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Blooming Profits: Unveiling the Top GardenTrends in the U.S. for 2024

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Table of Contents
● Introduction
● Market Overview
● Understanding the American Green Thumb
● Top Design Trends Boosting Consumer Demand
● Lucrative Garden Supplies Product Opportunities for 2024
● Conclusion


As we step into 2024, the garden industry in the United States is poised for significant growth and transformation. With evolving consumer preferences and a heightened focus on sustainability, it’s crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, we’ll delve into the top garden trends that are set to shape the U.S. market, providing valuable insights for retailers and industry professionals.

Market Overview

Global Comparison

The Lawn & Garden market is poised for significant growth globally, with projections indicating a revenue of US$0.35 trillion in 2024 and an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.74% from 2024 to 2028, culminating in a market volume of US$0.39 trillion by 2028. This upward trajectory is mirrored across various regions, with the United States leading the charge, expected to generate a staggering US$133 billion in revenue for the same year. Such figures underscore a burgeoning demand, particularly for organic fertilizers and eco-friendly gardening products, reflecting a broader consumer shift towards sustainability and environmental consciousness in garden care.

Global comparison:Top Countries by Revenue

Global comparisonTop Countries by Revenue

Key Players

According to Statista, companies such as Bunnings Group Limited, Hornbach Holding, Kingfisher, Lowe’s Companies, Menard, Inc., and The Home Depot are at the forefront, driving innovation and responding to the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly gardening products.

Top Company Revenues (Worldwide & Consolidated)

Top Company Revenues (Worldwide & Consolidated)

Online Market Forerunners

Online sales channels for gardening products have experienced remarkable growth and are suggested to be reaching US$ 33.85 billion in 2024, facilitated by the increased digital engagement of younger gardening enthusiasts. Among them, the online market share in the United States(39.1%) and Canada(42.2%)  is the largest and shows a consistent and significant upward trend, which is worth noting.

Booming North America Online Market (by Revenue)

Booming North America Online Market

Online & Offline Split of North America

Online & Offline Split of North America

Understanding the American Green Thumb

According to insights from Statista.com, gardening enthusiasts in the U.S. are diverse, with 55% of households (71.5 million) engaging in gardening activities. Millennials, aged 18-34, make up 29% of gardener demographics and are driving the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products.

This group interacts with companies on social media more than the average online user, emphasizing the importance of maintaining an active and engaging social media presence. They remember seeing ads on search engines more often than the average consumer and access the internet via tablets more prominently, pointing towards digital advertising as a viable strategy.

American gardeners are motivated by various factors, with 55% gardening to create a beautiful space and 43% growing their own food. The average U.S. garden is 600 sq. ft. and produces $600 worth of food annually. This presents opportunities for businesses to offer products that cater to both ornamental and edible gardening needs.

Interestingly, more males are engaging in gardening activities, with 52.5% of gardeners being male. This shift in gender demographics opens up new avenues for targeted marketing and product development.

Top Design Trends Boosting Consumer Demand

In the evolving landscape of garden trends for 2024, the integration of nature into our living spaces stands paramount. Homes and Gardens highlight a shift towards outdoor areas that serve as extensions of the home, emphasizing relaxation, entertainment, and dining amidst lush, naturalistic settings. This trend towards embracing nature not only meets aesthetic desires but also responds to a growing consumer demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening solutions. Products that facilitate the creation of such spaces—ranging from organic materials for landscaping to eco-conscious garden decor—are poised to meet the market’s needs.

Vertical Gardens and Container Planting: Maximizing Space in Urban Settings

A vertical garden

With urban living on the rise, vertical gardens and container gardening are gaining popularity. Innovative products like modular wall planters, hanging baskets, and self-watering containers are in high demand.

Edimentals and Food Forests: Blending Aesthetics with Culinary Delights

an ediable garden

The trend of growing edible ornamentals, or “edimentals,” is taking root as consumers seek plants that offer both visual appeal and culinary value. Plants like rainbow chard, nasturtiums, and elderberries are gaining popularity, while community food forests are emerging as a way to promote sustainable food production and foster a sense of community.

Smart Garden Technology: Integrating Innovation for Effortless Maintenance

smart garden solution

Tech-savvy gardeners are embracing smart irrigation systems, Wi-Fi-enabled lighting, and mobile apps for garden management. Businesses should explore partnerships with technology providers to offer integrated smart garden solutions that cater to the growing demand for convenience and efficiency in garden maintenance.

Nature-Inspired Design and Wellness Gardens: Creating Spaces for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

a nature-inspired garden

Gardens designed for mental and physical well-being, incorporating sensory elements and natural materials, are on the rise. Products that promote relaxation, such as water features, outdoor fireplaces, textural materials, and aromatic plants, are gaining traction as consumers seek to create serene outdoor spaces that promote wellness and tranquility.

Family-Friendly and Engaging Gardens: Encouraging Outdoor Play and Learning

kids playing in garden

The initiative to encourage children to spend more time outdoors is influencing garden designs to include playful and educational elements seamlessly integrated into the garden’s layout. Retailers can find inspiration in offering products like creatively designed sand pits, sturdy balance beams, child-safe climbing frames, and easy-to-grow miniature garden kits, all aimed at making gardens a dynamic space for play and learning. These innovations cater to the demand for gardens that not only support physical activity but also foster family bonding and a break from the digital world.

