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China’s Key Fashion Colors for Spring/Summer 2024

Fashion Colors

As an online fashion retailer, staying on top of color trends is essential for curating collections that resonate with your customers. In this article, we reveal the five key colors that our trend experts predict will shape fashion in China for the Spring/Summer 2024 season. From refreshing oranges to soothing blues, these hues reflect the growing influence of wellness, nature, and digital culture in the country. Read on to learn how you can leverage these colors to create a compelling and on-trend product assortment.

Table of Contents
1. Apricot crush: The energizing orange
2. Nutshell: The grounding brown
3. Glacial blue: The calming pastel
4. Cyber lime: Where nature meets digital
5. Pink diamond: The new neutral

Apricot Crush: The energizing orange

Apricot Crush

Apricot Crush, a vibrant mid-tone orange, is set to be a key color for Spring/Summer 2024 in China. This refreshing and mood-boosting hue calls to mind beautiful sunrises and sunsets, evoking feelings of positivity, optimism and rejuvenation. Apricot Crush is extremely versatile and has broad appeal across fashion categories it can enliven activewear, occasion pieces, resort collections and more. In beauty, it makes an ideal “healing” wellness tone for cosmetics, haircare and bodycare. For homewares, use Apricot Crush to add a playful pop to decorative accessories, textiles, glassware and bedding.

Nutshell: The grounding brown

Nutshell brown

Rich, spicy Nutshell brown provides a sense of warmth, stability and authenticity that will resonate with cautious Chinese consumers in 2024. This timeless shade has been gaining prominence in both fashion and interiors for its classic yet contemporary appeal. With connections to natural materials and an emphasis on quality over trends, Nutshell speaks to the movement towards more sustainable and long-lasting goods. Incorporate it into trans-seasonal apparel basics, cosmetics packaging, and investment pieces for the home. Nutshell demonstrates that brown is anything but boring.

Glacial Blue: The calming pastel

Glacial Blue

Tranquil, airy Glacial Blue reflects the continued importance of wellness and digital influences in the Chinese market. This serene pastel blue refreshes the brighter Galactic Cobalt of previous seasons, aligning with the priority placed on holistic wellbeing. It also has a fantasy, futuristic quality that taps into the growing prominence of digital design and virtual idols in China. Glacial Blue has a clean, commercial look that suits casual and lounge apparel, accessories, and activewear. For beauty, it makes a dreamy pastel for hair tints, eye makeup and ethereal highlights. In interiors and consumer tech, Glacial Blue feels calmly futuristic.

Cyber Lime: Where nature meets digital

Cyber Lime

Zesty, near-neon Cyber Lime is an evolution of the green tones that have been so popular in China. Associated with the beginning of summer, lush rice fields, and multi-species digital worlds, this punchy shade represents a powerful connection between nature and technology. It has already proven popular with premium Chinese fashion labels for statement pieces and youth-focused collections. Cyber Lime’s digital-friendly intensity is perfect for the metaverse use it in virtual fashion, packaging, and vibrant home accents. Blend it with metallics for a uniquely futuristic look in accessories, electronics and automotive design.

Pink Diamond: The new neutral

Pink Diamond

Soft, shimmering Pink Diamond may be a pastel, but it’s far from juvenile or exclusively feminine. Aligned with the growing adoption of pink in Chinese menswear and the “nouveau macho” aesthetic, this sweet hue encourages an honest, emotionally attuned form of modern masculinity. Pink Diamond has strong gender-inclusive potential and will resonate with young consumers across categories from occasion and streetwear to beauty, bedding and gaming gear. As pink continues to shed its “girly” associations, Pink Diamond is poised to become a new neutral with staying power beyond 2024.


The five key colors for Spring/Summer 2024 Apricot Crush, Nutshell, Glacial Blue, Cyber Lime, and Pink Diamond offer an exciting palette for online fashion retailers to explore. By thoughtfully applying these hues across your product lines and marketing visuals, you can create a fresh and compelling brand experience that captures the optimistic, wellness-focused, digitally-savvy spirit of Chinese consumers. As you look ahead to 2024, consider how these colors can enliven your collections and help you stand out in a competitive ecommerce landscape. For more in-depth color insights and trend forecasting, visit WGSN.com.

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