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A shipper is a person who consigns goods and signs a contract of carriage with a carrier in one‘s name or on one‘s behalf on the freight documents.

Master Air Waybill

A master air waybill (MAWB) is a transport document for air cargo with details of delivery terms issued by the air cargo carrier or its agent.

House Air Waybill

A house air waybill (HAWB) is a transport document for air cargo issued by the freight forwarders in natural air waybill format with delivery details.

Arrival Notice

An arrival notice is a document sent to the notify party to inform them of the cargo’s arrival date. It is issued by the ocean freight forwarder, freight carrier, or agent.

Packing List

A packing list is a customs declaration document with each shipment’s list of packages detailed individually by weight, dimension, and quantity.


Incoterms® are trade terms developed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to specify details in trade contracts for global freight delivery.

Commercial Invoice

A commercial invoice is a document specifying the amount and quantity of the sent goods for customs declaration purposes along with a packing list.

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