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5 Photo Album Trends for More Sales in 2024

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For many generations, the photo album has been a cherished item in the home that allows families to save and look back on pleasant memories. Dating back as far as the 1860s, photo albums have been a huge part of how we save memories, bringing great joy to those who have followed ever since. Even though technology has given rise to more advanced ways of storing photos, printed photos still provide the most tangible and sentimental means to store our photos, evoking nostalgia in anyone who happens upon one.

Here, we’ll delve into the top five photo album trends in 2024, as well as the industry’s current market size.

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An overview of the photo album market
Photo albums: 5 trends worth selling

An overview of the photo album market

A large photo album placed on a table

Valued at a hefty USD 3.47 billion in 2023, with a promising 3.7% CAGR, the global photobook and album scene is booming. What’s driving this growth? Firstly, the pros (photographers, artists, and designers) are using these albums to showcase their talents and creativity. While for novices, companies are stepping up their game, making printing more accessible and budget-friendly.

In addition, weddings and special events are also fueling demand, with the US along being home to over 2.4 million weddings, many of which will end with a picture book of the chershed day.

As for which types of albums are popular, many opt for flush mounts for their quality and durability. Lay-flat albums are also favored for their customizable flair.

North America, with its bustling photography scene, leads the charge in terms of album sales, but the Asia-Pacific region is also poised for explosive growth thanks to a surge in smartphone users and events.

Photo albums: 5 options worth selling

Family looking at a photo album together

Slip-in photo albums

A set of three slip-in photo albums

Slip-in photo albums, or pocket albums, are a convenient solution for preserving and showcasing old photographs. These albums contain pages with pre-sized pockets crafted from polypropylene, allowing consumers to slide their photos into them without the need for adhesives or extra mounting tools. For this reason, slip-in photo albums are one of the best ways to store and easily display cherished memories safely.

As well as simplifying organizing photos, these polypropylene pockets also shield them from dust and wear and tear, preventing deterioration or discoloration. They come in various sizes, too, meaning there’s a suitable style for each type of photo.

Bragbook photo albums

A gray grandma’s brag book photo album

Bragbook photo albums offer a handy and adaptable method for storing, displaying, and safeguarding treasured photographs. These albums come in various sizes, from pocket-sized to larger A4 books, and feature polypropylene pockets that shield photos from dust, dirt, and other potentially damaging pollutants. Although they sound similar to slip-in variants, what distinguishes them is their customization options. They allow users to arrange photos with diverse layouts and designs on each page for a personal flair.

Their self-adhesive backing is another big difference, ensuring photos remain secure while preventing slipping or shifting over time. Unlike traditional slip-in albums, which require special mounting equipment, Bragbook albums are cost-effective and user-friendly. Their tear-resistant, water-resistant, and acid-free polypropylene pockets offer lasting protection against discoloration and harm. Furthermore, the clear plastic window facilitates easy photo viewing without opening the pages, offering incredible display convenience.

Drymount photo albums

A dry mount photo album with vintage pictures

Sometimes referred to as traditional, Pergamon, and rice paper albums, dry-mount variants offer an amazing, timeless appearance perfect for storing and protecting old photographs. But that’s not all: Dry-mount photo albums often use cloth or similar materials to create eye-catching album designs. One reason consumers love them is their sturdy pages stacked with impressive adhesive-coated paper. This additional layer offers enhanced strength, further protecting the album’s contents.

Photos can be added using adhesive strips, photo corners, or specialized dry-mounting press, all secure enough to keep photos firmly in place and safeguarded from dust, dirt, and everyday wear and tear. In addition to maintaining cherished memories for years to come, dry-mount albums also lend each photo an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Consumers may even consider customizing every page of their dry-mount photo albums with various designs and layouts, reflecting the stories behind each photo. Since these albums offer various cover options, it’s more than likely consumers will find the perfect style for any occasion.

Self-adhesive photo albums

A lady viewing a self-adhesive photo album

Self-adhesive photo albums, also known as magnetic page or easy-mount albums, are another excellent way to store and display precious memories. These albums are usually the top pick when consumers seek a straightforward way to showcase their photographs. Security is a big upside for these albums, as they feature pages equipped with pre-sized pockets and self-adhesive backing, offering two benefits: protecting photos from daily wear and tear and allowing for easy display.

Another stand-out feature of these albums is their unique self-adhesive backing used to secure photos, no matter whether they’re glossy, matte, or canvas. The acid-free adhesives prevent discoloration or harm, so as not to affect a photo’s quality over time. The best part is the self-adhesion strikes a balance between rigidity and flexibility, firmly holding each photo in position yet remaining gentle enough for easy removal when necessary.

Another attractive benefit of self-adhesive photo albums is their affordability compared to other types. For example, they are more budget-friendly than dry-mount photo albums, which often require special mounting equipment, as well as traditional slip-in photo albums, which require sheet protectors for maximum effectiveness. This affordability makes self-adhesive photo albums an ideal choice for individuals seeking an option that offers excellent protection at a reasonable price.

Flip photo albums

A flip photo album with a of couple photos

These albums are a specific type of slip-in album. Typically, flip photo albums have sturdy covers packed with numerous plastic holders, often arranged in two columns. These serve as pockets for inserting photographs.

It’s how photos are inserted into these albums that differentiates them from traditional slip-ins: flip photo albums earn their moniker from the fact that the photos are placed on either side of the clear plastic pockets.


Photos are captured memories, and many people want to keep them alive, regardless of when they were taken. Albums are the best way for people to store these memories safely, adding personal flair if they wish to do so. Although there are a variety of photo albums on the market today, before sourcing, it’s best to keep in mind that they mostly all serve the same purpose: to protect what is dearest to the viewer in a clear and convenient way.

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