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Cat Trees That All Cats Will Love

Comfy wood and sisal cat tree with four levels

Cats – with a mighty boost from the internet – have officially taken the world by storm, and their owners will increasingly do anything for them. That’s partly why the market for cat toys and bedding has taken off so significantly in the past few years.

But with so much choice, how can you guarantee that you’re sourcing what your customers want? Have no fear, as we’ll delve into the world of cat trees so that you can help consumers select only the best for their feline friends.

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Global market growth for cat trees
What to look for when stocking cat trees

Global market growth for cat trees

Enclosed bottom sleep area with columns and platforms above

The cat trees and sisal scratching post market was worth a whopping US $415.6 million, according to Future Market Insights. This figure is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.8% until 2033, reaching a value of US $664.1 million.

According to Google Ads, people searched “cat tree” 246,000 times in November 2023. Compared to 201,000 searches in June 2023, this rate increased by 22.4% in only six months.

In addition, “cat towers” were searched 90,500 times in June 2023 compared to 110,000 times in November 2023, reflecting a growth of 21.5%.

Market drivers

Nowadays, there are several factors that consumers look for in cat trees, including:

  • Those that combine a scratch post, a sleeping place, and a play area
  • Varieties made from natural materials such as sisal, wood, and bamboo
  • Trees with smart technology that can track a cat’s activities during the day
  • Trees that meet the aesthetics of their owners, including customizable options 

With the market information covered, it is time to discover what cat tower customers look for the most when it comes to sourcing their furry friends a new home.

What to look for when stocking cat trees

Intricate cat tree design with sleep and play options

Basic cat tower with practical benefits

Two-tier cat tree with a scratch pad and sleeping areas

Customers want cat trees that have practical and aesthetic benefits, and are often drawn to products that first and foremost look good. For their cats, they’ll most likely want something that combines areas that allow for exercise, play, scratching, and sleeping.

Two or more columns are preferable, with each being at least 12 inches higher than the next. Towers should support one to two sleeping areas (open and enclosed), depending on the number of cats in the home. 

Cat furniture like this is also better with a scratch pad and some hanging cat toys. For example, the cat tree pictured above is made from wood, sisal, and plush materials.

Complex cat towers with high and low options

Three-column cat tower with sleeping and playing options

Most cats like to scale great heights, while others prefer to spend more time on the ground. For example, the cat tree above offers some challenging climbing obstacles as well as several sleep and play options, making it suitable for cats of different sizes and ages. 

Cat wall tree with natural materials

Cat wall tree with shelves, posts, and ladders

The cat wall above is made from wood and sisal. It is ideal for many cats and it is an attractive addition to interior décor. Homeowners can mount one or two shelves closer to the floor to increase engagement from older cats or kittens.

Age and size-appropriate cat trees that also look good

Colorful cat tree with sleep platforms and scratch post

The size, design, and materials used to make a cat tree will impact the way smaller, less active, and older cats can play. Therefore, it is important to stock up with age and size-appropriate towers. 

While the previous examples suit active and large cats, the one above – made from sisal, chipboard, and plush fabric – is better suited to kittens and senior cats that may find it more difficult to climb.


Most owners want a cat tree that looks good and is made from natural materials. They also look for products that are stable, robust, and size and age-appropriate. Simply put, most pet owners want good-quality towers with the possibility of customization.

As this market steadily grows, buyers may want to add more cat trees to their inventories, making sure that there’s something for everyone – no matter the demands of their beloved pet. For a huge range of cat trees and other cat-related products, head over to Alibaba.com.

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