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Bedroom Decor Trends for 2024: Ultimate Sourcing Guide for Businesses

Black and white peel-and-stick wallpaper with geometric design

Décor experts are predicting new trends for 2024. From trends in understated elegance to more color, mixing textures, and geometric prints, these seller tips help create new markets. Home décor is experiencing worldwide growth, with positive outlooks trending for bedroom decor ideas from morning until night.

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Overview of the global home décor market
Bedroom décor trends 2024
Updating bedroom décor inventory
Boost sales with new inventory

Overview of the global home décor market

Research by Statista shows that the home décor market’s compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.77% will continue between 2023 and 2028. Currently, the value of this market stands at US $126 billion. Of the overall anticipated value, revenues generated per individual amount to US $16.64 as of 2023.

The U.S. market is the most significant global player in the home décor market, of which bedroom décor forms a considerable portion.

Bedroom décor trends for 2024

Lilac-colored duvet set with pops of pink flowers

Inspired by trendsetters in the bedroom décor environment, people like Mahsa Afsharpour are making quiet luxury the in-thing for 2024. But bedroom decor space is only one aspect of 2024 trends.

Other trends, like technology concealment in bedrooms, are also evolving. Moreover, several interior designers confirm that blending old and new decor styles will trend in 2024. Likewise, floral and botanical prints, textures, and statement pieces will be popular.

Part of the new trends for bedroom interior styling includes the drama of dark, wallpapered ceilings. Well-known designers in the industry also say that bold geometric patterns and monochromatic designs create stark interest.

On top of these trends, the use of color in the bedroom space is increasing. Of these colors, various soft shades of green will dominate, with light blues also becoming mainstream. A neutral color palette remains in vogue, which especially suits quiet luxury.

In contrast to these cooling, peaceful colors, dark colors like midnight blues attract more attention. Also, reds and yellows bring a touch of theater to the blank canvas of white walls. Still, primary pops of color are ideal accents for complementing bedroom décor rather than being main style themes.

Updating bedroom décor inventory

Black bedroom bookshelf and books with black and white covers

Sellers can benefit from these 2024 bedroom ideas by updating their inventory. The selection below fits well with quiet luxury, monochromatic design styles, technology concealment, and more. Vendors can use this information to guide inventory updates to meet customer expectations for the primary bedroom.

1. Photography decorative book

Black and white or color printed photography books

Monochromatic, quiet living, and mixing textures—the old with the new, this photography book meets many bedroom décor styles. Order this piece of decor with its monochromatic color scheme, as a selection of these books in your store will meet several expert design trends for 2024.

2. Cable winder organizer

Four images showing cords wrapped around cable organizers

A little ingenuity with multi-purpose products can align quite easily with bedroom décor trends. This particular product is simple but elegantly meets the requirement of technology concealment.

Customers can mount these self-adhesive cord organizers throughout the bedroom, as they are practical yet unobtrusive. As such, cord organizers reduce the visual clutter and keep the cords tidy.

3. Tropical bed set

Botanical duvet set with forest green and leaf colors

Botanical and floral bed sets are making a comeback. The botanical prints have a cheerful feel and add color to the bedroom, meeting 2024 bedroom décor trends on two counts.

Sellers can also explore more options and choose duvets and other bedding in popular designs. These colors are readily available in primary and pastel shades and bold or subtle floral and botanical prints.

4. Full-length antique wooden carved mirror frame

Rectangular antique-style mirror with wooden frame and detail

This antique mirror frame brings in a touch of the old and new modern bedroom décor. With customizable designs and sizes, these antique-style mirrors are perfect statement pieces for a master bedroom.

Also, they fit the requirement of quiet luxury while adding a textural layer in neutral colors. Overall, these wooden-carved mirror frames showcase understated sophistication. They also reflect natural light, making the space look visually bigger. Consequently, they are an asset to any bedroom décor.

5. 3D modern black decor frame mirror with shelf

Modern 3D mirror with hooks and wooden ball detail

Customers can confidently introduce this striking 3D iron-framed mirror with organizational elements to the bedroom. Its unique monochromatic characteristics are available in gold, white, or black, making it ideal as a small bedroom décor piece.

With the starkness of the iron and mirror in monochrome, the wooden ball details create another level of texture. Sellers can easily include this winning piece in their inventories for its aesthetic and functional appeal as a 2024 trend.

6. Chinese sisal-wool area rug

Neutral-shade wool and sisal rug on the bedroom floor

Like the antique-style mirror above, these lovely Chinese sisal and wool rugs add texture. Available in neutral shades of chocolate, cream, or other, they are washable, non-slip, durable, and stain-resistant.

With other customizations like size, this flat weave, knotted, high pile floor rug is decorative, practical, and eye-catching, fitting different styles.

7. Modern geometric peel-and-stick wallpaper

Midnight blue peel-and-stick wallpaper with gold geometric pattern

Round off your collection of 2024 bedroom décor trends with a range of peel-and-stick wallpapers. Since geometric prints are trending, sellers can add several popular colors to their inventories. These shades may include dark midnight blue with gold detail or soft greens, reds, or yellows to meet popular demand.

If you want reds and yellows, those are also available for styling an accent wall. Quick and convenient to apply, these peel-and-stick wallpapers have other valuable characteristics. They are smoke-, water-, mold-, and moisture-proof. They are also anti-static, making them perfect for decorating a ceiling or bare walls.

Boost sales with new inventory

When bedroom décor experts speak about 2024 trends, customers listen. Not only do they listen, they also take action. That action involves new purchases.

Between upcoming bedroom trends and market research, sellers should also take note of market demand. By stocking up on new items, sellers can get ahead of trends and give customers what they want—bedroom décor that matches expert interior advice. In the process, they can boost sales, creating a win-win situation in the new year.

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