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5 Sports Water Bottle Trends to Watch Out for


A strong hydration game is essential for good health, especially for athletes. And a classic sports water bottle has a magnetic pull that helps people to stay on track with their water intake. Given that businesses may struggle to predict the best sports water bottle trends of 2022, this article provides information about the five leading types they should stock.

Alongside, it will highlight some exciting forecasts for this market and features to consider when purchasing a sports water bottle.

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Growth of the sports water bottle market in 2022
Five sports water bottle trends that are here to stay
How to choose the perfect water bottle for sports

Growth of the sports water bottle market in 2022

Sports water bottles should stay beside every athlete to ensure they beat the heat and perform at their best. The increasing trend of fit and athletic lifestyles is expected to rocket the market growth for sports water bottles. According to Coherent Marketing Insights, the global sports water bottle market is estimated to surpass US$ 7,143.93 million by the end of 2028. This will exhibit a CAGR of 4.0% during the forecast period (2021 to 2028).

The Asia Pacific is estimated to be the leading market shareholder and is projected to continue in that position from 2020 to 2027. Additionally, the rising popularity of public racing championships like the Walt Disney World Marathon, Los Angeles Marathon, and NYC Half Marathon is helping to foster the need and demand for sports water bottles.

Five sports water bottle trends that are here to stay

As technology continues to advance, the design of sports water bottles is also changing. Multiple materials and methods are implemented to help athletes get the desired quantity and type of water. It is also ensured that the bottles are easy to carry and hold an aesthetic appeal.

Plastic shaker bottles

A boy drinking water from plastic sports water bottle

People all over the world are gravitating towards a healthy and fit lifestyle. The increased probability of chronic diseases has compelled masses to opt for physical training, a healthy diet, and even supplements. A plastic shaker bottle caters to these needs.

People use a portable sports water bottle to stay hydrated during intense physical workout sessions. BPA and phthalate-free bottles prevent harmful chemicals from leaching the drinks. Some may even use these sports bottles as a protein bottle shaker because they help to blend the protein shakes and provides an extra edge before, during, and after an exercise routine.

These water bottles come in handy for people who are relatively busy but wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The material prevents water leakage and maintains the temperature of the fluids.

Plastic Tritan sports water bottles

Transparent plastic sports water bottle

Tritan copolyester is characterized by its practical and innovative properties. Its food-safe, heat-resistant, and dishwasher-proof properties have escalated its demand across multiple industries, including water bottles. A plastic Tritan sports water bottle with a straw is convenient and environmentally safe.

What makes them stand out in the market are their styles and colors. And the cherry on the cake is its odor-proof property. Put an iced coffee in your Tritan sports water bottle in the morning, then rinse it at noon. You won’t smell any traces of coffee!

Stocking up on a sports water bottle with a straw is recommended due to overwhelming demand. Sports lovers are always looking for ways to maintain their body fluids, and these big sports water bottles provide a cool and safe way to do so!

Customized plastic bottles

Customized and printed sports water bottles

A bottle that reflects users’ personalities can soon become their ultimate favorite. This is why custom sports water bottles are in rage nowadays. Brands can also print their logo alongside the minimalist design to promote subtly and distinctly.

Typically, an insulated sports water bottle is the ultimate choice of athletes. By using high-quality materials like PC, ABS, and PP, the manufacturers maximize the safety and resistance of custom sports water bottles. Ensure that the bottles you bring for the prospects are leakproof, portable, and easy to open/close.

Leak Pproof steel water bottles

Stainless steel and leakproof water bottles for sports

The increasing use of plastic is raising questions about the planet’s sustainability. About 60 million plastic bottles are dumped in landfills daily. If this continues at the same pace, we will soon run out of land for our basic needs. This is when the importance of shifting to environmental-friendly options arises. Opting for reusable bottles like stainless steel sports water bottles helps people to limit their part in the plastic pollution crisis. Many prospects are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprints, and leakproof steel water bottles are the answer to their woes.

With hundreds of push-ups to do and miles to cover, bringing a personal water bottle to the gym is always more convenient than buying one. It saves people the hassle of purchasing a new bottle daily and keeps dehydration at bay. Also, the option of printing funky graphics on these bottles has triggered their purchase among athletic circles.

Foldable and customized water bottles

Foldable water pouch for quick walks and gym trips

People nowadays are highly interested in traveling light. Even when going to a nearby gym or work, they are eager to carry as few supplies as possible. Offering a foldable sports water bottle is an ideal solution for such prospects. The collapsible models are considered the best sports water bottles for their lightweight and leakproof construct.

If unsure about the color tones, consider investing in the most-demanded shades. Colors like sky-blue and orchids look pleasant, while those in the shades of gray and black are the classics that never go out of fashion. When adding the range to a store, pay attention to the material. Medical grade, liquid silicone material is highly popular for its safe construct and durability.

How to choose the perfect water bottle for sports

Choosing a water bottle for hiking, trekking, or regular workout requires a little fine-tuning. Depending upon the audience, a manufacturer should invest in supplies that are more likely to be sold. Some features to consider before opting for a sports water bottle for a sports store are:


Tritanium,  plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum each have pros and cons. Find out what the customers want and how they plan to use those bottles, then offer a range that fits the bill.


Offering multiple-size options to the customers always does the trick. Typically, wholesalers prefer to provide a wide range of size options for their stores. A better trick is to evaluate the targeted sports activity and the potential customers.


The second element that informs about the sports water bottle choice is the type of lid preferred by customers. From screw tops to straws and instant tops, there are many options that wholesalers can bring for their prospects.


These suggestions will help retailers stock the most profitable sports water bottles. There is a huge potential to capitalize on this niche because of the increasing worldwide inclination toward sports. Keeping this in mind, this blog aimed to highlight the key features of sports water bottles and some important factors to consider before purchasing. To discover a wider variety of sports water bottles and how to maintain your inventory this year, check out the most popular items on Alibaba.com.

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