel it with different textured fabrics like terry and jersey. Sustainability should also be top of mind in eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, linen, and hemp. Pastel hues and handcrafted touches like embroidery will give the relaxed hoodie an artisanal, mood-boosting feel that’s perfect for the coming sunny months.

By tweaking the quintessential hoodie with panels, textures, and pops of color, you can breathe new life into a piece that customers already know and love. Sustainable fabrics also allow you to market your relaxed hoodies as both trendy and environmentally responsible. Give shoppers that light, feel-good look they’ll be craving once winter ends.

The versatile sweatpant

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Sweatpants will continue to dominate as comfort remains king, but it’s time to make them more versatile. Design a high-waisted sweatpant with a relaxed, straight-leg silhouette that can be dressed up or down effortlessly. Use drawstrings and ribbed cuffs to refine the look. Match them back to the relaxed hoodie for a stylish athletic set. When it comes to fabrics, choose sustainable options like organic cotton blended with linen or hemp. Market the sweatpants as work leisure – relaxed enough for lounging but sleek enough for the office or an everyday errand. 

The growth of athleisure has consumers seeking comfort in all aspects of life. Give them sweatpants that can take them from the sofa to the grocery store with ease. A more tailored silhouette and eco-friendly fabrics upgrade the casual sweatpants into a piece suitable for any occasion. Promote the matching hoodie + sweatpants set as the ultimate versatile outfit.

The customized sweatshirt

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While the sweatshirt remains a menswear staple, customers are seeking more unique versions that feel one-of-a-kind. Incorporate handcrafted details like embroidery, prints, and artistic dye techniques to make your sweatshirts stand out. Maintain the classic crew neck and ribbed accents but get creative with paneling, raw edge distressed details, and cut-outs. Sustainability also remains key – use organic cotton blended with recycled fibers. 

Let customers know they can expect artisanal details that make each sweatshirt special. Handcrafted elements like embroidery give a human touch while paneling and cut-outs provide a modern edge. Sustainable fabrics connect to eco-conscious values. By blending comfort with creativity and responsibility, your customized sweatshirts will be primed for success.

The casual T-Shirt

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The t-shirt continues to be a best-selling basic, but consumers are looking for more than just a plain tee. Elevate the casual t-shirt with unique finishes like embroidery, screen printing, and artistic dye techniques. Keep the silhouette relaxed and draped with a crew or v-neck, but customize each tee with one-of-a-kind prints, logos, or hand-dyed patterns. Panel the t-shirt with sustainable fabrics like organic cotton blended with Tencel or recycled polyester. 

T-shirts are wardrobe staples, but personalization and artisanal details make them stand out. By applying custom prints and unique dye methods to each tee, they become special pieces that consumers will want to show off. Sustainable fabrics also appeal to eco-conscious shoppers. Give customers the soft, relaxed t-shirt they love with the added value of craftsmanship and responsibility.

The multifunctional base layer 

base layer sweat shirt

The final essential style for S/S 24 is the multifunctional base layer. Choose breathable, performance fabrics blended from merino wool, Tencel, and hemp to create the ultimate trans-seasonal piece. Design a long-sleeve top that can be worn alone in warmer weather or layered under jackets and hoodies as temperatures drop. Go for preppy stripes in contrasting colors and thicknesses for a collegiate feel.

Activewear-inspired base layers allow for styling versatility across seasons. Customers can get more wear out of a single piece. The preppy stripe patterns also provide a fresh take on a menswear basic. By blending performance, style, and trans-seasonal appeal, your base layers will become wardrobe heroes.


By focusing your assortment on these 5 essential menswear styles for S/S 24, you’ll have the building blocks to create a well-rounded yet stylish basics offering. Don’t forget to incorporate sustainability, performance fabrics, and unique artisanal details through ethical production methods. 

Customers today not only seek comfort but also want conscience – they need to know their basics align with their values. Provide pieces that are soft, versatile, responsibly made, and touched with craft. With this winning combination, your relaxed, customized essentials will speak to eco-conscious shoppers looking for comfort with creativity.

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