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5 Women’s Key Textiles Trends To Glean in Spring/Summer 2023


From various catwalk shows held in different fashion capitals of the world like New York, Milan, London, etc., it’s clear that many female consumer fashion needs are gradually shifting toward more flexible and comfortable styles.

So, it’s not much of a shock that many women’s key textile design styles look simpler with a touch of class, which translates to more elegant, simplified styles that breathe practicality and functionality. 

To get a better look, here’s a brief summary of the women’s textile market industry in 2022, and a look into the future numbers.

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Women’s textiles: what’s the market size?
Five vibrant women’s key textile trends of S/S 2023
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Women’s textile: what’s the market size?

In 2021, the global textile market was valued at USD 993.6 billion, with an expectation to reach a CAGR of 4% from 2022 to 2030. Clearly, this market has a vast potential to grow in the coming years—thanks to the advent of various eCommerce platforms springing up across different continents.

According to the above reports, the textile market has three fundamental principles, which are the distribution, design, and production of various fabrics like yarning and clothing. Hence, manufacturers tend to use different production processes like weaving, knitting, crocheting, etc.

Based on the reports, the U.S. has the largest textile market globally—with cotton having more than 39% of the market share.

Five vibrant women’s key textile trends of S/S 2023

Versatile silkies

Woman wearing a luscious red dress with ruffles

Luxury is a significant quality of silk bases, and the fabric makes everything from casual to evening wear look elegant, particularly in soft jewel tones. Although PJ sets, vintage wedding dresses, and premium pillows may come to mind when consumers think about satin, the fabric can make incredible everyday outfits

While it may not be the most flexible fabric on the market, satin’s beauty is unrivaled, and more innovators are stepping up to create stunning ways to rock its glam. Interestingly, satin tops look excellent when matched with faded or ripped jeans. The glaring contrast between the two pieces makes the outfit stand out even more.

A loose-fitting satin blouse paired with a tweed or denim jacket is another way to introduce some sheen and color to traditional looks. The textile also adds some elegance to humble joggers. In addition to being incredibly comfy and soft, the piece produces a sheen when consumers walk around in them.

Woman posing with a red satin dress

Ladies can match a cute pair of black satin joggers with a fresh-patterned crop top. Fancy variants with criss-cross backs can make the joggers feel slightly classier. Camisole tops are another satin specialty women love rocking during summer. The piece is lightweight, lovely, and comes with lace detailing, giving it a dainty aesthetic.

Black satin camisoles make fantastic pairs with blush wide-leg pants, which make the outfit feel softer. In addition, the high waist of these bottoms combines with the cami to give ladies the sought-after hourglass shape.

Durable nature

Woman wearing a white utility vest

Although utility styles have masculine natures, feminine elements show they can permeate the manly trend this season. Durable nature gives birth to SoftUtility, which showcases a message of practicality with a modern spin. While looking distinctive from other staples, utility wear usually encompasses cargo pants, boiler suits, and modular pockets.

Interestingly, utility styles have their origins rooted in demands for durable clothing. For this reason, the materials used to make these pieces are often comfortable, dirt-resistant, and low maintenance. Ladies looking to experiment with workwear are in for a treat as utility aesthetics come back in S/S 2023.

Females can ease into this trend by starting simple with a utility vest. The piece is a workwear staple and is widespread for its versatility. Rocking a utility vest in navy or black is an effortless way to style this garment. Usually featuring canvas-style fabric, the extra details of this item can instantly add a dash of edginess to feminine outfits.

Woman rocking red utility vest while lying on a field

Utility pieces in earth tones offer a softer approach to this trend. The workwear trend feels natural with earthy and plant-inspired tones. That’s why mossy greens, warm browns, and sandy beiges often dominate modern utilitarian clothing. Other colors to consider include grassy savannah, verdant forests, or autumnal hues.

These pieces can feel even softer with lighter natural tones. Sellers can work with the humble chino and not just for cargo pants. Options like chino utility vests also look fantastic while offering subtle styles for fashionistas. 

Color-infused tailoring

Women wearing colorful oversized suits

Two-piece tailoring sets receive a color focus this season for a bright resort look. Consumers can go for relaxed, pleated pants and combine them with oversized blazers in matching tones. The bottom should sit at the natural hip of the outfit for an elegant spin. Alternatively, ladies may pair baggy bottoms with tailored, fitted dress shirts for an on-trend appeal.

Women standing in a line while rocking colorful tailoring

Vests are reemerging tailoring essentials women are willing to add to their S/S wardrobes. Sellers can browse through multiple styles ranging from cropped to halter. These pieces can also come in sets with pleats pants, making rocking the style effortless.

Summer sheers

Woman rocking a sheer gown while sitting

Nothing feels more sensual than delicate sheers. They can serve as layering pieces while offering perfect transitions from day to night with multiple styling options. While sheer clothing has a risk of making consumers feel overexposed, there are safer ways to rock this trend without showing too much. In truth, summer sheers are one of the many iterations of the style, making women feel more comfortable.

One safe way to hit the streets with sheer clothing is by wearing a tank top underneath a sheer blouse. However, consumers must be intentional with their options and avoid random, rough tanks. The piece should complement the blouse beautifully without feeling out of place. Alternatively, ladies may layer a leather tank over the long-sleeved blouse. The style will add more depth and further accentuate the sheer beauty.

Summer sheers can feature built-in coverage. This range of blouses, skirts, and dresses feature sewn-in linings strategically covering areas of the body women would leave unexposed. Sellers can offer a few pieces like this to make pulling off sheer clothing effortless. Another chic and fashion-forward method of rocking this style is layering summer sheers over a dress.

Woman wearing a black sheer dress

Some variants even pair sheer coverups and dresses into a single item. But ladies can experiment with mixing and matching various pieces. Add a refreshing spin to old dresses by enhancing their print, color, and design with a sheer cover-up.

Polished classics

Lady posing while wearing a black leather outfit

Leather dominates the trans-seasonal dressing category as the style emerges as unexpected bases for S/S collections. There’s no single way to rock leather in any season. Ladies can find second-skin leggings, tailored skirts, joggers, bodysuits, blazers, and many other staples made with this polished classic.

The easiest way for women to incorporate this polished classic into their wardrobes is with leather pants. Businesses can explore various lengths and cuts this season and offer silhouettes similar to the ones their consumers already rock. Interestingly, ladies can style this piece with their favorite blouses, knit tops, and sweaters.

Leather dresses are also gaining attention this season. They offer eye-catching silhouettes and styles ladies can rock without trying hard. In addition, this style incorporates the polished classic to regular staples like belted shirtdresses, short-sleeved dresses, and sleeveless flare frocks. Since these silhouettes are recognizable, women can style them in limitless ways to suit their preferences.

Woman rocking black leather pants

Polished classics won’t be complete without the prominent leather skirts. The same concept applies to these pieces as they provide recognizable silhouettes but with different textiles. Retailers may sift through pencil skirts, pleated mid-lengths, and fray skirts for their S/S catalogs.

Closing words

Products keeping fabrics simple while focusing on garment construction make perfect bases for the S/S season. Sellers may also play around with washes, colors, and patterns to provide seasonal updates with their offers.

The investment focus should be on pieces that consumers can wear throughout the year with versatile and layered looks. In addition, sellers must offer fantastic day-to-night looks through items with favorable styling and construction.

Versatile silkies, durable nature, color-infused tailoring, summer sheers, and polished classics are the top trends worthy of the average fashion retailers’ capital in S/S 2023.

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