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Back for Good: The Hottest Preppy Trends in 2024

two students dressed in a preppy style

Over the last few years, the fashion industry has seen the rise of two significant trends: old money, also referred to as quiet luxury, and street style. In 2024, these two aesthetics prompted the comeback of another style that was big in the 2000s and is now gaining even more popularity among girls and young women: the preppy style.

Read on for an overview of the must-have preppy pieces, fabrics, colors, and accessories that fashionistas from all around the globe will be looking for in stores and online in 2024.

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What is preppy style
Hottest preppy trends for 2024

What is preppy style

a girl wearing an outfit that features some preppy trends 2024

The term “preppy” style comes from “Preparatory School” and takes inspiration from the clothing and accessories students wear at American schools and colleges, especially those frequented by wealthy kids. This style has many British influences, just like how the codes of British tradition permeate the education system of these schools and colleges.

This fashion trend was born in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s among Ivy League school students, but it reached its peak in 2000, pushed by such TV series hits as The Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl and some iconic movies like Legally Blonde. The preppy style symbolizes the wealthy American way of life; it’s an aesthetic that evokes the lifestyle of the kids from good families who spend their time juggling school, brunches, and cocktail parties.

The preppy style is of significant influence among the most famous stylists such as Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton and Bally. In 2024, it made its way onto runways worldwide in a nuanced and revisited way, sometimes mixed with other styles, as in the Athletic prep shown by Miu Miu.

Hottest preppy trends for 2024

a woman wearing a long plaid jacket

Shop and store owners need to understand what preppy trends 2024 are to offer their customers the right pieces—and even entire outfits—in line with what they are looking for.

Polo shirts, shirts and V-neck sweaters

a school girl wearing a preppy shirt and cardigan

Nothing screams preppy fashion more than a collar popping out from a V-neck sweater or cardigan. Polo shirts and collared tops are basic feminine garments ideal for achieving this style, especially in light, pastel shades or featuring discreet patterns, such as stripes.

Cardigans and sweaters are also significant protagonists in the preppy aesthetic, even more so if they have a classic cut and neutral, light shades of blue, gray, or white.

When they want a more contemporary preppy look, the youngsters go for collared crop tops, fitted shirts, and maxi or oversized sweaters that had already become a must-have in the previous seasons.

Preppy accessories

long white socks are one of the preppy trends 2024

When creating an up-to-date preppy outfit, young women add items and accessories that recall the world of colleges and universities, such as the iconic white socks, stockings, or tights often worn under a pleated miniskirt to give Baby one more time vibes.

A preppy look, whether chic or casual, would only be complete by adding the right accessories. Laces and ribbons, both on the hair and around the neck, or pearls, scarves, and striped scarves in winter and Ray-Ban Wayfarer-inspired shades in the spring and summer.

For women with a classic style, a bag is a crucial accessory, and preppy lovers know how to make it the center of their outfits. Replicas of the iconic 2.55 by Chanel or the Kelly by Hermes have always been in high demand and have become a real preppy trend 2024.

As with bags, shoes can make or break the whole aesthetic. Mary Jane style flats, ballet flats, moccasins, loafers, and golf or tennis shoes made in canvas or leather are all the go-to for the next season.

Overcoats for a preppy look

girl wearing a beige trench coat under the rain

Everything worn “on top” is necessary to recreate a preppy look in the cold seasons, where fashionistas like to have the most fun. Preppy-style outerwear is classic, of course, but it’s about the classic pieces that only young people would wear, and it’s, therefore, more daring, allowing one to experiment with colors and textures while maintaining its feminine, fun, and comfortable features.

Blazers perfectly fit into a preppy outfit in all shapes and forms and, above all, in all shades, especially those navy-blue showstoppers with golden buttons. Double-breasted blazers are also an evergreen piece – with perfect geometries and adaptable to different physiques, they suit everyone while also landing a posh, refined look.

Classic-cut beige trench coats, university-style bomber jackets, and single-color or checked cloth coats are also chosen to elevate the look and hint at the British heritage of the style.

Logo mania

hoodie with university logo as a preppy trend

A discussion of the top preppy trends of 2024 would only be complete by mentioning the massive comeback of logos that are now sought-after, especially by younger customers, to mimic the initials of a school or fraternity typical of school uniforms in the US.

However, in 2024, this style differs from what can be seen in the TV shows from the 2000s. It still brings a classic flair inherited from old-school British garments. However, it pushes the boundaries for a chic and transgressive result: sporty touches, colors, mix and match, and unexpected details.

Like in old fashion, logos adorn the back or front of hoodies and sweaters and the pockets of polo shirts, but they can also become a full-on pattern to create unique pieces inspired by the street style.


Yet another comeback of preppy style represents an invaluable opportunity to tap into a timeless market that is again on the rise. As seen in the top trends for 2024, the revival of this classic style with a British flair is now infused with modern twists to make it even more appealing for customers who want to embrace the sophistication and nostalgia of wealthy US schools and colleges.

By curating collections that feature iconic staples like polo shirts, knit sweaters, pleated skirts, and tailored blazers alongside contemporary accessories and silhouettes, store owners can cater to the diverse tastes of their clientele.

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