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7 Essential Interior Door Trends You Need To Know in 2022


An interior design project is incomplete without a door that complements the existing floor plan. This article will highlight some of the most functional and aesthetically pleasing doors available on the market, so that businesses can boost their appeal by sourcing the products customers are sure to want. So read on to explore the top interior door trends in 2022 

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The glitzy interior design market
Interior door trends in 2022
Functional and minimalistic interior doors

The glitzy interior design market

Interior decor keeps getting revamped thanks to new design trends. The global interior door market was valued at US $55.7 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% to reach $93.1 billion by 2030.  The standard interior door patterns are pocket, bypass, bifold, and panel. These doors are available in various materials such as wood, glass, metal, and fiberglass. They also come in sliding, revolving, folding, and swinging varieties. The key design trends for 2022 emphasize sustainability, simplicity, elegance, and functionality, with a mix of modern and classical aesthetics.

Interior door trends in 2022

Wooden doors

A dark wooden door with a golden handle

The 2022 interior design trends amalgamate natural materials and contemporary style. One of the materials that stand out is wood because of its classic appeal. Wooden doors, while expensive, add elegance and sophistication to any room. They have a warm and natural charm and come in various colors and textures. 

A dark brown wooden door

The quintessential wood doors are heavy, providing security in addition to glamor. For a contemporary spin, a glass component can be added to a wooden door for a glossy and glitzy finish. This can elevate a room to the next level as these two materials blend with modern aesthetics. 

Sliding doors

A brown color sliding door

Sliding doors are popular among many customers because they are an excellent way to save space. They are particularly great for apartments and smaller homes. Because sliding doors are attached to the wall, one does not have to worry about the doors swinging around as they do with their traditional counterparts. Sliding doors have undergone a massive transformation recently, from single sliding doors to side and stack versions. These doors are ideal for patios because they can give homeowners a panoramic view of the backyard. 

A woman standing by a sliding door

Sliding doors, as opposed to traditional counterparts, do not require the installation of an entire door frame. With only the hardware in place, the door can be easily installed. These options can be constructed using lightweight materials such as aluminum or glass for easy sliding. They are also visually appealing and come in various styles, colors, designs, and finishes. Sliding doors have a lot to offer for any home, from functionality to aesthetics.

French doors

A white color French door

French doors can transform an existing space into a glitzy and posh room, thanks to their timeless appeal. These doors have multiple panes usually made of wood and open up to create a welcoming atmosphere. French doors allow maximum light into a space, making it airy and warm. This feature will be helpful during the summer.

Black color French doors

French doors, like sliding doors, open wider, allowing users to see more of their surroundings. They are ideal for an open floor plan because they allow people to move quickly in and out of the backyard. Traditional French doors come in different colors, sizes, and textures, and they are best known for the rectangular glass panes supported by a wooden frame.

Shaker doors 

Shaker doors in shades of pink

Shaker doors are distinguished by their simplicity and clean and crisp appearance. They have a flat center pane surrounded by square trims and a recessed square infill in the center.  This results in a simple yet striking aesthetic that goes with contemporary interior decor.  They are also available in other variations where the interior panels are not in the center. Aside from being sleek and stylish, they also have several advantages. They do not collect dust and are easy to maintain because they lack intricate detailing.

A white color French door

The shaker doors have undeniably come back thanks to the growing trend towards simple designs. These doors will easily blend in with both vintage and modern decor. Because of this, they are particularly well-suited for corporate establishments.

Stained glass doors

A white door with stained glass detailing

Stained glass is elegant and stylish and allows individuals to add a touch of personality and character to their space. These doors help to make a distinct style. The stained glass, unlike regular glass, provides privacy while allowing natural light to pass through. They can be made of frosted glass or any other type of film that ensures no one can see inside the house. Individuals can customize the glass to choose the appropriate tint for privacy and the desired color, design, and texture.
Stained glass can be caged with grill panels and sandwiched into the door for added security. This protects the glass from breakage caused by attempted robberies and natural disasters. The inability to see through the house also adds a level of privacy that some may appreciate.

Minimalist doors

Plain white open panel doors

Minimalism has permeated every design space, and many millennials have taken a liking towards this approach. Doors that follow a minimalistic style incorporate neutral colors that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. For a contemporary twist, the color of the door matches the color of the wall for full integration. Monochromatic palettes are most commonly used for plain and simple doors. This sleek design is popular not only in residential settings but also in commercial settings such as restaurants, offices, and apartments.

Plain white open panel door

These doors have several advantages: they are easy to wipe, dust, and clean. Because of the simple design, security is prioritized, and they have excellent sound resistance. They are also available in various finishes, materials, and colors. And lastly, they start at a low price point, making them a viable option for many customers.

Eco-friendly doors

In order to keep up with the trend of sustainability, it is wise to explore doors made of eco-friendly materials for the greater good. Many customers are moving toward sustainability, so it is critical to provide stylish designs that are also environmentally responsible. Bamboo, cherry wood, and oak are popular materials for this clientele because of their availability and quick regrowth. 

Plain blue color door

It is also advisable to select products that have received appropriate certification for their sustainability claims. To ensure that the products are eco-friendly, see if they meet green building standards, are made from sustainably harvested materials, are manufactured with recycled materials, and are formaldehyde-free.

Colors play an essential role in interior design, so staying up to date on the latest color trends is essential. For shoppers with a minimalist design plan, neutral colors like grey, beige, baby pink, and pale blue are excellent choices. These timeless hues complement any color scheme and are ideal for corporate settings.

Classic brown is another well-known darker shade that is known to complement any design aesthetic, while no trend is complete without including bolder colors for those who like to experiment, such as emerald green and royal blue. These stronger tones work well in both vintage and modern settings. 

Functional and minimalistic interior doors

Interior door trends for 2022 focus on sustainability, functionality, and simplicity. They combine vintage and contemporary styles to create crisp and refreshing looks. Some of the most popular doors that customers seek include French, shaker, sliding, stained-glass, eco-friendly, and wood doors. It is good to have these doors in plenty of colors, textures, sizes, and materials to accommodate the diverse needs of shoppers, and to maintain one’s appeal to those looking to add a nice touch to their home or office spaces.

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