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Exploring Youth Catwalks: Key Trends for A/W 24/25

Youth Catwalks Trends

The dynamic world of youth fashion for Autumn/Winter 24/25 is a fascinating amalgamation of comfort, style, and social media influence. As we dissect the season’s key trends, it’s evident that designers are not just creating clothes; they’re crafting narratives that resonate with the digitally savvy, trendconscious generation. From the resurgence of nostalgic aesthetics to the embrace of genderinclusive pastels, this season is a testament to fashion’s evolving landscape, where the lines between the digital and the tangible blur. Let’s delve into the trends that are defining the youth catwalks and how they reflect broader cultural movements. 

Table of Contents
1. Pretty feminine: The resurgence of delicate aesthetics
2. Sartorial styling: A nod to sophisticated simplicity
3. Out of retirement: Nostalgia meets modern comfort
4. The new indie: Subversive grunge makes a comeback
5. Supreme comfort: Coziness as the ultimate luxury
6. Color trends: Radiant reds to dusted pastels
7. Prints and graphics: From animal print to branding evolution
8. Materials and details: Sheers, leather, and hyper texture
9. Key items: Essential pieces shaping A/W 24/25
10. Footwear and accessories: Defining the season’s look
11. Denim: The timeless fabric reimagined

1. Pretty feminine: The resurgence of delicate aesthetics 

statement bows

The fashion landscape of Autumn/Winter 24/25 is profoundly influenced by a wave of hyper-feminine aesthetics, marking a significant return to delicate and intricate designs. Inspired by the “Year of the Girl” in 2023, this trend beautifully manifests through an array of sheers, statement bows, and feminine frills, capturing the essence of modern femininity. Designers are embracing this trend with open arms, incorporating Pretty Tough styling elements to appeal to the youth market’s preference for fashion that effortlessly blends softness with an underlying strength.

The Pretty Feminine trend is not just a fleeting moment in fashion; it’s a movement towards embracing and evolving feminine aesthetics in ways that resonate with today’s young fashion enthusiasts. Through the use of delicate materials like sheers, which offer a glimpse of vulnerability, combined with bold statement pieces such as bows and frills, designers are crafting ensembles that speak to a nuanced understanding of femininity. This trend is further enhanced by the Pretty Tough styling, which introduces a juxtaposition of softness against more robust, assertive pieces, thereby creating a dynamic and multifaceted expression of style.

2. Sartorial styling: A nod to sophisticated simplicity 

Sartorial Styling

In stark contrast to the ethereal qualities of the Pretty Feminine trend, Sartorial Styling emerges as a beacon of sophisticated simplicity within the A/W 24/25 youth catwalks. This trend underscores the importance of structured, well-crafted garments that exude a sense of timeless elegance and refined taste. Dominated by city dressing and ’90s minimalist influences, Sartorial Styling is characterized by its focus on Twisted Tailoring and the clever subversion of traditional officewear.

The appeal of Sartorial Styling lies in its ability to offer a polished, yet effortlessly chic aesthetic that transcends the confines of conventional workwear. By incorporating elements of Twisted Tailoring, designers are reimagining classic silhouettes with innovative cuts and unexpected details, thereby breathing new life into the sartorial tradition. This trend caters to the youth market’s growing appetite for sophisticated looks that are both modern and versatile, marking a shift towards a more thoughtful and intentional approach to fashion. The emphasis on ’90s minimalist trends within this context not only nods to a nostalgic past but also speaks to a desire for clean, uncluttered designs that prioritize form and function.

As we delve deeper into the key trends of the season, it’s clear that the A/W 24/25 youth catwalks are a reflection of the complex interplay between tradition and innovation. The resurgence of Pretty Feminine aesthetics alongside the embrace of Sartorial Styling represents a diverse fashion landscape that caters to the multifaceted identities and preferences of today’s youth. Through these trends, designers are not just creating clothes; they’re weaving stories that resonate with the aspirations, values, and experiences of a generation poised at the intersection of change and continuity.

3. Out of retirement: Nostalgia meets modern comfort 

Out of Retirement

The Out of Retirement trend for Autumn/Winter 24/25 masterfully blends nostalgia with modern-day comfort, creating a fashion narrative that resonates deeply with today’s youth. This trend sees the resurgence of relaxed, comfort-driven silhouettes and eclectic styling that evoke memories of bygone eras, yet are firmly grounded in contemporary desires for ease and versatility. Clashing patterns and a mix of textures define this aesthetic, offering a fresh take on vintage-inspired fashion with a distinctly modern twist.

