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How To Choose the Most Suitable Gate Opener

Automatic gate opener using remote and a phone

As crime levels rise, property owners and homeowners look for better ways to protect their belongings. A gate opener keeps a property secure and is convenient for tenants.

Whether it is a multi-tenant gated community or a single-family home, a gate-opening system helps property owners to control who accesses the property. Tenants can also go in and out without manually struggling to open the gate.

Different gate models require different gate openers ranging from solar-powered, motorized devices to sophisticated gate intercom systems.

This guide will highlight how gate openers work, and it will explore the key factors to consider when choosing the ideal one for your property.

Table of Contents
What is an automatic gate opener
How an automatic gate opener works
Factors to consider when choosing the most suitable gate opener
Types of gate openers

What is an automatic gate opener

An automatic gate opener is a system that opens and closes a gate upon receiving instructions from the operator.

With the automatic gate opener, the property owner controls access to the gated entrances, thus preventing unauthorized access while granting an easy entrance to the property.

It also improves the value of a rental property because tenants do not need to get out of their cars to pull the gate manually.  

Electric gate operators have high-tech features that enhance safety and convenience, making them a must-have for anyone who wants to secure their gates.

How an automatic gate opener works

Gate openers are powered by an energy source (electricity, battery, or solar) to automatically open. As a result, there is no need to open or close the gate manually.

Some gate openers use more than one power source to remain operational despite a power shortage.

They are fitted with signal receptors that read a user’s access credentials to establish the right cause of action (close or open) sent to the gate-opening system.

Ways to operate a gate opener

One of the benefits of installing an automatic gate opener is security, but it is also convenient. It protects a home from unwanted visitors but allows you to exit and enter the home without getting out of the car to open it manually.

There are several ways to open an automatic gate remotely. Some are better than others, although one’s budget will determine the type one chooses. Here are some ways to operate an electronic gate.

Remote entry

This method requires the use of a remote-control device to open the gate. Some remotes have sophisticated features, while some are simple.

Generally, remote entry involves pressing a button on the gate opener remote to send a signal to the receiver box. Once the receiver is triggered, it prompts the gate to open.

Simple remote control devices require close proximity to the gate, while advanced devices accommodate long ranges.

Remote control entries are the most convenient and cheapest ways to open an electric gate.

Card entry

Card or fob access is also an effective way of opening an automatic gate remotely. However, it needs contact, which means one should be close to the gate.

The cardholder can place the card or fob where the receiver can detect it for the gate to open. This gate opener system is common with paid parking lots but can also be used in home and commercial buildings.

While the card entry method of opening a gate requires contact, one does not need to get out of the vehicle to open it, making it convenient.

Telephone entry

Opening an automatic gate has never been this effortless. Both youth and baby boomers are hooked on their smartphones and can use these gadgets to open the gate.

They can install a gate intercom system on their smartphone for easy access. And opening the gate with a smartphone is brilliant because most people can forget the keys when leaving home, but not their phones.

With digital advancement, homeowners can set up Siri or Alexa on a smartphone, allowing them to open the gate with their voice. 

This way, they can keep their hands on the steering wheel as the gate opens and closes.

For example, the Jujiang heavy-duty smart gate opener can connect to Wi-Fi, allowing tenants to open and close the gate easily. The gate motor gears allow for a manual switch should the power go off.

Proximity entry

Proximity entry may not be the most secure method to open an electric gate, but it is convenient. The gate will open when your car is within range of the sensor.

Once the sensor senses your car, it prompts the gate to open. Therefore, it is convenient because no device is needed to open the gate.

However, one major challenge with this method is that it is challenging to restrict access.

Factors to consider when choosing the most suitable gate opener

When purchasing an automatic gate operator, it is essential to ensure that the model is suitable for your gate. Here are some key factors to consider:


A gate is often exposed to several destructive elements. But since an automatic gate opener system is expensive, choosing a gate with the most durable material is economically viable. The material should be weather-resistant to withstand degrading harsh weather elements.

One should also consider the availability of replacement parts and accessories.  An automatic gate motor or arm may be damaged, thus requiring a replacement. If these parts are not readily available, one’s security may be compromised.


Automatic door operators have two major designs: swing-style and sliding-style gates. You can choose the right design depending on the surrounding terrain and the house location.

A swing-style gate like the heavy duty swing gate opener is suitable for homes in mountainous or rocky areas. These gates are powerful, compact, and have a neat appearance, but they also have quiet operations.

