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Amazon Adds Arizona to Drone Delivery Network in US

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Since 2022, Amazon has been delivering thousands of items to customers in less than an hour using drones.

Amazon will expand drone delivery service in Arizona, US, later this year. Credit: Amazon.com.
Amazon will expand drone delivery service in Arizona, US, later this year. Credit: Amazon.com.

E-commerce major Amazon has announced its intention to launch a drone delivery service in Arizona, US, later this year.  

The launch will benefit customers in the West Valley Phoenix Metro Area, who will avail Prime Air drone deliveries from the company’s same-day delivery site in Tolleson, Arizona.

This integration into Amazon’s delivery network marks the first time that drones will deploy from facilities adjacent to its same-day delivery site. 

The Tolleson location is a hybrid site, functioning both as a fulfilment centre and a delivery station.  

This setup enables Amazon to fulfil, sort, and deliver products from a single site, enhancing the speed of package delivery to customers.  

Currently, the retailer collaborates with the US Federal Aviation Administration and local Tolleson officials to secure all necessary permissions for drone deliveries.  

Upon approval, the retailer will reach out to customers in the West Valley to offer drone delivery services. 

Tolleson mayor Juan Rodriguez said: “As Amazon embarks on the national expansion of its Amazon Drone Delivery Program, we’re proud to have their innovative presence in our community. By bringing this service to new communities, they’re not just delivering goods; they’re delivering opportunities and economic growth for all. 

“Amazon’s commitment to innovation exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our city forward.” 

Amazon started drone delivery service in College Station, Texas, and Lockeford, California, in 2022, delivering thousands of items in under an hour.  

Last year, the company started prescription medication deliveries through Amazon Pharmacy in College Station.  

Despite the growth, Amazon has decided to close its Lockeford delivery site to focus resources on expanding the programme.  

The company will offer employees from the facility with positions at other sites, while customers will continue to receive deliveries through other methods. 

Amazon will maintain its operations in College Station, Texas, and plans to open additional US locations next year.  

The team is also conducting flight tests for the new MK30 drone, which features safety enhancements suitable for smaller backyards and densely populated suburban areas.  

The MK30 is quieter, has double the flight range of the current drone, and can operate in diverse weather conditions, including light rain, according to Amazon. 

Last October, Amazon revealed plans to launch the service in Italy, the UK, and an unnamed US city.

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