Designers have tapped into the TikTok-fueled nostalgia, reimagining pieces that feel both familiar and innovative. The aesthetic leans heavily on the comfort and relaxed fit of garments, making a compelling case for fashion that doesn’t compromise on comfort for style. This approach not only appeals to the practical needs of the youth market but also speaks to a broader longing for pieces that feel personal and imbued with a sense of history. The eclectic nature of this trend encourages individual expression, allowing wearers to mix and match pieces in a way that feels uniquely their own.

4. The new indie: Subversive grunge makes a comeback 


Simultaneously, the youth catwalks of Autumn/Winter 24/25 witness the revival of the New Indie trend, marking a shift from Y2K references to the raw, unfiltered essence of the 2010s indie sleaze. This trend celebrates the return of low-rise jeans, skinny silhouettes, acid washes, and a renewed interest in animal prints. The styling is deliberately off-kilter, embracing a subversive grunge look that champions individuality and a break from mainstream aesthetics.

The New Indie trend reflects a yearning for authenticity and a rejection of the polished, curated images that dominate social media platforms. It’s a nod to the days of indie bands, underground clubs, and a fashion sense that was as much about personal identity as it was about music and culture. This trend’s appeal lies in its rawness and its ability to capture a moment in time when fashion was experimental, edgy, and deeply personal. By incorporating elements like low-rise jeans and acid washes, designers are not just revisiting a style period; they’re also offering a new generation the opportunity to explore the gritty, eclectic vibe of indie culture through a contemporary lens.

As we journey through the key trends of the Autumn/Winter 24/25 season, it becomes evident that youth fashion is undergoing a vibrant evolution. The juxtaposition of nostalgic influences with modern demands for comfort and individuality paints a picture of a generation that values both the past and the present. The Out of Retirement and New Indie trends exemplify this dynamic, showcasing a fashion landscape that is as diverse and multifaceted as the youth who inspire it. These trends are more than just aesthetic movements; they are reflections of a broader cultural dialogue about identity, expression, and the ever-changing nature of style.

5. Supreme comfort: Coziness as the ultimate luxury 

knitted set

In the Autumn/Winter 24/25 season, the Supreme Comfort trend emerges as a testament to the evolving priorities of the fashion-forward youth, where comfort is not just a luxury, but a necessity. This trend champions cozy ribbed knits, hyper-textured fabrics, and cocooning silhouettes that envelop the wearer in warmth and comfort. Key items like the knitted set and a voluminous puffer jacket are at the forefront, highlighting a shift towards garments that offer both style and substantial warmth.

The emphasis on Supreme Comfort reflects a broader cultural movement towards wellbeing and self-care, as fashion consumers increasingly seek pieces that contribute to a sense of safety and contentment. This trend goes beyond the mere tactile qualities of clothing, addressing the psychological need for garments that feel like a protective layer against the external world. The popularity of hyper-textured fabrics and oversized silhouettes is indicative of a desire for fashion that provides a sensory experience, one that is as much about emotional comfort as it is about physical warmth.

6. Color trends: Radiant reds to dusted pastels 

Radiant Red

Complementing the rich textures and cozy silhouettes of the season, the color palette for Autumn/Winter 24/25 is both vibrant and soothing. Radiant Red continues its reign from the Spring/Summer season, serving as a bold accent color that adds a vibrant pop to neutral outfits. This fiery hue is balanced by the transseasonal appeal of Grey on Grey, offering a classic and versatile option for both core and fashion pieces.

Berry Tones introduce a sensual depth to the color story, with shades of Cranberry Juice offering a luscious contrast to darker hues, aligning with Pop Punk themes and enhancing the tactile experience of different fabrics. On the softer side, Black with Black harnesses the commercial appeal of dark romance and racer revival trends, while Dusted Pastels like Gentle Lavender and Cool Matcha provide a refreshing uplift for the colder months, demonstrating the season’s dynamic and adaptable color spectrum.