Grow-Your-Own and Multipurpose Garden Ideas: Embracing Self-Sufficiency and Versatility

versatility of greenhouse

The grow-your-own trend is on a strong upward trajectory, and multifaceted-use greenhouses are emerging as pivotal elements in modern gardening. These spaces, adaptable for everything from food production to al fresco dining and relaxation, highlight a shift towards sustainability, practicality, and a closer relationship with nature, appealing to a wide range of consumers from urban dwellers to families seeking to educate their children about food origins. Products facilitating self-sufficiency in food production, such as container gardening solutions for balconies and innovative greenhouse designs, are increasingly popular.

Lucrative Garden Supplies Product Opportunities for 2024

As temperatures rise, it’s time once again to focus on garden care. From replanting vibrant blooms to tidying up outdoor spaces, there’s a wide array of products you can offer to meet every gardening need. Searching “gardening supplies” in Keyword Scout, the results reveal an upward trend with increasing interest.

search trends of garden supplies

● Vertical Raised Planters and Wall Hangers:

planter hanger and modular planter wall

Portable vertical raised planters and wall hangers are emerging as versatile solutions for green-thumbed city dwellers. The 2024 Gardening Statistics and Trends report by Raleigh Realty highlights that vertical gardening participation increased by 38% in 2023, with younger consumers driving much of this growth. We can see a 536% increase of the keyword “wall planters for outdoor plants” searching volume in the past 90-days on Amazon. These space-saving designs such as freestanding vertical planters, modular wall-mounted systems, and hanging pocket planters allow for the creation of stunning vertical gardens, even in the most compact apartments or offices. Modular systems, like the Leafy wall-hanging plant pots, offer flexibility and customization, enabling users to arrange their green spaces according to personal preferences and spatial constraints. Meanwhile, hanging planters, available in a wide array of styles from minimalist ceramic to bohemian macrame, add a touch of natural charm to any room without compromising valuable floor space.

● Smart Sprinkler: Effortless and Efficient Irrigation Solutions

smart irrigation solution

As concerns about water conservation and the desire for low-maintenance gardening solutions grow, smart sprinkler systems are poised for significant market expansion.The 2024 Gardening Outlook Survey by Axiom Marketing reveals that 32% of homeowners plan to invest in smart irrigation technology this year. These systems, equipped with features like weather-based scheduling, soil moisture sensors, and remote control via mobile apps, offer consumers the convenience of effortless and efficient watering while promoting water conservation.

● Eco-Friendly Gardening Supplies: Meeting the Demand for Sustainable Practices

eco friendly planters

The 2024 Garden Trends Report by Garden Media Group emphasizes the growing importance of sustainable practices, with 74% of gardeners expressing a preference for environmentally responsible products. Sustainable gardening practices are driving the demand for eco-friendly supplies such as organic fertilizers, biodegradable pots, and recycled materials. Businesses should prioritize sourcing and promoting environmentally responsible products that align with the values of eco-conscious consumers. Offering a wide range of organic and sustainable gardening supplies will position retailers as leaders in the green gardening movement.

● Edible Landscaping Starter Kits: Empowering Home Gardeners to Grow Their Own Food

vegetable starter kit

According to Axiom Market Insights, 44.1% respondents reported creating vegetable gardens as their #2 projects. Google Trends shows that a steady seasonal rise of “vegetable gardens” appears from January to early summer for the past 5 years. With the growing interest in food gardening, businesses can offer curated starter kits for edible landscaping. These kits can include a selection of herbs, vegetables, and fruit plants, along with planting guides and maintenance tips, making it easy for novice gardeners to embark on their grow-your-own journey.

● Kid-Engaging Gardening Supplies: Making a Play Garden

kid garden set

The 2024 Garden Trends Report by Garden Media Group emphasizes the growing importance of engaging children in gardening activities, with 68% of parents expressing a desire to involve their kids in outdoor projects. As families seek to encourage their children to spend more time outdoors and develop a connection with nature, kid-engaging gardening supplies are gaining traction. Products like child-sized gardening tools, colorful mix of vegetable planting kits, and interactive garden-themed toys can help nurture a love for gardening in young minds. Retailers should curate a selection of kid-friendly gardening supplies that make the activity both educational and enjoyable for children.

● Outdoor Living Essentials:

premium outdoor living space

When talking about new and emerging trends, Tony Woods MSGD of the Garden Club mentions, ‘one of the biggest trends that I have seen is the use of geometric form used in paving, furniture and layouts. I think this stems from more natural forms and materials being used in both interior and exterior design and the trend is translating into off-the-shelf products including furniture and planters.’ Meanwhile, the trend of creating outdoor living spaces is fueling the demand for comfortable and stylish garden furniture, lighting, and accessories. Products that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics, such as modular seating, multi-purpose storage solutions, and ambient lighting, are poised for success.


The U.S. garden market in 2024 is ripe with opportunities for businesses that can adapt to the evolving trends and consumer preferences. By focusing on sustainable practices, innovative design, and products that cater to the diverse needs of American gardeners, retailers can cultivate a thriving business in this dynamic industry. Embrace the power of nature and watch your profits bloom.

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