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Choosing Bean Bags in 2024 and Beyond

Giant round faux fur bean bag with shredded foam filler

Bean bags became popular as cheap seating among students in Italy in the 1970s. Because they were so affordable and fashionable, the trend quickly spread across Europe and the rest of the world. Unsurprisingly, this casual furniture item has made a comeback.

Bringing an endearing, relaxed ambiance to interior and exterior spaces, bean bag chair sales are growing in domestic and commercial markets. Due to the versatility of the traditional bean bag, there are many opportunities for retailers to differentiate their furniture categories. Join us as we discuss the bean bag market, its features, and which customers are investing in these popular chairs.

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Strong global bean bag sales forecast
Bean bag features
Final thoughts about the bean bag market

Strong global bean bag sales forecast

Soft plush velvet round bean bags

A recent study valued the global bean bag market at USD 5.512.50 million in 2022. The same study forecasts that this market will grow at a steady but modest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.8% to USD 5,810.20 million by 2023.

South America, the United States, Europe, and India are responsible for many of these bean bag purchases. Still, manufacturers want to expand production in Asian markets, where sales growth is projected to be positive over the next decade, encouraging buyers to stock bean bags for any room in the home as an enticing seat that also serves as an intriguing statement piece.

Google Ads reinforces global sales

Recliner bean bag and matching footrest made from PVC flocking

According to Google Ads, the search volume for bean bags averaged 673,000 in February 2023. The average search rate then rose to 823,000 in December 2023, an increase of 18.22%. Combined, global sales and keyword interest in this product are positive indicators for anyone wanting to diversify their décor product selection.

Factors driving bean bag purchases

Basic round bean bag made from corduroy fabric

Consumers in various countries are flexible about their indoor spaces. Consequently, they use bean bags in bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens, other areas, and outdoors. Additionally, bean bags often offer ergonomic support for anyone experiencing muscle or joint pain. This type of furniture is sought after by gamers and people who want to relax in comfort after a long day at work.

Other factors driving sales are the psychological benefits of creating aesthetically pleasing spaces in homes and businesses. For instance, customers purchase bean bags for their clubs, pubs, and coffee shops to boost the style and ambiance of these interiors.

Elegant Nordic faux leather (pleather) animal print lounger

Millennials are the largest buyers of bean bags, favoring this comfortable, eco-friendly décor item over many others. This market regards bean bags as cutting-edge, functional, and visually attractive, ensuring continued growth in their sales.

Besides these factors, millennials seek more living space than earlier generations, so they require unique décor to fill these areas. And, when comfortable furniture like bean bags avoids the use of wood and saves forests, customers find these décor items even more attractive.

Online retailing is also a growing market, providing business owners with many opportunities to extend their customer base. Buyers can enhance their retail growth with online discounts, promotions, and digital gifts. Almost everyone loves giving, but because of millennials’ preference for smart online shopping, this convenient feature offers popular added value.

Bean bag features

Small linen teardrop bean bags for adults and kids


Six fabric samples used in bean bag covers

Bean bag materials are diverse and durable. Some typical fabrics used in bean bag manufacture include velvet (soft and luxurious), pleather (durable and easy to clean), and leather (durable and luxurious). Others are cotton and linen (breathable, natural fabric), polyester (available in blends from velvet to furry and other finishes), corduroy (soft, ribbed, durable fabric), and faux fur (fun, relaxed aesthetic appeal).

Another example of a bean bag covering is PVC flocking. This composite textile is moldable, strong, water-resistant, shape-maintaining, and flame-retardant, with a no-fade feature that is well-suited for this type of furniture.

Besides PVC flocking, many of these fabrics are available with different treatments for stain resistance, waterproofing, and heat resistance and are often machine washable for easy maintenance. Buyers can choose softer, more delicate textile coverings that are ideal for indoor use or durable fabrics that are perfect for the outdoors. Buyers can also order textiles in plain colors or with patterns, adding another valuable selling point for customers.


Manufacturers stuff bean bags with two main products. These are shredded foam sourced from recycled plastic, which is best for indoor use. Shredded foam is an excellent filler option because manufacturers can recycle offcuts from other products to reduce waste. Foam is also a comfortable filler that is better suited to regular indoor use than beads.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads are plastic beads that easily withstand outdoor weather compared to foam-filled bean bags. However, these beads contain a lot of air between them, so the bean bags require regular filling over time. This process can release beads into the environment, affecting pets and ecosystems.

Shapes and sizes

Small synthetic leather (pleather) chair-shaped bean bag for kids

Chair-shaped bean bags that conform to your body shape are as popular for adults and children as square or rectangular ones. Manufacturers also create round bean bags, animal shapes for kids, and gaming-specific designs. Also, small, medium, large, extra-large, and giant bean bag chairs are available, meeting diverse market requirements.


Colorful triangular-shaped outdoor waterproof bean bags

Buyers should look for bean bags with washable covers that are easy to maintain. Features that simplify cleaning include textiles treated for stain resistance, waterproofing that improves durability, and zippers. Zippers ensure customers can remove the outer cover for quick machine washing, while encased stuffing keeps the fillers intact.


Bean bag chair that folds out as a single bed

Manufacturers find it especially simple to customize bean bags for buyers. So, producing various quantities in different shapes, materials, colors, and patterns with diverse fillings is always a welcome aspect of e-commerce.

Final thoughts about the bean bag market

Yellow waterproof armchair-style bean bag

With rising global sales and high average monthly keyword searches, it is evident that bean bags remain popular décor items. Adding to their allure are their eco-friendly features, diverse materials, shapes, and customization. Buyers can tap into this lucrative market by stocking bean bag accent chairs that cater to customer preferences for comfort, utility, and aesthetic appeal.

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