As the narrative of Autumn/Winter 24/25 unfolds, the intersection of Supreme Comfort with a thoughtfully curated color palette illustrates the industry’s response to a changing world. The youth catwalk trends encapsulate a desire for fashion that offers refuge and expression, blending the lines between comfort, style, and emotional resonance. This season’s trends underscore the power of fashion as a form of personal and collective storytelling, where every garment is an invitation to explore, express, and embrace the multifaceted aspects of our identities.

7. Prints and graphics: From animal print to branding evolution

animal print

The Autumn/Winter 24/25 season witnesses a nuanced approach to prints and graphics, where traditional patterns receive a modern reinterpretation, and branding evolves beyond the conspicuous. Animal print, particularly True Leopard, dominates the scene, melding with the Super Glam and The New Indie directions to offer a timeless yet fresh aesthetic. This trend towards animal motifs, underscored by TikTok’s influential aesthetics, showcases the enduring appeal of nature-inspired designs while inviting alternative interpretations like Abstract Animal and Nature’s Texture, broadening the scope for creative expression.

Sartorial Checks rejuvenate with vibrant colors, aligning with Hyper-Prep and Re-Traditions forecasts, illustrating a shift towards a more playful and experimental use of classic patterns. This evolution reflects a growing desire for pieces that combine the comfort and familiarity of traditional prints with a bold, contemporary twist. Meanwhile, Placement Prints, such as Stencilled Blooms, align with Modern Romantic themes, offering fresh variations that complement the season’s emphasis on delicate aesthetics and layered narratives.

Branding takes a step back from the brash LogoMania of previous seasons, moving towards a more subtle and considered approach. The resurgence of Monograms and creative placement reflects a nuanced understanding of luxury, where branding becomes an integral yet understated element of design. This shift towards Lowkey Luxury indicates a deeper engagement with the brand’s essence, moving beyond logos to encapsulate a more holistic aesthetic and value proposition.

8. Materials and details: Sheers, leather, and hyper texture 


The material landscape of Autumn/Winter 24/25 is rich with contrast and sensory experiences. Sheers continue to play a pivotal role, driving the Modern Romantic and Pretty Feminine trends with their diaphanous quality, adding depth and texture to outfits. This focus on layered sheers emphasizes the trend towards garments that offer both visual intrigue and a tactile experience, highlighting the industry’s continued fascination with transparency and layering.

Leather emerges with renewed vigor, featuring matte finishes and bold colors that challenge traditional perceptions of this versatile material. The emphasis on playful, investment pieces, such as the essential biker jacket, aligns with the Racer Revival trend, underscoring the material’s dynamic range and its ability to convey both luxury and rebellion.

HyperTexture stands out as a key element, offering a visual and sensory feast through plush fabrics, brushed surfaces, and looped wool yarns. This focus on texture not only enhances the garment’s aesthetic appeal but also reinforces the season’s overarching theme of Supreme Comfort, inviting a more immersive and engaging experience with fashion.

9. Key items: Essential pieces shaping A/W 24/25 

shaggy coat

The essential pieces for Autumn/Winter 24/25 highlight the convergence of innovation, comfort, and timeless style, creating a wardrobe that is both functional and expressive. The Hoodie evolves beyond a casual staple to become a versatile item with universal appeal, blending effortlessly with smart outerwear for a high-low fashion statement. This season, it’s not just about warmth but also about making a sartorial statement that transcends gender norms, emphasizing inclusivity in fashion.

The Corset, reimagined through the lens of the NuHistorics trend, blurs the lines between innerwear and outerwear, celebrating the body with sheers, embellishments, and lace-up details. This piece reinvents the Pretty Feminine style, adding layers of interest and sophistication to outfits by combining historical cues with modern design elements.

The Shaggy Coat emerges as a must-have winter investment, its texture and silhouette offering a bold statement in comfort and style. Whether in cropped forms or hooded styles, it embodies the tactile richness that defines the season, with HyperTexture trims adding an extra layer of warmth and visual appeal.

Mini Skirts, elevated through textured fabrics like tweed and jacquard, form part of the ensemble as both standalone pieces and components of the Skirt Suit, offering versatility and a nod to various fashion eras. From pleated to bubble hems, these skirts capture the essence of femininity and playful rebellion.

The Matching Set simplifies the fashion equation, providing a cohesive look that champions easy styling without sacrificing impact. Whether it’s a Knitted Set, a Skirt Suit, Denim on Denim, or a sporty Tracksuit, these sets offer a streamlined approach to dressing that speaks to the youth market’s desire for both style and convenience.

