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How To Choose a Perfectly Sized Square Silk Scarf

A big square silk scarf

Square silk scarves add a touch of character to different outfits. They have been worn for many years by both men and women for various occasions, and no wonder, there are a range of square silk scarves in the market right now, available in various colors and sizes.

Mostly, square silk scarves range from around 40 cm to 50 cm for small square silk scarves, 60 cm to 70 cm for medium silk scarves, and 80 cm to 100 cm for large square silk scarves. Also, there are brands with square silk scarves that are much bigger, measuring around 130 cm to 140 cm. Given this variety, it may be a challenge to choose the right size of square silk scarves that perfectly complements one’s outfit.

This article will offer insight into the market share and demand for scarves, and then explain how to choose the ideal size of a square silk scarf.

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Market share and demand for scarves
How to choose the right square silk scarf

Market share and demand for scarves

According to Newswires, in 2022, the global scarf market was valued at USD 16.9 billion. From 2021 to 2028, this figure is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.2%. The main causes of the increased demand for the forecasted period are the high demand for fashion accessories and the change in fashion trends. Right now, the scarf market trend is focused on creating designs and materials that cater to different customer preferences and tastes.

North America has the largest market share for scarves, followed by Europe. Asia Pacific is also another region with high demand for scarves. Asia Pacific is believed to be the fastest-growing market concerning scarves, mainly because of the large population in the area. The increase in disposable income of consumers in the Asia Pacific also plays a big role in the scarves growing market.

How to choose the right square silk scarf

Square silk scarves are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Here is how to choose the right square silk scarf for your needs.

1. Small-sized scarf

Small scarves are also called neckerchiefs and typically range from 40-50 cm. These square silk scarves are ideal when users need extra color and brightness in outfits. They are mostly worn with formal professional outfits where the big or the medium scarves may be too overwhelming.

Small silk square scarves can also be worn with tops and casual jackets with a higher neckline. Additionally, small silk scarves can be worn with jeans and bring out an elegant, classy look. With a small silk scarf, you can style it in different ways, even though the choices are limited compared to having a large square scarf.

A small-sized silk scarf can not only be worn around the neck, but it can as well be tied around the wrist and hair. Also, a small women’s scarf can be tied around the bag for decoration.

2. Medium-sized scarf

Medium-sized square silk scarves are the most versatile. They usually range in size from 70-80 cm and can be tied in various ways. Users can tie medium-sized scarves around the neck or over the shoulders like a shawl. Some use medium-sized silk scarves as head scarves or turbans to create a bohemian look.

Additionally, medium-sized square silk scarves can be worn one’s the head, wrist, or tied to decorate different bags. The good thing with this size scarf is it can be styled in different ways without any hustle. These medium-sized scarves come in various colors, and buyers can choose the ones that complement their needs.

3. Large-sized scarf

Large square silk scarves usually range from 80 cm to more than 100 cm. These sizes of scarves are mostly used to add a splash of color and luxury to various outfits. With the larger square silk scarves, the options are not limited, allowing creativity when tying and wearing them.

One of the ways to wear a large scarf is by wrapping it around the neck many times. This style creates a textured and layered effect which adds interest to an outfit. Additionally, the scarf can be used as a shawl by dripping it loosely over the shoulders. It can also be worn like a cape, as a beach cover-up, or even as a skirt.

Large square silk scarves can also be worn as a statement piece. For example, a large silk scarf that has a bold color or print can be worn to complement an outfit at a formal event.


When choosing which square silk scarves to purchase, it is important to consider the size. All sizes of square silk scarves have unique styling options that make an outfit stand out. The small square silk scarves add a subtle touch and texture, medium-sized square silk scarves can be styled in various ways, and large silk scarves can be used to make a statement and to add a touch of elegance to different outfits.

Square silk scarves are not like any other accessories in fashion; these scarves can be worn in different ways, such as a shawl, neck scarf, beach cover-up, or like a skirt. Find different sizes and colors of square silk scarves on Alibaba.com.

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