On the other hand, sliding gate operators are ideal for residential properties on flatter grounds.


Automatic door operators differ in price depending on the material and the technology powering it. For instance, a gate opener servicing a single-family home and using solar power could cost a few hundred dollars.

Conversely, an automatic gate opener operated via a smartphone and designed for multi-tenant properties could cost a few thousand dollars.

Furthermore, larger gates require a powerful battery system that can last longer, and this can drive the operation cost up.

Generally, automatic gates costs range from US$ 200 to US$ 4000.

Gate type

When installing an automatic gate opener, one should know which gate type fits their property. You can choose between a swing gate opener and a sliding gate opener system.

Swing gates open inward or outward to allow you or visitors to enter the property. They are similar to doors that are pulled or pushed to open.

These gates are often cheaper and require less maintenance, but they are unsuitable for small spaces.

Another point to remember is the weight of the gate.

If the swing gate is large and heavy, it will require a heavy-duty swing opener.

A sliding gate slides along an established track to open or close the entryway. They are suitable for properties with limited space at the entrance. However, they require regular maintenance services.

A good example, the DC automatic sliding gate opener, is perfect for office building entrances in the city where space is a problem. They come with track or roller guides for easy operation and management.

Whether you choose single swing gates, sliding gates, or double swing gates, automatic door operators promise better security and convenience.

Power source

All automatic gate openers are powered. So, before settling for a gate type, one should determine a feasible power source for their property.

If a property has AC power, the owner can buy an automatic door operator that plugs into the main electrical switch.

But if the gate doesn’t have electricity, one should factor in the cost and challenges of running wiring to the gate.

If AC power is not feasible, one can opt to use solar panels to power gate openers. Solar panels are an excellent power source for gate openers, especially in areas with intense sunlight.

Frequency of use

Before installing an automatic gate opener, establish the level of traffic at the property. A single-family home with few people opening the gate has less traffic, so even a cheap and less durable system can serve the home for years.

On the other hand, a heavy-duty gate opener system will be more appropriate if the property is in a gated apartment community with several tenants.

Additionally, a high-traffic gate needs to open faster; otherwise, tenants may experience uncomfortable long wait times.

Types of gate openers

Manufacturers have produced different automatic gate openers for those who want to automate gate opening and closing. Here are some common types of gate openers one can choose from depending on their needs.

Sliding gate opener

Remote control sliding gate openers slide from one side to the other on a track to open or close the gate. They are often recommended for properties with limited entrance space.

One can install them if the driveway towards the gate rests on a steep incline. This high-quality automatic door operator can also be used in business environments with girder gate systems.

The installation process is made easy with the manual that accompanies the kit. And with the right tools, one may not require an engineer to help install the gate.

Many property owners choose sliding gate openers for commercial, residential, and industrial areas because they are:

  • Easily customized
  • Cost-effective
  • Harder to open
  • Safe to use

Linear ram

Another type of automatic gate opener is the linear ram motor often used with swing gates. The arm can be operated using different methods, such as a screw jack and worm drive.

The screw jack retracts the arm from the motor to open the gate and extends it when closing it.

Many people love them because they are affordable and simple to install. You only need to attach them to the gate post while customizing the motor strength to accommodate larger gates.

Underground gate opener

Underground gate openers have their motors in the foundation boxes under the gate hinges. They offer a more discrete aesthetic for people who don’t like visible motors.

And since the gate motor is invisible, it doesn’t affect the gate’s appearance. Nevertheless, it requires a complex installation process that pushes the prices for the opener higher.  

Underground gate openers are recommended for gates with low abuse rates.

Articulated arm gate opener

They are also called crank arm operators and are often used for smaller gates or those with larger pillars. Unlike the liner arm in a ram motor, the articulated arm uses a hinged arm to reach wider objects, thus making it suitable for gates with large pillars.

Property owners with swing gates or gates without pre-installed motors can benefit from installing an articulated arm gate opener.


An automatic gate opener system is a device that opens the gate without requiring manual pull or push.

They rely on electricity, battery, or solar panels to power them, providing homeowners with a power option to implement.

Besides remote control, some automatic door operators can pair with mobile apps and Wi-Fi, enabling tenants to use their cell phones to open the gate.

For those who prioritize security, a gate intercom coupled with a camera is a better option because the controller can determine who is authorized to enter the property.

To learn more, and browse listings of quality gate openers, head to Alibaba.com.

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