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5 Reasons Why Wearing a Trucker Hat While Running Is Important


Trucker hats are back in style, and many runners are wearing them like never before. This is because of the many benefits they come with, such as protection from direct sunlight, rain, and heat. Originally, trucker hats were only used by farmers and truck drivers because they were cheap to acquire. These hats are made using foam and mesh, which makes them breathable. Compared to other hats, trucker hats are good for the outdoors. 

In this article, we will look at why wearing trucker hats while running is important. Also, we will look at the different types of truck hats available as well as their features.

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Types of trucker hats
Reasons why wearing a trucker hat while running is important

Types of trucker hats

1. Six-panel trucker caps 

Green and black 6-panel trucker cap

A six-panel trucker cap is a style of baseball cap. The cap is insulated with a mesh back panel, and a flat and wide retro bill protrudes from the front panel. It has the distinct feature of a hard, pre-shaped front panel angled at almost 90 degrees. This allows any intended designs to be visible. The larger front panel highlights the wearer’s face, and the snap-back closure is usually made of vintage plastic. This trucker cap has an integrated cotton sweatband. 

2. Camo trucker caps

Camouflage hunter’s trucker hat on a white background

Camo trucker caps have meshed back caps. The camouflage prints make the cap appear very stylish. Those imprints of patterns are thematic to a specific event, such as hiking or charity events, and exhibit a casual occasion. The camo trucker cap assumes a classic shape with a continuous reinforced front panel. 

3. Flat visor trucker caps

Black and white flat visor trucker cap

Flat visor trucker caps can be found in the 5-panel and 6-panel styles. The distinguishing feature is the flat-billed variation of the cap. It also has a mesh back, and the adjustable snapback closure guarantees a fit on several heads. In addition, the flat visor trucker cap is comfortable as it can be worn on hot days with the presence of the sweatband.

4. Foam front trucker cap

Dark green trucker cap on a white background

A foam front trucker cap has a 5-panel crown with a front panel made of foam. The front panel is softer and angled backward. This shape could also be a perfect billboard for a user’s design. The most distinctive feature is the round pre-shaped bill. That design makes the hat more subtle.

Reasons why wearing a trucker hat while running is important

1. Lightweight 

This feature comes conveniently as the foam and mesh design renders trucker hats very light. As a result, they don’t weigh too much on wearers’ heads while running. They can also be easily carried around as an accessory and only used when necessary. For instance, you can take off your trucker hat and snap it on your arm or any straps. 

2. Ventilation 

The mesh makes the trucker hats very breathable. This material releases the heat around the head area, keeping a runner’s head cool in very hot conditions. It simply allows for free airflow. This mainly comes in handy when running in slightly warm or hot weather. Also, the snapbacks make the trucker hats more convenient as runners can easily loosen, tighten or take them off depending on the weather conditions. 

3. Protection from the sun

The curved brim feature forms an important part of the trucker hats. These hats keep the harsh sun rays out of the eyes and off the face. A firmly billed hat can be tilted down when one runs into the sun to protect their eyes. It also protects the runner’s neck when the sun hits the back by turning it around and tilting it down. 

4. Economical

Trucker hats are easily accessible and affordable. They have a few parts, including the panels, crown, brims, mesh back, and sweatband. The materials required to make these hats are easily available. Making one cap requires small quantities of cardboard or plasticine, fabric, and mesh. Additionally, some brands give out hats for free while doing promotions because they are relatively less costly.

5. Comfort 

The challenges of trail running require runners to be in their best gear. In case the weather is harsh, the trucker hat provides comfort with cover and protection. The two features enabling this are the breathable mesh in the back and the paneled foam in front. 

The adjustable back closure allows trucker hats to be worn by different runners with different head sizes. Additionally, runners with a lot of hair can contain their hair easily.


A proper trucker hat is necessary to enable runners to complete their various trail events with fewer problems. The comfort they offer is one of the most important details in trail running. They also are compatible with anyone because of their sizing. Find a trucker hat for your next run by visiting Alibaba.com.

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