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5 Remarkable Men’s Shirt & Woven Top Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


Men’s shirts and woven tops have become more exciting over time, and consumers can showcase them in the Summer and Spring seasons. Men need to stay comfortable as they move to the great outdoors without sacrificing stylishness. 

Although the tunic and baseball shirts are old news, they offer some exciting updates that make them worthy of the S/S 2023 catalog. This article will discuss similar re-emerging trends stepping up to find their place in men’s wardrobes. 

Businesses can check out these trends and consider leveraging them to get a headstart for S/S 2023 sales.

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The market potential for men’s woven tops and shirts
5 outstanding men’s shirts and woven tops for S/S 2023
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The market potential for men’s woven tops and shirts

The global men’s shirt market was estimated to be worth US $91.7 billion in 2020. Experts anticipate the industry to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.4% from 2021 to 2028. 

The market’s online distribution channel will register the fastest CAGR (over 5.5%) over the forecast period. This potential is attributable to the surge of convenient and easy online shopping platforms.

Europe held the highest regional market value in 2020, accounting for over 30% of revenue. Well-developed markets like the U.K., Germany, and France contributed to the market’s growth. Experts expect Asia-Pacific to register as the fastest-growing regional market over the forecast period.

5 outstanding men’s shirts and woven tops for S/S 2023


man wearing a tunic while operating a phone

Tunics enjoyed the limelight a few seasons ago when men craved long-line trends. Although the item became obsolete, the increasing drive for oversized cuts and comforts makes the tunic a hot seller.

Men don’t have to choose between style and comfort as tunics offer the best of both worlds. It’s a trendy and effortless addition to any wardrobe and can look great regardless of body shape. Not all tunics are maxi-styled. Instead, the item’s length depends on the style.

Tunics can go all the way down to the mid-shin. Alternatively, they can rest slightly above the knee. These items have standard collars, giving them a more traditional flare.

Men can also opt for tunics with bands or other unique collars offering a more directional feel. Tunics also have short and long-sleeved variants. Short-sleeve tunics usually feature rounded hems, while long-sleeves provide flat versions.

man in a striped tunic

Tunics can make fantastic layering pieces, especially over skinny jeans. Consumers can use a pair of distressed jeans for an easy, casual outfit. Or, they can opt for undistressed pairs for a more polished aesthetic.

This item also looks perfect with a pair of nice shorts. Consumers can go for shorter tunics resting slightly below the waistline and pair them with their favorite shorts.

Band-collar shirt

man in a red patterned shirt with a band collar

Although standard-collar shirts are necessary items, they are not so comfortable all the time. The band-collar shirt offers an alternative for men tired of standard collars.

Band-collar shirts prioritize comfort while offering the refinement consumers can get from their standard counterparts. The loose-fitting collar shirt strikes a balance between smarter dressing and lounge-like relaxation.

Consumers can leap into this piece for a fresh perspective on collared shirts. They can update their looks by swapping out their dress shirts for band-collared variants. Men won’t have to feel stuffy, even in a suit.

man in white band-collared shirt

Band-collar shirts are like upgraded T-shirts. They can make awesome summer outfits, especially when paired with shorts. Consumers can rock a monochrome look with this ensemble, or take a more colorful route.

The reduced collar of this item makes it perfect for the summer months. Consumers can also use them as effective under-layers for cooler spring temperatures. Men can wear more summer-appropriate trousers, like cropped pairs, to complete the ensemble.

Oversized mundane shirt

man resting on wall in an oversized mundane shirt

Not all trending pieces have to be fashionable, and the oversized mundane shirt is a perfect example of this. Nothing is flashy about this item. It features basic or plain patterns and prints, while its oversized silhouette feels more directional.

Oversized mundane shirts are simply bigger traditional men’s sleek or sports shirts. They come with standard shirt hems and dropped shoulders. Some variants offer optional details like back box pleats.

This item also provides a slightly greater point collar that embraces styles from the late 80s and early 90s. Since they are plain, oversized mundane shirts can go with about any bottoms men can throw at them.

man wearing an oversized mundane shirt

Consumers can match the shirt with wide-leg pants. They can also opt for light-blue baggy jeans. Both styles create an oversized aesthetic for willing consumers. Chinos also look impressive with oversized mundane shirts.

Oversized mundane shirts are ideal for a relaxed day at the park or casual evening outings with friends. Consumers can play around with the proportions by pairing the piece with skinny jeans or other tight-fitting pants.

Baseball shirt

man wearing a baseball shirt

Baseball shirts are emerging, and they are hotter than ever. Consumers can even style them for work, making these pieces fashionable enough to dominate men’s wardrobes.

Baseball shirts are incredibly versatile pieces. Men can layer them for cooler Summer or Spring days or rock them with other trendy staples.

Dark-wash or black jeans make an effortless pair with baseball shirts. It’s an easy style consumers can pull off, even in a rush. Men not comfortable with denim can opt for sweatpant styles.

Pairing sweatpants with baseball shirts can easily craft a casual athleisure aesthetic. Consumers can complete the look by wearing a baseball shirt over a hoodie and with comfy sweatpants. The piece would stand out if consumers rock hoodies and sweatpants with similar colors.

man donning a red baseball shirt

Consumers who fancy simpler outfits will love this style. They can rock a white baseball jersey with any other basic item for a clean look. This minimalistic outfit lets the shirt’s button-down and line details draw all the attention.

Men can layer a baseball shirt over their favorite long-sleeved shirt. They can try eye-catching color experiments and contrasts or opt for more muted tones. Wearers can complete the ensemble’s athleisure feel by opting for sweatpants over denim.

Metaverse resort shirt

man sitting on a couch in a resort shirt

Resort shirts are top sellers during warmer seasons, and they receive continuous updates to keep them fresh. The metaverse is slowly influencing the way consumers view the world. Now, there are more trends that look fantastic both onscreen and in real life.

This metaverse-influenced piece maintains the core elements of a resort shirt, like the camp collar and square hem. But it removes the tropical Hawaiian prints and replaces them with surreal, otherworldly prints.

men wearing metaverse resort shirts

Regardless of the print style, the metaverse resort shirt stays true to the oversized cut. It also embraces boxy silhouettes and provides sleeves that rest above the elbow.

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Many men are coming out of their homes and returning to their social and work lives. But most of them are not ready to give up the comfort they’ve gotten used to. It’s up to businesses to ensure consumers stay comfortable without sacrificing style.

These trends shift towards oversized silhouettes and fuller cuts to keep some of that appealing comfort while avoiding sloppy styles. Other factors like the metaverse and health and wellness also combine to make men’s shirts and woven tops hotter than ever.

Businesses should consider these tunics, band collar shirts, oversized mundane shirts, baseball shirts, and metaverse resort shirts for a sales head start in S/S 2023.

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