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Bathtubs: How to Help Customers Transform Bathrooms into Spa Rooms

Oval-shaped transparent acrylic resin bathtub

Bathtubs are far more than functional tools for bathing. They are portals into a space where home spas become a reality for optimizing relaxation and self-care. Unsurprisingly, these sentiments are reflected in high global sales projections, supporting the hygienic and functional aspects of bathtubs. Other indicators of high-end bathtub designs include keyword searches.

Beyond these indicators are images and descriptions offering bathroom décor options that are readily available. Join us in exploring this exciting world where residential family bathrooms can be transformed into home spas by installing classy soaking tubs.

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Progressively strong growth forecasts for bathtubs
A preview of contemporary bathtub designs
Breaking boundaries with inventory strategies

Progressively strong growth forecasts for bathtubs

Freestanding white rectangular acrylic bathtub with ridges

Although not the cheapest products, sellers and customers no longer have to settle for the lowest-priced options to enjoy exceptional tub designs. Global sales in developed and upcoming economies bear out this aesthetic preference, showing strong present market values and even stronger projected ones.

As such, the value of the bathtub market settled at USD 9.7 billion in 2021. At a modest 5.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), this market value should reach a high of USD 16 billion by 2030.

Keyword data

From April 2023 to March 2024, the search rate for bathtubs fluctuated between 450,000 and 550,000 times monthly. Consequently, the average search rate settled at 550,000 monthly searches worldwide. In total, people have looked for these products more than six million times over the past year.

This figure potentially covers individual searches only, excluding wholesale, retail, and the construction industry. Whatever the searchers’ composition, these figures indicate an enduring interest in the bathtub market.

What drives bathtub sales?

Offering overall mind and body relaxation benefits, developed countries like North America spend the most on bathtubs. Snapping at their heels are China, India, Asia-Pacific, and Australia, where the luxurious home spa potential of these sanitaryware items is creating rapidly growing markets.

Besides relaxation, growing disposable incomes, increasing urbanization, and a sustained interest in sanitaryware, customers want bathing experiences to promote their health. As a result, bathtubs are places where people can detox their bodies, reduce inflammation, and enhance their self-care routines.

Elevating these interests and sales even further are the prospects of luxury and technological enhancements. Whirlpools, jets, and voice-activated features are helping to increase sales, as are remodeling and home decoration initiatives.

A preview of contemporary bathtub designs

Freestanding 2-person luxury acrylic whirlpool bathtub

Bathtub segmentation covers the following characteristics:

Materials: Acrylic, fiberglass, iron, and others

Styles: Corner, alcove bathtubs, drop-in, and freestanding bathtubs

Shape: Rectangular, square, round, oval, and others

A selection of products below includes several of these characteristics and different sizes, showing sellers the level of availability.

Traditional wood barrel bathtubs

Traditional oval wooden barrel bathtub

Made from quality pine wood, this beautiful traditional spa bathtub should be complemented with all the extras. These include a soft headrest, a wooden container for bath products, a stool to enter and exit the tub, side handles, and more. While this tub may be standard in many homes in Vietnam, it is also the perfect addition to the hospitality sector and spas in other countries.

Modern acrylic corner and square bathtubs

Two-person acrylic whirlpooljacuzzi corner bathtub

White acrylic with a smooth surface, this corner jacuzzi-style bathtub features a spa-like whirlpool experience. Adjustable on and off settings, built-in faucets, and shower options enhance the overall experience of this tub.

Customers who want their self-care time to take on a different healing and relaxing aspect need something like this corner tub or square whirlpool tub to soothe their minds and bodies. Plus, they can share their time with a significant partner.

Freestanding round marble bathtubs

Modern round gray and white marble bathtub

Customers should consider stepping into the exquisite luxury of this round gray and white marble bathtub for a relaxing experience that transports mind and body into new dimensions. They can enhance its natural beauty with separate faucets and shower accessories of their choice. Users can invite a friend to enjoy tub time with them or be selfish and indulge in self-care alone.

This is just one of the many options available to your customers. But there are so many more, like this irregularly shaped polished river stone tub—both perfect for soaking away the cares and worries of the world.

Pure copper handcrafted tubs

Freestanding copper bathtub with natural verdigris

Take a trip back in time to this antique copper bathtub that looks like it belongs to a period over 100 years ago. Designed to warm the water, body, and mind, this exceptional handcrafted product can be ordered with a distressed antique verdigris appearance or polished to resemble a new penny. Whatever range of products you order, this tub will surely delight its new owner.

You can also purchase other copper tubs in unusual styles with diverse finishings. Alternatively, a Japanese copper bath is another interesting piece. Giving your customers a range of options opens new markets and prospects for sales, so don’t limit yourself to only one or two tubs in this category or any other.

Round acrylic sitting tubs

Small round acrylic sitting tub

Not everyone likes lying down to bathe, and not all homes have the space for rectangular tubs. In that case, the round, sitting style is the perfect bathtub. It saves space and still allows the user to have a soaking, relaxing bath in a sitting position, with a side drain to avoid discomfort.

Oval tubs

High-backed acrylic oval bathtub

If a semi-sitting position is not for you, customers can indulge in this large freestanding white oval acrylic bathtub with its high slanted backrest, this simpler version with ridges, or an elegant smooth-surfaced version. Otherwise, a beautiful red bath with gold-colored balls and claw feet is ideal for finding inspiration while soaking in the tub.

Alcove bathtubs

Elegant white acrylic alcove apron tub

Alcove bathtubs are typical family tubs that are installed in small bathroom spaces. One example of these designs with clean lines is this alcove apron bathtub and this version with its angular lines. Most, if not all, of these alcove tubs have a right-side drain.

Contemporary tubs

Contemporary, gently rounded tub edges with unique folds

When the expected or typical styles are not enough, contemporary designs break the mold. Made for high-end customers and luxury boutique hotels, this creative soaking tub is an artistic inspiration, so it must take center stage to allow its originality to shine.

Breaking boundaries with inventory strategies

Traditional freestanding red acrylic ball and claw tub

Selecting a range of exquisite bathtubs, from rustic to traditional, affordable, modern luxury, and uber-luxurious models, should be a priority for sellers. With positive sales forecasts and interest in keywords from prospective residential customers aside from commercial ones, the strong market will support strong sales.

Get ahead of competitors with unique tub design stock that is all accessible from the Alibaba.com showroom. Give customers choices between affordable space savers, large luxury items, or those that break the mold, and you take the opportunity to make your business sales soar.

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