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Austria Installed Close to 1.3 GW Solar in 2022; To Boost Its Expansion, Government Eases Permitting Rules, Expands State Support by 52% Annually

  • In 2023, Austria says it will provide €600 million in subsidies for solar PV installations
  • It will also fast-track projects contributing to energy transition with a budget of €268 million, according to PV Austria
  • Accelerated permitting procedures will be put in place with a single authority clearing the projects across the country

Austrian government has announced €600 million in subsidies in 2023 to promote solar PV installations for residential and commercial segments in a bid to boost the numbers from around 1.3 GW new PV installed in 2022 while also easing permitting rules.

The Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) said the €600 million is an annual jump of around 52% over €395 million earmarked for solar in 2022. Focus is on small PV systems as these can be built and promoted easily in times when Austria seeks to manage its depleting energy reserves, as does all of Europe.

The ministry said approvals will not be required to install PV on ‘sealed surfaces, applications can no longer be rejected solely on the basis of the town and landscape image’. Solar power plants will now have only one single authority to seek permit under the new Renewables Expansion Acceleration Act (EABG) across the country.

In addition, the government will introduce amendments in the existing environmental impact assessment (EIA) to accelerate permitting for energy transition projects.

Local PV trade body Photovoltaic Austria Federal Association (PV Austria) has welcomed the measures of the federal government. It says the fast-track proposition for energy transition projects has a budget of €268 million.

“This swift action is coming at exactly the right time. Projects that are in the drawers, but due to be are in the dark about limited funding should be able to be implemented quickly,” said PV Austria’s Managing Director Vera Immitzer.

Both federal and state governments will work together to cut down lengthy approval procedures with regard to spatial planning. PV Austria has its doubts about this happening for sure, but says it will be good if everyone works together to the same commitment.

Back in September 2020, Austria proposed its draft EAG under which out of 27 TWh additional renewable energy capacity proposed for 2030, solar PV’s share was recommended as 11 TWh as part of the country’s plans to go 100% renewable in its electricity system.

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