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9 Ideal Low-Light Office Plants for a Productive Workspace

Different low-maintenance and low-light office plants

Businesses are constantly striving to create stress-free workspaces so as to try and boost employees’ well-being, energy, and satisfaction.Adding desk plants to office environments is one such trick. The best options are those plants that require low maintenance and less amounts of natural light. Besides improving an office’s aesthetics, plants can also help to purify the air and enhance mood.

Here we’ll look at nine low-light office plants suitable for businesses wanting to deck out their office spaces with a splash of greenery.

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List of low-maintenance desk plants suitable for any office space

List of low-maintenance desk plants suitable for any office space

1. Spider plant

Spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) on an office desk

Spider plants are named for their branches (spiderettes), which grow downward to form a spider-like web. This plant can grow almost anywhere, including dark spaces without direct sunlight.

They’re also excellent air filters, helping to improve air quality, reduce stress, and foster a productive work environment. Finally, they’re non-toxic, so buyers don’t need to worry about setting off allergies.

2. Snake plant

Office snake plant (dracaena trifasciata) on an office desk

Many business owners love snake plants for their striking aesthetic, which can help transform offices into elegant and vibrant spaces. In addition, snake plants help remove toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde from the air, leaving it feeling fresh. And what’s more? They can survive in busy environmentss with limited attention, tolerating irregular watering and neglect for weeks.

To mix things up, pick different different garden pots for each plant, giving workers the opportunity to choose the one that they like the best for their desk.

3. African violet

Fully bloomed self-watering African violet (saintpaulia ionantha) on a grey pot

With their lush foliage and delicate blossoms, African violets provide vibrant color against the muted tones of desks and computers. They only require need indirect light, making them ideal for relatively dark office spaces, and will thrive in the gentle glow of artificial LED plant grow lights. Like the other indoor office plants we’ve discussed, self-watering African violet plants are also require little maintenance to stay lush.

Additionally, these plants can bloom almost continuously throughout the year, adding color to the office regardless of the season. These blooms can provide a sense of cheerfulness and positivity, thus helping to improve mood and morale among employees.

4. ZZ plant

Dark green ZZ plant (zamioculcas zamiifoliaon) the open office counter and another one near the staircase

Another worthy contender on this list of low-light office plants is the ZZ plant. This plant brings nature into any working space with its dark green leaves, and doesn’t need direct sunlight to thrive.

This hardy plant requires minimum care and attention. Since it is a desert plant, it can thrive with infrequent watering, and also absorbs harmful toxins such as benzene from the air, contributing to a healthier indoor office environment.

5. Cape primrose

Purple and pink cape prime plant (streptocarpus) on an office window

Cape primrose is an indoor flowering plant that blooms red, pink, purple, and white bicolored flowers in spring or summer, breathing life into working spaces and enhancing their aesthetics.

Cape primrose requires filtered sunlight and limited water, making it suitable for indoor growing. However, they should be planted in a drainable pot to prevent water logging and root rot.

Like the plants mentioned previously, they also absorb harmful pollutants and release oxygen, creating a healthier workspace.

6. Umbrella plant

Potted umbrella plant (Heptapleurum arboricola ) on an office desk

One of your selling points of the umbrella plant is that it requires no direct sunlight, meaning it can thrive in an enclosed working area where traditional office plants may struggle.

Their variegated leaves – a splash of yellow on the dark green foliage – also contribute to office decor. Meanwhile, occasional care is enough to maintain its aesthetic appeal.

7. Bamboo palm

Potted Bamboo palm plant (Chamaedorea seifrizii) on an office floor

Unlike other tropical green plants, the bamboo palm can thrive in places with indirect light, like office space, bringing a touch of jungle inside.

It performs well in indoor temperatures, needs occasional watering, and is known for its adaptability and aesthetic appeal – simply plant it in an office vase and place it on a desk for decoration.

8. English ivy

Potted English ivy plant (Hedera helix) hanging on an office window

Businesses with a simple office model will relish English ivy. Its trailing vines and dark green leaves add an element of sophistication and elegance to a simple workspace.

Several things enhance English ivy‘s demand as an office plant. First, it is adaptable and can thrive even in low-light office environments. Second, it can help remove pollutants emitted by computers and other equipment. Third, it only requires a little water and care in order to live for many years, making it a great cost-effective option.

9. Weeping fig

Weeping fig plant (Ficus benjamina) on the office corner and another one on the office desk

Weeping fig trees are a staple office space plant enjoyed for its lush green foliage.

Although larger than many indoor plants, it too can thrive in bright and low-lighting conditions, needing need little water.

One can prune them to maintain a desired size and shape, which means they can fit small cubicles and larger office spaces. Depending on the office’s aesthetic preferences and space constraints, they can also be trained as a single trunk or grown as a bushy shrub.


office space with several low-light plants for better working environment

Besides their health benefits, the nine low-light office plants mentioned above will help to give any working space an aesthetic appeal. They also help a brand appear sustainable and environmentally conscious, attracting like-minded customers and partners.

Since businesses often opt to purchase plants to enhance productivity and worker satisfaction, it’s advisable to stock a wide variety so that there’s something for everyone. For all of the varieties above, as well as many other low-light plants, visit Alibaba.com

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