Together, these key items encapsulate the essence of the Autumn/Winter 24/25 season, offering a blueprint for a wardrobe that is as diverse and dynamic as the individuals it aims to dress. They represent a thoughtful blend of past and present, comfort and style, underscoring the fashion industry’s ongoing dialogue with the youth culture it serves.

10. Footwear and accessories: Defining the season’s look 

knee boot

The realm of footwear and accessories for Autumn/Winter 24/25 plays a pivotal role in defining the season’s comprehensive aesthetic, with pieces that marry functionality with bold statements. The Top Handle Bag emerges as a standout accessory, transitioning into miniature variations that explore novelty shapes, including hearts, and are embellished with metal hardware and studs to accentuate the Pretty Tough look. This shift towards smaller, more sculptural bags highlights a preference for accessories that offer both style and practicality, underscoring the importance of detail in completing an outfit’s narrative.

The Knee Boot, a perennial favorite, receives a seasonal update with snake skin textures, feature heels, and fold-over styles, pointing to a heightened interest in boots that combine classic silhouettes with distinctive details. Pointed toes were notably prominent on the catwalks, suggesting a continued appreciation for sharp, sleek lines in footwear design. This focus on the Knee Boot underscores the balance between timeless appeal and the desire for innovation in footwear, reflecting broader trends towards versatility and personal expression in fashion.

Elongated Scarves become essential for the Blanket Dressing trend, highlighting the integration of comfort and style in accessories. Whether part of a knitted set or incorporated into the design of a jumper or outerwear piece, the elongated scarf exemplifies the season’s overarching theme of Supreme Comfort, offering warmth and style in equal measure.

Slim Shades continue the nod to ’90s nostalgia, with slim, oval frames making a comeback in rimless designs and tinted lenses. This accessory choice aligns with the minimalist aesthetic and racer shades, offering a futuristic look that complements the season’s emphasis on sleek, streamlined designs.

Elbow Gloves add a playful touch to party wear, with sheer or mesh materials enhancing the Pop Punk and Pretty Tough aesthetic. The addition of trompe l’oeil lace prints or ruching details introduces an element of whimsy and texture, illustrating the season’s playful approach to accessory design.

11. Denim: The timeless fabric reimagined 


Denim remains a cornerstone of youth fashion for Autumn/Winter 24/25, with traditional styles reimagined to reflect the season’s key trends. The Straight Leg jean makes a notable comeback, offering a more commercial appeal than the Skinny Jean, yet allowing for the continued popularity of the Wide Leg Trouser. This versatility underscores denim’s enduring appeal and its ability to adapt to shifting fashion sensibilities.

Raw Denim and dark rinse washes reflect a move towards timeless quality and sustainability, aligning with the Smarten Up trends. The focus on sustainable dyeing methods and lower-impact materials highlights the industry’s growing commitment to responsible fashion practices.

The Column Skirt, updated with raw edges, split details, and wrap-over waists, tests the waters for midi lengths and pencil skirt silhouettes, reinforcing denim’s versatility. Including the column skirt in a Matching Set enables Denim on Denim dressing, offering a cohesive look that’s both stylish and practical.

The Trucker Jacket receives a youthful update with cropped lengths, boxy silhouettes, and material mix details, exemplifying the vintage aesthetic’s ongoing influence. This classic item’s oversized fit speaks to a preference for relaxed, comfortable styles that do not compromise on style.

The Aged Appeal of denim, achieved through acid washes or mineral and rust dyes, caters to the Noughties Nostalgia and The New Indie trends, adding a distressed, lived-in look that’s ripe for exploration.


The Autumn/Winter 24/25 youth catwalk trends present a rich tapestry of style narratives that cater to a diverse range of aesthetics and sensibilities. From the delicate allure of Pretty Feminine to the cozy embrace of Supreme Comfort, these trends highlight the industry’s adaptability and responsiveness to the evolving demands of the youth market. As designers continue to draw inspiration from social media, nostalgia, and the desire for inclusivity, the resulting collections not only reflect the current zeitgeist but also pave the way for future fashion innovations. This season is a celebration of fashion’s power to inspire, comfort, and unite, proving once again that fashion is not just about clothes—it’s about identity, culture, and community. 

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