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E-commerce & AI News Flash Collection (Mar 31): Amazon and Temu Update Policies, Cross-Platform Seller Overlap Increases

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US News

Amazon: Streamlining Seller Verification

Amazon Global Store has initiated the 2024 American Consumer Act verification, requiring sellers to submit specific information within a set timeframe. Sellers who completed the process last year will receive guidance via email, with additional reminders on their Account Health page to complete priority actions. The process involves reviewing submitted information for accuracy and timeliness, with a ten-day deadline to avoid account impact. Amazon emphasizes the importance of keeping business information current, allowing updates through the Seller Central platform. The annual certification aims to maintain a trustworthy marketplace, highlighting Amazon’s commitment to seller and consumer protection.

Cross-Platform Seller Dynamics

An increasing trend shows that over 50% of Walmart’s sellers are also vending on Amazon, with actual overlap potentially reaching 80%-90% due to discrepancies in seller business names across platforms. Sellers typically start on Amazon before expanding to Walmart, although the opposite is less common. Cross-border sellers from China, experienced in international sales, find Amazon and Walmart ideal for their ventures, with over 50% of new sellers in March from China. This overlap extends to platforms like Shein and Temu, with competitive pricing and efficient supply chains driving sellers to broaden their presence. The growing seller overlap among Amazon, Walmart, Shein, and Temu underscores the evolving dynamics of e-commerce platforms.

TikTok Shop’s New Partnership

TikTok Shop announces a partnership with Verb Technology, leveraging its MARKET.live platform to enhance the live shopping experience. This collaboration aims to bring brands, retailers, and influencers to Market.live for a suite of paid services, from onboarding to content creation and operational support. MARKET.live will receive a commission from monthly revenues generated on TikTok Shop, offering comprehensive pricing packages to assist sellers. An exclusive event on April 25 marks the start of this promising collaboration, indicating a bright future for live shopping in the US. Verb Technology’s CEO hails this as a pivotal moment for the live shopping sector.

Global News

Amazon Fined in Poland

Poland’s Competition and Consumer Protection Office (UOKiK) has fined Amazon 31 million PLN ($7.8 million) for misleading consumers about product availability and delivery dates. After receiving multiple complaints about delayed orders, UOKiK concluded Amazon encouraged purchases without ensuring timely delivery. Amazon plans to appeal, emphasizing their commitment to resolving any customer issues promptly. The investigation, which started in September 2021, culminates in this sanction, highlighting regulatory scrutiny on e-commerce practices.

Amazon Prime’s Growth

Amazon boasts over 230 million members globally, generating $40.2 billion in 2023 through Prime memberships, a significant increase from the previous year. The US houses 167.2 million Prime members, with projections indicating continued growth. Amazon Prime Day highlights the service’s impact, with 375 million products sold, generating $12.9 billion in sales. Prime’s significant role in Amazon’s revenue stream underscores its importance in the retail giant’s strategy.

Korean E-commerce Complaints Surge

As Chinese e-commerce giants like AliExpress and Temu rapidly enter the Korean market, consumer complaints have surged by 16.9% in 2023 compared to the previous year. Complaints against AliExpress nearly doubled, highlighting issues with product quality and delivery. Consumer advocacy groups call for new regulations to protect against unfair practices by cross-border platforms. Discussions with AliExpress aim to establish a hotline to address consumer grievances, reflecting the challenges of international e-commerce expansion.

Temu Updates Cash Reward Activity Terms

Temu revises its cash reward activity terms amidst user data security concerns. The promotional activity, aimed at attracting new users by rewarding referrals, sparked a debate over personal data usage. Temu now limits data use to the specific activity, assuring users of their commitment to data privacy. This adjustment reflects the delicate balance between promotional strategies and user privacy in the digital age, demonstrating Temu’s responsiveness to user concerns.

European B2B E-commerce Poised for Growth

By 2025, Europe’s online B2B market is expected to hit 1.7 trillion euros, signaling significant growth yet untapped potential. While half of B2B buyers already utilize e-commerce platforms, European B2B sellers primarily cater to local buyers, missing out on cross-border opportunities. Scandinavia leads with 92% of B2B companies forecasting online sales, demonstrating the region’s embrace of digital commerce. The study by Billie reveals a growing yet underexploited market, with most European B2B sites focusing locally. This scenario presents vast opportunities for cross-border e-commerce expansion, particularly as the global online B2B market grows.

Claspo’s Shopify Integration Enhances E-commerce

Ukrainian widget platform Claspo’s integration with Shopify empowers merchants to elevate their marketing with easily installable performing widgets. Claspo, founded in 2021, offers a user-friendly platform for creating pop-ups without coding, utilizing over 700 templates. This integration aims to double conversion rates, improve customer retention, and cater to international customers with dynamic multilingual widgets. Claspo’s venture into Shopify’s marketplace is expected to expand its client base, illustrating the symbiotic relationship between innovative tools and e-commerce growth.

Dutchies Bags Best Starting Shop Award 2024

Dutchies, an online store specializing in handmade leather phone cases and bags, won the prestigious PayPal Best Starter Award at the 23rd Dutch Shopping Awards. The event highlighted the achievements of e-commerce businesses across various categories, from sustainability to new technologies. Dutchies’ recognition reflects the importance of innovation and quality in establishing a successful e-commerce brand. The awards underscore the dynamic nature of the e-commerce industry and its capacity for fostering entrepreneurial success in various niches.

AI News

World War II Museum Innovates with AI Interactions

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans introduces an exhibit where visitors can converse with AI-driven video images of veterans and Holocaust survivors. This initiative preserves the dwindling generation’s memories, enabling future engagements with their experiences. The project, Voices from the Front, uses artificial intelligence and voice recognition to simulate conversations, bridging historical narratives with modern technology. This blend of history and technology underlines the museum’s commitment to education and the innovative ways museums are engaging audiences.

AI Misuse in Advertising Targets Individuals

A surge in AI-driven identity theft sees individuals’ images and voices cloned for unauthorized ads, affecting even those with modest social media presences. Scammers leverage artificial intelligence to create convincing deepfakes for various deceptive campaigns. This phenomenon raises significant concerns regarding privacy and the need for regulatory measures to combat such exploitations. The situation highlights the dark side of AI advancements, emphasizing the importance of safeguards and awareness to protect individuals’ digital identities.

Cognition Labs Targets $2 Billion Valuation

Backed by Peter Thiel, AI startup Cognition Labs aims for a $2 billion valuation, showcasing the explosive growth and potential within the AI sector. Cognition Labs focuses on developing AI coding tools, attracting significant investor interest. This funding ambition reflects the high stakes and optimism in AI technology’s role in shaping future industries. Cognition Labs’ journey underscores the transformative power of AI and the growing investor confidence in startups that push technological boundaries.

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