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5 Types of Pest Control Products You Should Be Selling


Pest control is critical to maintaining a comfortable, sanitary, and safe living environment in households and business premises. Pests like insects, rodents, and other unwelcome creatures can not only become a nuisance but also pose significant health risks. 

As a retailer, your choice of pest control products can significantly impact your customers. Generally, the types of pests that plague your customers will vary, ranging from insects to rodents, and their preferences for pest control solutions will differ. Having a comprehensive selection of pest control products on your shelves ensures you can provide tailored solutions to each customer’s unique pest problem while driving sales. 

This article will delve into five common but essential types of pest control products sellers should consider stocking.

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A brief overview of the pest control market
Types of pest control products you should be selling

A brief overview of the pest control market

The pest control market is witnessing significant growth, driven by a surge in pest populations due to factors such as climate change and urbanization. As of 2022, the market value towered at around $22.6 billion. However, growing at a CAGR of 5.7%, it is projected to hit an all-time high value of about $39 billion by 2032.

The burgeoning awareness among customers about the health risks posed by pests and the potential property damage they can inflict is driving the demand for high-quality pest control solutions. Additionally, urbanization has facilitated the expansion of sectors like hospitality and tourism, which require impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene, further boosting the demand.

Looking ahead, the pest control market is set to maintain its robust growth. Technological advancements will usher in new, more effective, and environmentally friendly products and pest control methods. There is also a notable shift towards eco-friendly and organic pest control products as environmental concerns become increasingly paramount. 

Types of pest control products you should be selling


Insecticides for outdoor use on a white background

Having insecticides on your shelves is crucial due to the widespread prevalence of insect pests. They are a common concern for many households and businesses, causing discomfort and potential health hazards. Offering insecticides provides immediate relief for customers dealing with these nuisances.

In addition, the benefits of stocking insecticides are twofold. First, they cater to a large customer base since insects are a common problem. Moreover, they often encourage repeat purchases as customers may need to reapply the product or wish to keep it on hand for future infestations.


Rodenticides in a bag and on a plate

Rodenticides are essential as rodents like rats and mice are notorious for their rapid reproduction rates and the significant damage they can inflict on properties. These pests also carry diseases, posing a serious health risk. 

Consequently, stocking these products means you are offering a powerful solution for customers experiencing a rodent problem, both in urban and rural areas. Additionally, due to the persistent nature of rodent issues, customers are likely to return for more supplies, creating a consistent revenue stream.


Repellent used on a picnic day

Repellents are important to stock as they offer a preventative measure against pest infestations. Many customers love the idea of prevention before cure and hence use different types of repellents based on their needs.

Repellents cater to the proactive segment of your customer base and are also an excellent recommendation for customers purchasing other pest control products as a way to ward off future infestations.

Traps and baits

Pest bait next to box and two cockroaches

Traps and baits provide an easy-to-use, non-invasive means of controlling pest populations. They are particularly beneficial for customers who prefer not to use chemical methods or who have identified a specific pest and wish to target a specific area.

Stocking traps and baits can boost your sales by providing a solution that customers can use alongside other pest control methods. They also offer customers an easy, hands-off method of controlling pests, which can increase their appeal.

Biological control agents

Biological control agent next to the insect it targets

Biological control agents offer an eco-friendly and safer alternative to traditional pest control methods. These products use other organisms to control pests naturally and are particularly attractive to environmentally conscious consumers.

Having these types of products in your stock appeals to a growing market segment that prefers eco-friendly solutions. This not only expands your customer base but also enhances your store’s reputation as a green-conscious retailer, and of course, it drives sales.


With the change in climate and increasing urbanization, pests will always be a problem. Consequently, selling pest control products will remain a viable business moving into the future. 

As a seller, stocking these five essential pest control products ensures you provide your customers with a comprehensive range of options. Remember, your customers have varying needs and preferences, and offering a broad range of products allows them to choose what best suits their specific situation. Don’t stop at these five, though. Explore more options on platforms like Alibaba.com to cater to an even wider array of customer needs.

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