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Bookshelves, Display Cabinets, and Storage Units: Attractive Storage Solutions

Custom-designed wood and metal loft-style bookshelf

As digital books become more mainstream and publishing companies produce fewer physical books, the question is whether bookshelves will be with us for much longer. To answer that question, marketers and academics have weighed in on this topic.

After much research and customer feedback, the response is clear, giving buyers strong guidelines to navigate this market. Continue reading to learn what range of products you can select for this market as a buyer.

Table of Contents
Overview of the global bookcase and filing cabinet market
Reasons why bookshelves remain popular
Choosing bookcases for your customers
The future of the bookshelf market

Overview of the global bookcase and filing cabinet market

Basic single-column wooden bookcase or display unit

Statista is a reputable source that conducted a study on global bookshelf sales. This study included drawers and filing cabinets, and valued the market at USD 12 billion for 2024. Statista also forecasts that this market’s annual compound growth rate (CAGR) will be 3.67% between 2024 and 2028.

Similarly, a study by Growth Market Reports indicates that the global market for shelves had a value of USD 7,481.00 in 2021, which would grow to USD 12,506.00 by 2030 at a CAGR of 5.9%. This company’s definition of shelves is that they mostly consist of between two and six horizontal shelves with possible vertical supporting parts, and are portable or fixed.

Google Ads

Google Ads

Despite this robust growth, buyers should be aware of keyword usage. For example, Google Ads reflected 823,000 searches for bookshelves in December 2023 and 368,000 for bookcases in the same month. Regardless of these variations, the search volume for both instances remained constant for the preceding six months.

A selection of country-specific keyword searches for bookshelves in the same month is visible in the graph above. While this chart offers buyers some insight into this market, it does not account for population sizes or other variables.

Reasons why bookshelves remain popular

Modern, multifunctional metal bookshelf or storage unit

Book lovers enjoy several psychological benefits from reading other than relaxation. People who love reading also tend to keep their books, storing them carefully as treasured items.

A video on TikTok about bookshelf wealth went viral, which aptly captured the rising sentiment that books are good and need bookshelves to store these precious items as part of a well-curated décor plan. Public and university libraries also constantly update precious reading material in many formats. One 2017 study found that students at a Utrecht University wanted the benefit of paper books in its library.

Consequently, bookshelf customers today are the same as they have been for centuries. These customers are as diverse as government departments, universities, bookstores, individual customers, and many more, providing buyers with a broad target market for bookcases.

Choosing bookcases for your customers

Small, adjustable wooden bookcase for the bedroom or home office

Bookshelves are manufactured with wood, plastic, steel, or a combination of materials. These products come in many designs and sizes and are often appropriate for different purposes, ensuring their suitability for diverse customers. The bookshelf samples shown below give retailers a small taste of the styles they can order for these markets.

Free-standing modern tree design

Freestanding corner tree-design bookcase

Manufacturers use a strong P2 particle chipboard to produce this bookcase design in different colors and sizes. The modern design allows this bookshelf to double as an elegant décor and storage space piece.

As a versatile furniture item that occupies little space in a room, this bookshelf is perfect for small spaces in homes and commercial locations. Customers will likely appreciate the convenience of this item in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, retirement homes, schools, and similar places.

Rotating bookshelf

Six-tier modern design rotating bookcase

Made from natural beech wood, this modern bookshelf has six spacious levels for storing books and other items. Designed to fit in small spaces, the rotating feature saves space and simplifies storing and retrieving books or documents, making it ideal for any home office or living room.

A final valuable benefit is that the enclosed design ensures that books are secured. Buyers can confidently include this product in their inventory because it doubles as a functional, attractive décor item with wide market appeal.

Modern wood design

Contemporary-style, multifunctional wooden bookcase

With three pillars, the outer two columns of shelving are ideal for storing books, while the middle column is perfect for small décor items or plant displays. Built with solid wood, this contemporary bookcase design is aesthetically pleasing and functional and fits in small spaces. Ideal for living rooms or commercial offices, the versatility of this piece of furniture makes it a viable addition to any retail collection.

Child’s bookcase

Simple cloth and wood bookcase for child's bedroom

Although it has a simple wood and fabric design, this child’s bedroom bookcase is functional and visually attractive. This furniture will work just as well in the home as in a daycare center, hospital, or any other place where children gather.

Offices, restaurants, or play centers with a heavy flow of children during business hours can also benefit from adding this item to their existing décor. Similarly, buyers can tap into the parent-child market to offer them something unique.

Daycare tree library

Tree-designed bookcase with seating for daycare center

Created to stimulate young minds, daycare centers can offer parents something distinctive with this type of bookshelf. The tree design, storage facilities, and surrounding seating make this multipurpose bookcase a joy to behold. Materials in this range of products include various wood types, laminate wood, plywood, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Buyers can customize their designs to feature animals, trees, freestanding, or mounted bookcases.

Double-sided commercial cabinet

Industrial-style double-sided cabinet or bookcase

Manufactured from steel and wood, these bookshelves can also be described as cabinets. Due to their massive size and access from both sides, this product is typically used in official archives, schools, hospitals, and other commercial outlets. Some large homeowners may even appreciate the industrial design style of this item. Either way, with strong global sales of cabinets predicted for the next decade, this type of product offers foreseeable value.

The future of the bookshelf market

As noted in the earlier study, students still want paper books despite digitalization. Booklovers around the world also still value the tactile, emotive feel and smell of paper books. Additionally, psychological, market, and academic research all suggest that paper books are here to stay, as are bookshelves.

All this information confirms that homeowners will continue to purchase this furniture item. Equally, public and private businesses will invest in these products, ensuring buyers have a ready market for the foreseeable future. So browse the Alibaba.com showroom for a broad selection of these enduring bookshelves to offer your customers a wide range of matching decor products.

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