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5 Unique Portable Toilets Worth Stocking in 2024

Different portable toilets from trailer to flushable to porta potty.

With the pandemic mostly behind us, outdoor gatherings are once again flourishing around the world. As too are the products required for a successful excursion, including the all-important portable toilet.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the portable toilet market’s prospects as well as which models are most likely to sell well in 2024.

The global market size for portable toilets

The global market size projection for portable toilets from 2022-2030

Most retailers want to stock products that will move faster and not tie down their capital. Global market growth projections help allay any fears and enhance decision-making. So let’s get into it.

The global market size for portable toilets in 2022 was valued at USD 19.52 billion, according to SkyQuest Technology, and is projected to grow at a CAGR) of 7.5% to reach USD 37.43 billion by 2031.

There are several factors contributing to this expected rise in demand, including:

  • The growing popularity of outdoor events and an increased number of construction projects
  • Ecological disasters that require the provision of sanitation facilities to displaced individuals
  • The straining of sanitation infrastructures due to rapid urbanization and population growth
  • The need for additional restroom facilities at popular tourist destinations like national parks, campgrounds, and recreational areas to accommodate visitors during peak seasons

Now, let’s take a look at some of the types of portable toilets that I likely to be popular in 2024.

Standard portable toilets

Non-flush blue portable toilets for outdoor events

Standard portable toilets, or “porta-potties,” are ubiquitous fixtures at outdoor events, construction sites, and temporary work locations.

Made of durable materials that are easy to clean and sanitize, some also come with spacious interiors and a wheelchair ramp, making them suitable for individuals with disabilities.

Some retailers may also want to consider providing eco-friendly features like biodegradable waste treatment systems to attract environment-conscious buyers.


  • Quick and convenient installation
  • Cheaper than most portable toilets
  • Some have hand sanitizers or handwashing stations for improved hygiene
  • Accessible to individuals of all abilities


  • SHave limited capacity and may require frequent servicing at large events
  • Inadequate ventilation or improper maintenance can lead to unpleasant odors
  • The compact size of standard portable toilets may feel cramped for some users

Composting portable toilets

A single unit composting portable toilets for campers

Portable composting toilets are great for campers and adventurers looking for a no-fuss toilet solution. These environmentally friendly toilets break down waste via composting, and don’t require smelly cleaning chemicals or frequent emptying. Unlike portable toilets, solids and liquid waste are separated to ease disposal and reduce odors. This separation also means that the solid waste fills the holding tank slower than in a standard portable toilet, thus reducing the time spent on waste management.

Consumers also love these toilets because they operate without water, eliminating the need for flushing and conserving precious freshwater resources.


  • Minimal odor because of increased ventilation and natural waste decomposition
  • Requires low maintenance thanks to simple plumbing systems
  • Versatile design makes them suitable for permanent and temporary installations
  • Promote sustainability and reduce the ecological footprint associated with traditional sanitation systems


  • Relatively costly compared with conventional portable toilets
  • Unsuitable in extreme climates
  • May require approval or a permit for installation

Trailer-mounted portable toilets

A three-unit trailer restroom for large outdoor events

Restroom trailers are an easy, portable way to cater to the bathroom needs of a large crowd or an area that has insufficient indoor facilities.

Single, double, or triple-unit portable toilet trailers are available, depending on your customers’ needs.


  • More spacious than standard units and may offer additional features such as multiple stalls, separate entrances for men and women, and shower facilities
  • More advanced technologies to break down waste and control smell
  • More comfortable on account of amenities such as flushing toilets, running water, sinks with soap and hand sanitizer
  • Come in various sizes and configurations to accommodate different events and settings
  • Easy to transport and set up at different locations


  • Require larger capital to purchase and stock
  • Need adequate space and may be unsuitable for venues with access constraints
  • Need access to water for flushing toilets and running water for sinks

Luxury portable toilets

Luxury restroom with sinks for handwashing and air conditioner for comfort

Luxury portable bathrooms are the answer for vendors looking for facilities that are a step up from basic sanitation.

Standard luxury portable toilets have spacious interiors, sinks, and flushing toilets. Some also have additional features such as mirrors, air conditioning, high-end finishes, and water tanks.

Organizers of high-end events like weddings, corporate functions, and outdoor parties will likely require trailer-mounted luxury bathrooms featuring luxury stalls that can serve numerous people at a time. 


  • Particularly comfortable, providing air conditioning, heating, improved seating, and high-quality fixtures
  • Feature hand sanitizer dispensers, hand washing stations with running water, and higher-quality toilet paper for improvedr hygiene
  • Wider doorways and grab bars make them accessible to individuals with disabilities


  • More expensive to rent than standard portable toilets, which may turn off budget-conscious customers or event organizers
  • May require more space for setup and installation than standard portable toilets
  • Require frequent cleaning and maintenance to keep them pristine, which could add to the overall cost and logistical challenges

Flushable portable toilets

Flushable portable bathrooms for enhanced comfort

Similar to standard portable toilets, these toilets also come with a flushing mechanism, which disposes waste into a holding tank and provides a better sanitary experience.

These portable restrooms are particularly suited to sporting events, weddings, festivals, and construction sites where regular bathrooms are inadequate.


  • Offer a more hygienic solution than non-flushable portable toilets
  • Some feature deodorizing agents or solutions in the flushing system, which help reduce unpleasant odors
  • Easy disposal of waste and cleanliness


  • Since they require water, they may not be ideal for some remote locations
  • Need regular maintenance due to the complexity of the flushing mechanism
  • Cost more than non-flushable varieties


The demand for portable restrooms continues to rise as outdoor events return and thrive around the world as well as a means to reduce pressure on traditional facilities in urban areas.

No matter which type of portable bathroom you require, you’re bound to find the right ones for your business among the thousands of options on Alibaba.com.

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