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Effortless Laundry: 5 Exceptionally Smart Washers and Dryers in 2024

Front-loading washing and drying machines for industrial and home usage.

Stocking washing machines and dryers requires significant capital, and can be a risky business endeavor given that white goods can quickly become outdated, potentially resulting in huge losses.

Therefore, as a retail store owner, you will want to stay ahead of the curve when offering cutting-edge smart laundry appliances. This article aims to help you do just that, covering high-demand smart washers and dryers to help increase your profit margin. We’ll also provide an overview of what customers are looking for when buying a washing machine to help you stock the right products.

Washing machine and dryer market global market size

The global market size for smart washers and dryers

In 2022, the washing machine market’s global market size was estimated to be USD 56.32 billion and grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.98% to reach USD 83.47 billion in 2030.

The dryer market is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 4% from USD 14.8 billion in 2021 to reach USD 25.1 billion in 2030, suggesting significant business opportunities for retailers.

Several factors account for this forecast growth in the washing machine and dryer markets:

  • An increasing urban population around the world has contributed to the rise of many hotels and resorts that need washing machines and dryers
  • Busy lifestyles and hectic schedules leave little time for traditional laundry routines
  • Shifts in lifestyle patterns, such as the rise of remote work and home-based businesses, are contributing to increased demand for home appliances
  • A higher demand for clothes and suitable ways to take care of them

5 smart washers and dryers worth stocking in 2024

Four different smart washers and dryers from combo to top-loading machine

As technology advances alongside a growing desire for convenience, consumers are increasingly seeking home appliances that meet their needs. Within the washer and dryer industry, there are seven distinct varieties that you may want to consider selling as a white goods retailer:

1. Fully automatic washers and dryers

Fully automatic washing and drying machine with heat pump dryer all-in one washer

Fully automatic washing machines and dryers – whose technology automates the entire laundry process – offer the convenience and efficiency that busy customers are likely after.

With advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms, users can adjust the load size, fabric type, and washing intensity to ensure optimal cleaning and drying performance. Some washing and drying machines also have smart features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app integration to help users monitor and control them remotely.

Moreover, more modern models consume less water and energy with every wash, helping users save on cost and improving sustainability. As a retailer, stocking these innovative appliances helps to ensure you provide your customers with the best solutions for their laundry needs.

2. Semi-automatic washing machines

Portable home semi-automatic washing machine

While fully automatic washers and dryers offer unrivaled convenience, there’s still a significant market demand for semi-automatic washing machines. They are ideal for customers who value flexibility but prefer a more hands-on approach to cleaning their clothes.

One unique feature that propels their demand is the dual-tub design with separate compartments for washing and rinsing. This allows users to manually transfer clothes between the two tubs, giving them greater control over the washing process. With robust construction, semi-automatic washing machines are durable and suit households with heavy laundry loads. 

Despite having some elements of manual operation, they also boast modern features like built-in timers, multiple wash programs, pulsator technology, and adjustable water usage levels. These features allow users to tailor each washing cycle to suit their laundry room needs.

Furthermore, they tend to be cheaper than other models, making them attractive to budget-conscious consumers. Their affordability, versatility, and user-friendly operation make them a favorite among various households.

3. Front-loading washing machines

smart front loading washing machine in a laundry room

Front-loading washing machines have innovative designs that tick all the right boxes. With an internal water heater, these smart laundry appliances can remove all stains and sanitize clothing from allergens and diseases.

Their horizontal drum design means that clothes gently tumble in a shallow pool of water and detergent to minimize wear and tear on the fabric as well as boost energy efficiency.

Some front-loading washing machines have steam options and longer tumble cycles to prevent wrinkling and clumping. They’re also space-saving, allowing them to be stacked with a compatible dryer to maximize floor space.

Consumers are particularly partial to models with customizable wash cycles because this enables them to select ideal settings depending on the fabric type and wash intensity.

4. Top-loading washing machines

Smart top-loading washing machine

A top-loading washing machine is another highly demanded home appliance worth stocking. With a large capacity, ranging from 4.5 to 5.5 cubic feet, they are ideal for households that may need to do frequent heavy wash loads, like those needed for a king-size comforter.

Many come with different cycle settings, including allergiene, normal, and sanitary, to help remove dust mites and pet dander. These cycles allow users to customize their wash depending on the stain level and desired wash time. 

Moreover, you can stock modern top-loading washing appliances with steam features and extra stain-removing power. Customers prefer these appliances because they can better sanitize apparel like messy kitchen towels and smelly gym clothes.

Despite their traditional design, they offer a winning combination of convenience, performance, and reliability to cater to a diverse customer base. 

5. Washer-dryer combo units

Two smart combo washer and dryer in a laundry room with washing supplies

Consumers with limited space tend to opt for washer-dryer combos because they’re two machines in one: a condenser clothes dryer and a front-loading washing machine that occupy the same space as a stand-alone washer.

While different brands offer different programs, features, and modes, a combo machine does everything a washer and a dryer can do with half the footprint.

Some modern washer-dryer combos also have advanced technology features such as digital displays, smartphone connectivity, and programmable settings, which enhance user experience.

Combo smart washers are versatile, allowing consumers to customize settings according to their laundry needs and type.

What customers look for in a washing machine and a dryer

As a seller, it is crucial to understand what features customers look for in a washing machine and dryer. This will help you stock the right products that address their needs.


Capacity is the volume size of the machine’s drum, often measured in cubic feet. Small washing machines have 2.5 cubic feet, while larger ones may go up to 6 cubic feet and beyond. Households with large laundry loads will look for larger appliances, while smaller varieties better suit individuals and couples.

Large-capacity models take up more laundry room space and cost more. So, stocking many large washing machines would likely be profitable for supplying businesses like hotels and resorts or large households. However, diversifying your stock helps to cater to a wide range of customers.


Front and top-loading washing machines with Wi-Fi support

In this digital world, convenience and efficiency make products all the more enticing, and washing machines are no exception. You’ll therefore want to ensure that the machines you stock have advanced features such as delicate cycles, bulk dispensers, or advanced wrinkle care. Other features, like allergen removal and smart connectivity, further resonate with today’s buyers.

Study trends and important features for your target audience, then stock appropriately.

Wash cycles

Most washing and drying machines have primary cycles such as normal, white, and permanent press. However, today’s customers may be looking for machines with specific cycles for easy installation and setting.

Others may want machines with extra cycles they can customize, allowing users to wash delicate apparel and bulky bedding or program quick washes and sanitization, thus making laundry easier.

Understanding your customers’ wash cycle preferences will go a long way to helping you sell more.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficient washing machine with a energy start rating

As awareness around sustainability and eco-friendliness grows around the world, many consumers are looking to dod their part by choosing environmentally friendly products.

Products with Energy Star Label demonstrate that they meet energy efficiency requirements, which, besides improving your profit margin, will help to enhance your brand image.


Understanding the laundry appliance industry is crucial for retailers who want to stay competitive and meet customer demands. Understanding such trends will go a long way to helping you stock the right products.

It’s also recommended that you offer a diverse range of smart washers and dryers so that you can better attract a wider range of buyers.

No matter your white goods needs, you’ll find thousands of suitable products from trusted suppliers on Alibaba.com.

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