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Ecommerce & AI News Flash Collection (Jun 27): Shopify Enhances AI Features, FedEx Reports Q4 Growth



Retail Brands Face Value Shifts Amid Economic Challenges

Brand Finance’s latest report shows major shifts in retail brand values due to inflation and living cost pressures. Amazon remains the top global retail brand, with a 3% increase in value to $308.9 billion. Walmart and Home Depot experienced declines, with Walmart’s value down by 15% to $96.8 billion and Home Depot’s down by 14% to $52.8 billion. Affordable brands like Dollar Tree and Ross Dress for Less saw significant increases in brand value, reflecting changing consumer preferences. Emerging markets such as Mexico and Italy showed growth in brand values, contrary to declines in major economies like the US and China.

FedEx Reports Q4 Growth Despite Economic Challenges

FedEx’s fiscal Q4 revenue reached $22.1 billion, a 1% increase from the previous year. Net profit was $1.47 billion, slightly down from $1.54 billion last year. The operating profit margin improved to 7.0%, up from 6.9%. The DRIVE program helped FedEx reduce structural costs, contributing to this growth. Looking ahead to FY2025, FedEx expects revenue growth in the low to mid-single digits and aims to cut $2.2 billion in permanent costs through continued optimization and modernization.


Lazada Limits Sellers to One Store Per Company

Lazada announced a new policy limiting each company or individual to one store on its platform, effective immediately. This policy aims to curb policy abuse by merchants opening multiple stores, which has led to frequent fraud incidents and harmed consumer interests. Initially implemented in Malaysia, the restriction will expand to other countries covered by Lazada’s operations. Merchants with multiple stores before the policy’s enforcement will have a grace period to consolidate their stores. The move is intended to foster a healthier e-commerce environment on the platform.

Dutch Cross-border E-commerce Spending Increases

Dutch consumers’ cross-border spending rose significantly in Q1 2024, with spending on Chinese goods reaching €102 million. Thuiswinkel Market Monitor reported that overall online spending in the Netherlands exceeded €9 billion in Q1 2024, up 3% year-on-year, despite a decrease in the number of online purchases. Cross-border shopping has grown, with one-third of Dutch online shoppers buying from international retailers in 2024. Chinese goods, particularly clothing, home, lifestyle products, and shoes, have seen increased demand, with women and families with young children being the primary consumers.


Shopify Launches AI Tools to Boost Merchant Revenue

Shopify introduced a suite of AI features, including the Sidekick chat assistant and image generation capabilities. Sidekick helps merchants make informed decisions, perform tasks, and utilize Shopify’s features effectively, now available to North American English-speaking merchants. The AI image generation tool now allows merchants to edit images in their online stores and emails via the Shopify mobile app. Shopify also launched Magic, a product creation tool that offers personalized recommendations and corrects listing errors. The Shopify Inbox now provides suggested responses for customer chats, aiming to streamline merchant operations.

AI System Detects Early Alzheimer’s Signs Through Patient’s Voice

Researchers have developed an AI system capable of detecting early signs of Alzheimer’s disease through patients’ voice patterns. The system analyzes speech to identify subtle changes associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s, providing a non-invasive and accessible diagnostic tool. This technology could significantly improve early diagnosis and treatment outcomes for patients. By capturing nuances in speech, the AI system offers a novel approach to monitoring cognitive health. The innovation represents a significant step forward in utilizing AI for medical diagnostics.

New Bill Aims to Safeguard Federal Agency AI Procurement

A new legislative bill has been introduced to ensure responsible AI procurement by federal agencies in the United States. The bill mandates rigorous standards and ethical guidelines for AI technology acquisition, aiming to prevent misuse and ensure transparency. It emphasizes the need for federal agencies to prioritize AI systems that uphold privacy, fairness, and accountability. The legislation seeks to enhance public trust in AI applications used by government entities. By setting clear procurement criteria, the bill aims to foster ethical AI deployment within federal operations.

Reddit Blocks AI Crawlers, Protects Data from Free Access

Reddit has implemented measures to block AI crawlers from accessing its data, protecting user information from being freely utilized by AI developers. This move addresses concerns over privacy and data exploitation, ensuring that user-generated content is not harvested without consent. Reddit’s decision highlights the growing tension between data privacy and AI training needs. By restricting AI crawlers, Reddit aims to safeguard its community’s data integrity. The policy change underscores the importance of ethical data practices in the era of AI.

Putting Data Centers in Space Could Reduce Their Carbon Footprint, European Study Finds

A European study suggests that relocating data centers to space could significantly reduce their carbon footprint. The research indicates that space-based data centers would leverage the cooling effect of space, decreasing energy consumption. This innovative approach addresses the environmental impact of data centers on Earth, offering a sustainable alternative. The study highlights the potential of space technology in mitigating climate change. By exploring space-based solutions, the tech industry can contribute to global sustainability efforts.

AI Frenzy Propels Stocks to Monster First Half

The Wall Street Journal reports that the AI-driven market frenzy has led to a robust first half for stocks in 2024. The surge in AI-related investments has propelled stock performance, with several companies experiencing unprecedented growth. The report attributes the market momentum to advancements in AI and increased investor interest. This trend underscores the transformative impact of AI on financial markets. Investors are witnessing the tangible benefits of AI innovations reflected in stock valuations.

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