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6 Essential Neon Sign Trends for 2022


The neon LED market is booming with signs for residences, businesses, parties, weddings, and other events. There is an ongoing craze for neon signs, which can display anything from well-known lyrics to one’s initials, or from the name of your company to fun icons and graphics that brighten up your interior spaces. So read on to learn what shoppers are looking for in the LED neon sign market and see how you can assist them in livening up their space.

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The neon craze
Brighten up with attractive neon signs
Everything leads to neon

The neon craze

A smiley-shaped LED neon sign

People are looking for creative ways to uplift their mood with bright and vivid lighting. Neon lights have become popular in the decor world thanks to the advancements in LED lights and shade-altering bulbs. These products can project attractive hues onto the walls, allowing users to change home and office ambiance inexpensively. The global LED lighting market was valued at US $55.5 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5% between 2022 to 2030. The low cost and better lifespan of the neon lights are significant factors driving the market growth.

Brighten up with attractive neon signs

A red tongue out shaped LED neon sign

Key characteristics of neon signs

Neon signs have gained popularity in commercial and residential settings due to their distinctive eye-catching properties. They are known to draw people’s attention, which is why they are commonly used as store signs and advertisements. Neon signs are intended to be bright, loud, and flashy. 

When looking for neon signs, look for the following characteristics:

  • Colors that stand out
  • Stunning stencil patterns and effects
  • Shadows and shades
  • Color contrast, particularly dark to light

Although neon signage does not have many distinguishing features, the simple and uncomplicated lettering makes these products appear captivating. These signs effectively convey the message or logo, making them an attractive choice for marketing. Clear and concise advertising is part of what makes these products so appealing.

Neon signs for businesses

a neon sign that says the word opes

Neon signs are prevalent in business spaces because they are eye-catching and may effectively convey a message. These striking signs are designed to draw clients’ attention. Neon signs have progressed from door signs to sleek and edgy wall decor in coffee shops, hotels, bars, and stores. Neon quote signs are an emerging trend popular in clubs, spas, boutiques, and yoga studios. 

A neon sign that says exit

Many businesses utilize neon signs because they are an excellent method to generate interest and to cater to the younger Instagram-crazed generation. Customers love sharing their adventures on social media, and these neon decorations create a great photo backdrop. As part of their social media marketing plan, several commercial outlets create unique and trendy neon signs.

Neon bedroom signage

A rainbow shaped neon sign

Help customers turn their bedrooms into a calming and attractive sanctuary with gentle neon signs. Several signs are available in the market with words such as sleep, calm, or relax to help set a peaceful ambiance. Another popular purchase for bedrooms includes clouds, stars, and moon-shaped LED lights that provide the proper lighting for bedtime. These decorations are popular among Millennials, and so they should ideally have a modern flair to appeal to a broader audience.

A neon sign that says slow down

Neon bedroom signage is an ongoing trend in the market, so choose products with clever messaging and sleek finishes. Also, look for products that are light and easy to mount. It is also a good idea to have these products available in various sizes to accommodate different requirements. 

Feel good lettering

A neon sign that says good vibes only

People are interested in things that generate good energy, and neon signs with happy messages are the perfect solution. These signs look fantastic on any wall, including plain ones, and bring a splash of color and optimism to any room. Bright and contrasting lights are believed to be mood boosters, making them ideal for customers seeking positive vibes. Incorporating renowned lyrics into elegant designs is an emerging trend in this category. They are popular in bars and nightclubs because they generate an ultra-cool atmosphere.

A neon sign that says ‘you’re doing great

Products with a motivating phrase may make a powerful statement in any setting. Because many individuals enjoy inspirational messages, neon signs can be found in gyms, offices, and reading rooms. They are popular among the younger crowds who want to click selfies with these poppy signs. These items also make a fantastic gift choice, especially during the holidays.

Wedding vibes

Love you to the moon and back neon sign

Neon signs are attractive decorations that will be a great addition to any party or special event–and weddings are no exception. There are endless varieties, from love quotes to wedding backdrops, hashtags, welcome signage, and the initials of the newlyweds. These neon signs help to bring positive vibes into any room and create a loving atmosphere. 

A heart-shaped neon LED sign

Heart-shaped lights are a particularly popular wedding decor item because they bring in a warm energy and can spruce up any backdrop. It’s a good idea to have these products in various colors and sizes to accommodate different needs. Ensure that the products are light, energy-efficient, affordable, and easy to install. Many customers prefer the option of customization, so providing this service is also a good idea.

Neon lamps

A yellow color neon lamp

Neon lamps are ideal for nightstands or other tables because they allow users to change the brightness to their liking. They have unique designs and come in a range of colors and sizes. Neon lamps are popular among children, so look for ones with kid-friendly cartoon or superhero characters. Many customers prefer lamps with unique and edgy features, such as an alarm system, so it’s a good idea to look into these. The products should be durable and resistant to breakage with a lengthy cord that can be plugged into a nearby outlet if necessary. Also, look for items that are energy efficient and do not get too hot.

Personalized neon signs

A multicolored neon sign

Personalizable neon signs are popular for both business and home uses. They make great wedding, birthday, and anniversary decorations.  These neon signs make fantastic gift ideas for loved ones. They can be placed in the bedrooms, living rooms, or entryways of bars and restaurants. Look for items that use the most recent neon flex technology, known to be lighter and more durable than traditional options. Customers also prefer easy assembly products, so pick items with predrilled holes for easy mounting.

Everything leads to neon

Neon signs have been popular in the market for quite some time, not just because of their vivid appearance. These items have been successful because of their simplicity and the ability to convey a message using glow-in-the-dark technology with ease. Customers like the idea of personalized neon signs for different events like weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

Innovative products that are energy-efficient, lightweight, and easy to assemble are on the rise. Choose durable, trendy products that have a strong aesthetic impression. Also, neon lamps for kids are popular in the market and worth stocking. To appeal to a broader audience, make these products available in various sizes and colors. But one thing is for certain: neon has been around for a long time and is here to stay.

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