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Packing List

A Packing List is a document used for Customs declaration. Accurate documentation may help avoid a Customs exam. It contains a list of packages for each shipment, showing individual breakdown in weights/measure and quantity. Usual content on a Packing List includes:
1) Importer’s/consignee’s/buyer’s name, address, and contact details
2) Gross, tare, and net weights of the cargo
3) Nature, quality, and specifications of the product being shipped
4) Type of package (such as pallet, box, crate, drum, carton, etc.)
5) Measurements/dimensions of each package
6) Number of pallets/boxes/crates/drums, etc.
7) Contents of each pallet or box (or other container)
8) Package markings, if any, as well as shipper and buyer’s reference numbers

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