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4 Front Door Trends Customers Are Looking For in 2022


Front doors are a crucial part of any home. We want them to look great and feel warm and welcoming.In this article, you’ll learn about some of the major home front door trends for 2022. Besides the latest advice on material and color choice, you’ll get an in-depth knowledge of the front door trends your clients will be looking for in 2022. 

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Front door design, the core element of any entry
4 front door trends for 2022
Final thoughts about trending front doors

Front door design, the core element of any entry

Front doors are an essential part of the overall look of any house. Whole neighborhoods like the one of Notting Hill in London wouldn’t be so famous if it wasn’t for its iconic streets full of colorful doors. We can all remember the visual impact of the famous purple door from Friends, the internationally famous TV show from the 90s; or the uniqueness of The Hobbit’s round doors.

However, uniqueness isn’t the only factor to take into account. As a brand or business owner, having a clear idea of what trends are attracting consumers’ attention is crucial. People are valuing the importance of cozy yet functional home spaces more than ever. A majority of homeowners are going with wide and open doors that let the light in; many are also choosing timeless designs that give a warm and welcoming look to their entryway. Here are some of the most sought-after main door designs, materials, and colors for 2022.

Front door trends for 2022 

Casement doors

Casement doors have become incredibly popular in the last few years. From the most classic designs to the more modern and bold ones, this design offers a large variety of options to choose from. They provide lots of light, thus making entry halls look more spacious. Some people prefer full glass front doors, while others feel comfortable with more moderate options which can provide greater privacy. For full glass casement doors, noise and thermal insulating materials are the way to go. Reflective glass is another good option to offer to your customers as it’ll keep any peepers away. 

Casement Home Entry Door
Casement Home Entry Door

It’s a match!

The larger the glass, the more important it is to match the rest of the door with the windows. A casement door will always look more appealing if the materials and color of the windows are the same. For those with small glass panels, solid wood is a common and popular option. For doors with large panels, simple, metallic structures are the safest bet as homeowners will prefer the attention to be focused on the glass. 

Needless to say, you should always offer toughened glass to guarantee the safety of your customers! 

Neutral tones are a safe choice.

Just as we’ve seen before, the larger the glass, the more attention should be drawn to it. Small panels will allow both neutral colors like darks and browns and colorful tones like blue, green, and red. Large panels, on the other hand, will look a lot better with neutral tones (black, white…) as they will blend with the glass panels and make them look larger. A red structure with large panels would stand out too much, so homeowners risk getting tired of it over time. As much as it is important to keep every house’s unique style in mind, in these times of ever-changing trends, people are growing their interest in timeless designs and colors that don’t go outdated after a few years.

Double arch doors

Majestic and elegant, opening a pair of double arch doors feels just like going through the doors of a castle. On top of that, they are extremely practical for families as they allow them to get baby carts, bikes, or large shopping without risking damaging the doors. They are also great to move furniture in and out of the house (in the not-so-common but stressful instances when that is needed), and your customers will be able to open just one of the doors when they don’t need to use both. For all those reasons, double arch doors are gaining more and more attention every year. Homeowners are now looking for larger homes in suburban areas, so more and more of them are considering the convenience of larger home entrances.

Double Arch Entry Door
Double Arch Entry Door

It’s a wood deal! 

Trends haven’t changed much over the years when it comes to double arch doors. People are still going with hardwoods such as sapele mahogany, Spanish, and western red cedar. Adding translucent and see-through glass panels (on the sides, arch, or top of the doors) is also a classy yet favorite choice as it lets more light in. This can give a warmer and more welcoming impression as larger doors in dark tones can also feel more intimidating (especially to visitors!).  

Stick to classic colors.

Good quality woods will give these doors all the color they need. Light and dark browns are the most popular choices for large doors as homeowners want to be able to appreciate the tones and texture of the wood itself and not a coat of paint. So let that piece of cedar shine “au naturel.” 

However, the natural appeal of wood can be further increased by adding a metallic design inside the glass to add some originality. These should either match the color of the wood or add contrast (i.e. dark brown and gold)

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors look stunning in any house. They rotate on a pivot installed within the door itself so the hinges are “invisible.” This is what makes them look so pretty and why offering them in your product catalog is likely to bring your quick profit. Some of the reasons they are so looked after are that they are a lot more stable and stronger than traditional doors, are available in larger sizes, and offer a wider view to those interested in doors with glass panels. They also require smaller frames as there are no hinges that need to be installed.

Although they look notably good on larger sizes, homeowners are also showing their interest in regular-sized pivot doors. This is because they can be made in any size, they are easier to open and close and, by not needing large frames, can help to save space. Their cost is often higher than that of traditional doors, but the stability and look it will give to any entrance is not something you can easily forget about.

It’s hard to get wood off the podium!

Pivot doors are extremely versatile when it comes to materials. They go well with solid timber woods such as mahogany, oak, and teak. Metal designs are also interesting for a section of homeowners, as well as large glass doors (although this last one is more often installed in rear doors facing the garden). 

Wooden doors with some kind of see-through addition such as sidelights are definitely the winners here. They are an excellent way to provide sunlight without having to give up the impressiveness of a quality wooden pivot door.

Experiment with dark and light tones.

A great advantage of pivot doors is that they look great in almost any color. However, people are still opting for neutral dark and light tones (like black and off-white), dark blues, and no paint at all to fully appreciate the wood. For glass doors, a black or dark metal frame is a common option. Metal designs are popular in dark colors, too. 

What is sure, nevertheless, is that the majority of homeowners choosing pivot doors are generally more interested in neutral and not too extravagant colors to make sure that their superb home entrances don’t go outdated anytime soon.

Pivot Door
Pivot Door

Iron French Doors

Few designs can beat the elegance of an iron French door. They are the go-to choice for the more romantic and classic folks as the iron structure accepts all sorts of patterns like flowers, leaves, and twists. They allow sunlight to enter the home while still looking strong and safe.   

Pivot Door-1
Pivot Door

Iron French doors are especially popular among those looking for low-maintenance, safe doors. They can be more expensive but they are with no doubt a good investment as they last longer and can be easily restored if needed.

They’re called iron French doors for a reason!

It’s no surprise that iron French doors are usually made with iron. Regarding the glass panels, fiberglass is a popular choice as well as transparent, reflective, and transparent glass. Homeowners usually prefer panels with thermal and noise insulating features to keep their spaces warm and quiet.   

The unbeatable black. 

Black is the by-default choice for iron doors. The contrast of the dark metal with the light glass is probably the best and most classical possible combination. This also makes it much easier to combine with the rest of the entry and the interior of the house. Therefore, taking risks here is not really advised. 

Final thoughts about trending front doors

As we have seen, casement, double arch, pivot, and iron French doors are some of the dominant trends in 2022. Homeowners are generally looking for functional, spacious, and bright entries with wide doors and glass panels that let the light in. They are also looking for insulating and good quality materials, neutral, and natural tones.

As work-from-home becomes more popular among companies and people spend more time at home, their concern for having a practical and comfy indoor space also grows. Exterior entry doors are now more than ever being carefully considered. As a business owner, having a clear idea of what trends are in vogue is vital to stay competitive. 

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