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10 Gift Ideas To Show Your Appreciation This Women’s Day


With Women’s Day on March 8 closing in, many might want to surprise their mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives, or any of their female friends with a unique gift. With more shoppers beginning to shop around for gifts during this period, here are 10 gift ideas that can help boost sales and also put a big smile on your customers’ faces.

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1. Artificial rose glass dome
2. Flower soap set
3. Cute totes and bucket bags
4. Pearl jewelry set
5. Ceramic mug
6. Oven mitts
7. Waterproof backpack
8. Silver necklace
9. Chic hoop earrings
10. Fishtail dress

Artificial rose glass dome

Artificial rose in a glass dome with LED lights

An artificial rose in a glass dome will be the perfect piece of decor during a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Making such a unique piece of decor available to your customers is likely to help them earn extra brownie points with ladies. Buyers will be able to make the most out of a decorative piece like this as they can choose to put it on display whenever there are guests in the house.

Flower soap set

Rose soap set

For customers who are looking to get a more practical gift, consider providing options like a flower soap set. It looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The flower-shaped soaps can help remind the receiver of the gifter every time they see them. These soaps can also double as home decor if the receiver finds them too precious-looking to be used.

Cute totes and bucket bags

A range of bucket bag designs

A cute graphic tote bag or a mini bucket bag might be the perfect gift for the girls who are always on the go. These bags are lightweight and their simple designs make them match with most outfits without looking too out of place. These are perfect for quick errands and grocery runs. They are also useful for brunch dates, picnics, and trips to places like the library. Consider offering a variety of different designs and sizes for tote bags like these in order to make sure there is one available for every occasion.

Pearl jewelry set

A pearl and amethyst jewelry set

A pearl jewelry set will make for an elegant addition to a woman’s jewelry collection and it is a classy gift option for customers. A classy jewelry set is bound to put a smile on any lady’s face. Stylish and refined pearl jewelry would be a great accessory, especially for important occasions like formal dinners or wedding banquets.

Ceramic mug

A ceramic mug

Do ceramic mugs seem a tad too ordinary? That may be so for the ready-made ones purchased off supermarket shelves, but putting a customized message or photo on one can immediately turn it into a unique gift! There are also mugs specially designed for Women’s Day. Consider offering items like ceramic mugs with readily available designs.

Oven mitts

An oven mitt

Having quality oven mitts and pot holders is essential for anyone who loves baking and cooking. For the women who bake or cook frequently, there is nothing better than new oven mitts to replace any of their old and tattered ones. Look into stocking up on oven mitts and provide different customized designs for customers with different tastes!

Waterproof backpack

A pink backpack

Many of us carry several electronic devices like laptops with us while on the go. Sometimes, we forget to bring an umbrella with us and inevitably get caught in the rain. In such cases, having a waterproof backpack will help keep our gadgets safe. Apart from their practical uses, backpacks can double as a fashion accessory nowadays. Furthermore, such a gift is not only for the females, but it is also useful for everyone too.

Silver necklace

A necklace with a ring

A simple silver necklace is always a safe choice for those looking for more traditionally feminine gifts. Such necklaces have a rather timeless style, and they look unpretentious when worn. Pairing a necklace like this with a classic maxi dress or an off-shoulder dress would make anyone look effortlessly chic. Consider stocking your inventory with a simple accessory like this as it is usually people’s go-to choice when it comes to picking a gift for the girls.

Chic hoop earrings

Chic hoop earring

Hoop earrings are yet another piece of timeless fashion accessory. Earrings are a fashion item that many fall back on when looking at gift ideas for girls since hoop earrings are just a very versatile accessory. One would look casual if the earring were paired with a floral maxi dress, while one would look graceful and stylish if the earrings were paired with a more formal-looking dress. Look into providing a gift option that is likely to be well-received by women with already pierced ears.

Fishtail dress

Woman wearing fishtail dress

The little black dress can seldom go wrong as a gift. Instead of a simple design, buyers might want to switch it up by picking out something more elaborate. A fishtail dress would drape nicely around a woman’s figure and showcase her curves. Provide more options to customers who are looking for dresses with more sophisticated designs. Since not everyone is a fan of the color black, making the dresses available in a range of colors will also be ideal.


Listed above are 10 gift ideas to consider for Women’s Day, where there are many ready-to-ship items available. Consider providing customized designs if the preference is to have a unique style or to differentiate your brand from others. Check out the wide range of gifts and items that might be popular for Women’s Day on Alibaba.com.

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