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6 Exceptional Seafood Tools to Sell in 2024

Seafood tools next to a lobster on a board

Everyone knows seafood is delicious! But cooking seafood at home may have consumers thinking twice if they don’t have the right tools. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore, as businesses can offer outstanding seafood tools to help elevate the entire experience.

This article will offer our roundup of the top six of tools for cooking seafood in 2024!

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A summary of the seafood tools market
6 fantastic tools seafood lovers can’t resist in 2024
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A summary of the seafood tools market

Kitchen tools encompass many pieces of equipment, including those used for preparing seafood. And here’s the scoop on the kitchen tools market: it hit a whopping US$ 29.330 billion in 2022, and experts say it’s only going up from here. By 2031, they expect it will soar to US$ 41.743 billion, with a steady growth rate of 4.0% every year from 2023 to 2031.

6 fantastic tools seafood lovers can’t resist in 2024

Sharp knives

A sharp knife on a chopping board

Not all seafood needs sharp knives to prepare. But the ones that do need the right knives to make the process much easier, safer, and more efficient. Such seafood (like fish) often requires more delicate cuts than standard meat. So, some specific knives will allow consumers to filet, debone, and portion accurately.

The fileting knife is one of the knives consumers need when preparing their favorite seafood. The long, thin, and flexible blade is great for removing skin and bones cleanly from fish and creating thin slices. Consumers also need them to separate the meat from the backbone while making precise cuts. These knives got 33,100 searches in March 2024.

Another essential seafood knife is a deba knife. Their heavier, thicker, and single-beveled blades make them the go-to choice for heavy-duty tasks like breaking down whole fish, sectioning crustacean shells, and cutting through smaller bones. Deba knives attracted 6,600 searches in March 2024.

Additionally, sushi and sashimi lovers will love the sashimi knife (Yanagiba). They look like fileting knives with single bevel edges, making them ideal for slicing sashimi and sushi with clean, smooth cuts that preserve texture. Alternatively, consumers love sushi-specific knives with straight, rectangular shapes. These are better choices for cutting sushi rolls and vegetables without crushing the ingredients. Sashimi knives got 6,600 searches, while sushi knives garnered 18,100 in March 2024.

Fish spatulas

Different fish spatulas on a blue background

It’s no secret that fish is more delicate than regular meat. So, consumers need something that can easily handle this texture without ruining it while cooking—and that’s where fish spatulas come in. Their thin, often tapered head designs effortlessly slide under the most fragile food, like fish filets, without tearing or breaking them.

With this tool, seafood enthusiasts can easily maneuver and flip their dishes without applying excessive pressure. But there’s more. Fish spatulas typically come in stainless steel or silicone, each offering unique benefits. While stainless steel provides durability and a slight flex, silicone is gentler on nonstick cookware.

While traditionally featuring plastic or wooden handles, full stainless steel spatulas are increasingly dominating the market. Their designs create a dishwasher-safe, heat-resistant, and highly durable tool—no wonder consumers love them! Some fish spatulas come with wavy or slightly serrated edges to provide more grip and help separate delicate foods while flipping or serving.

Double-sided designs are also booming for their incredible versatility. These products feature wider, more traditional spatulas on one side and slotted fish spatulas on the other, creating the perfect multi-use tool. Fish spatulas are generating impressive attention, with Google data showing they have 33,100 searches in March 2024.

Fishbone tweezers

Man using a fishbone tweezer on a fillet

These tools may seem simple, but they offer much value to anyone who cooks fish regularly. Unlike regular tweezers, fishbone tweezers have flatter ends that provide more surface area, allowing users to grip even the finest pin bones without tearing the flesh. Plus, the grip is firm enough to pull out those stubborn bones effortlessly.

Although fishbone tweezers have tested and trusted designs, they have some fresh updates that make them even better. For instance, some manufacturers are starting to offer titanium fishbone tweezers. Although more expensive, they make up for it with lighter, stronger, and corrosion-proof designs.

Additionally, non-slip grips are becoming the norm, making these tools super comfortable, even for wet hands. Even better, some new models integrate small magnifying lenses into fishbone tweezer handles to help consumers identify even the smallest bones. And don’t forget the various customizable options popping up to fit in with modern kitchens! Fishbone tweezers averaged 1,600 searches in March 2024.

Fish scaler

Person using a fish scaler

Scaling is one of the first preparation steps for fish, and the process can be a tricky one. But it doesn’t have to be because fish scalers are here to help make it easier. They can remove scales faster than knives or spoons, saving consumers significant prep time and frustration.

These tools easily lift scales cleanly at the base, leaving consumers with a smooth, scale-free fish. Also, scalers come in various designs to suit different fish types. Sellers can find options for delicate, small-scaled fish or those with larger, tougher scales. Some models may even have additional features like gutting hooks or bottle openers.

Also, here’s a look at what’s new for fish scalers. Some variants now feature rotating heads with multiple scaling surfaces. That way, consumers can use various aggression levels for different fish and access tricky areas more easily without changing tools or buying full sets. Modern scalers also come with collection compartments or bags that attach directly to the tool, minimizing mess and cleanup.

Fish scalers also have electric variants, with battery-powered models offering speed and efficiency without manual effort. These types are especially useful for larger catches and commercial settings. These seafood tools attracted 6,600 searches in March 2024.

Kitchen scissors

A pair of kitchen scissors on a chopping board

Fish are not the only seafood consumers need tools to prepare. Kitchen scissors can be incredibly handy for other seafood-related tasks. For instance, their blades are strong enough to cut through the tough shells of crustaceans like shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. Kitchen scissors can also handle shrimp deveining!

They are also useful in fish preparation. They are handy for trimming fins and tails and can remove spiny dorsal fins from certain fish. Another impressive advantage of these tools is their all-in-one nature. They are also great for cutting herbs, opening cans, and handling other tasks around the kitchen.

Despite being simple, kitchen scissors have their fair share of updates. Some scissors now feature multiple blades for increased efficiency—think three or even four stacked blades! The most attractive ones also come with integrated features like bottle openers, nutcrackers, jar grippers, or even magnetic strips, turning them into a true kitchen multi-tool. Based on Google data, kitchen scissors accumulated 22,200 searches in March 2024.

Oyster and clam knife

An oyster knife on some shells

Oysters and clams require a different preparation style that regular knives can’t handle. That’s why many consumers turn to oyster and clam knives. These specialized knives have short, blunt tips that can handle this seafood while minimizing the risk of damaging the hand or meat while shucking.

Their thick, sturdy blades can easily and effectively pry shells open, allowing consumers to apply more force than regular knives. Since these knives pry instead of slicing through the hinge, they will help keep the shell intact so consumers can enjoy a beautiful presentation with little or no shell fragments! However, oyster and clam knives have different design styles worth noting.

Oyster knives have shorter, wider blades with sharper tips for maneuvering within the oyster hinge and breaking it cleanly. On the other hand, clam knives feature longer, thinner blades with rounded tips, better for slipping inside clamshells and severing the muscle with a sliding motion. While oyster knives attracted 14,800 searches, clam knives averaged 1,600 in March 2024 (based on Google data).

Get in on these trends

Seafood lovers are always looking for new ways to elevate their culinary adventures. These specialized tools are perfect for aspiring chefs, home cooks, and anyone who enjoys the taste of fresh seafood. While designed for specific seafood tasks, many of these innovative tools offer versatility in the kitchen, which helps broaden their appeal and value. Grab these tools today and help consumers enhance their entire experience, from de-shelling fresh lobsters to beautifully fileting fish. And don’t forget to subscribe to Alibaba Read’s Home and Garden category for the latest updates!

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