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How to Choose the Best Laundry Dryer Balls

dryer balls and towels in a washing machine

In an era where sustainability and efficiency are not just trends but expectations, selecting the right products for your inventory can set your business apart. Sourcing the right laundry dryer balls – designed to reduce drying time, soften clothes, and minimize static without using chemicals – is no different, offering a unique opportunity to provide a popular alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Read on to discover the key factors to consider when sourcing these products to help ensure your shelves are stocked only with the top choices.

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An overview of laundry dryer balls market trends
Key factors to consider when choosing laundry dryer balls
Laundry dryer balls: Our top picks

An overview of laundry dryer balls market trends

detergent, towels, and dryer balls in a laundry room

The market for laundry dryer balls was estimated to be worth USD 261.72 million in 2023 and is anticipated to expand to USD 1.59 billion by 2030 at a projected annual growth rate of 26.3%. In addition, laundry dryer balls receive 40,500 average monthly searches, according to data from Google Ads, with key market drivers including:

Environmental impact

A growing awareness among consumers regarding the environmental repercussions of standard laundry detergents is shifting preferences towards more sustainable alternatives. Laundry dryer balls are increasingly recognized for their eco-friendliness as they require fewer chemical detergents and less water.

Skin sensitivity

Skin sensitivities and allergies also mean that consumers are gravitating toward products that are less likely to provoke reactions. The gentle and hypoallergenic nature of laundry dryer balls makes them attractive for those with sensitive skin or allergic conditions.

Ease of use

The convenience offered by laundry dryer balls, as a simple drop-in alternative to measuring and dispensing liquid detergent, is highly valued by consumers. This simplicity streamlines the drying process, further aiding widespread adoption and driving market growth.

Key factors to consider when choosing laundry dryer balls

orange silicone dryer balls in a washing machine

Material and type

Opt for laundry dryer balls made from premium wool or high-quality plastic with nubs for enhanced performance. Wool dryer balls, especially those crafted from organic New Zealand wool, offer an eco-friendly, natural alternative to traditional dryer sheets and fabric softeners, reducing static cling and softening clothes without the use of harsh chemicals.

Environmental impact

Choose products that minimize carbon footprint and avoid harmful chemicals, dyes, and fillers. Laundry dryer balls, especially those made from eco-friendly materials like wool, support environmental conservation efforts as they offer reusable, sustainable alternatives to single-use dryer sheets while reducing the need for water and energy during the dry cycle.

Effectiveness and efficiency

Evaluate the effectiveness of laundry dryer balls in reducing drying times, softening fabrics, and minimizing static cling and wrinkles. These products effectively maintain the integrity and softness of fabrics – including items such as towels – while minimizing dry times for large loads, offering unique energy and time-saving benefits.

Health and safety

Ensure the laundry dryer balls your stock are hypoallergenic and free from parabens, sulfates, and other allergens, making them suitable for customers with allergies or sensitive skin.

Laundry dryer balls: Our top picks

1. Wool dryer balls

stack of wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls, with 22,200 average monthly searches, are a big hit with consumers for several reasons. For one, they are made using organic New Zealand wool, which makes them safe and eco-friendly for the skin. Customers seeking chemical-free options for their laundry needs often choose wool dryer balls due to their sustainable nature.

New Zealand wool dryer balls also offer customers a means to replace single-use dryer sheets with natural, reusable fabric softener. Essential oils can also be added, adding a touch of fruit or floral fragrance to clothing.

2. Reusable dryer balls

dryer balls on a wicker basket

Adding reusable laundry dryer balls to your catalog also offers an alternative, eco-friendly option to conventional dryer sheets. These laundry dryer balls are made from silicone or plastic, durable materials that effectively separate clothes within the dryer and reduce energy usage and dry times.

Reusable dryer balls are perfect for large loads such as sheets and towels, ensuring everything dries evenly with few wrinkles. While they don’t offer scenting benefits like wool dryer balls, they are great for softening fabrics and minimizing static cling with zero need for chemicals.

3. Refillable pellet laundry dryer balls

blue and white refillable pellet dryer balls

Refillable pellet laundry dryer balls add a modern twist to laundry care. They allow users to reduce waste by replenishing the pellets as needed while enjoying the benefits of softened clothes and reduced drying times.

Laundry dryer balls that use pellets devoid of parabens, dyes, and fillers are an excellent choice for customers with allergies or sensitive skin.

4. Fabric dryer sheets

woman putting a fabric sheet in a washing machine

Function similarly to dryer balls, fabric dryer sheets are thin, permeated sheets made from non-woven synthetic fibers coated with fabric softeners, fragrances, and anti-static agents. Placed in the dryer with laundry, they release these substances when heated, which helps soften fabrics, reduce static cling, and impart a pleasant scent to clothes and linens.

However, as we mentioned before, dryer sheets are not as environmentally friendly as the other products on this list, as they are discarded after use.


wool dryer balls and a towel in a washing machine

When selecting the best laundry dryer balls to add to your product line, consider all of the factors mentioned above. Also, keep in mind that customers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly and sustainable options. Therefore, those made from high-quality materials like premium New Zealand wool are likely to perform well among customers who have a higher budget.

Adding a variety of laundry dryer balls that address your customers’ preferences, needs, and spending ability is therefore key, helping to nurture increased customer loyalty, patronage, and increased profits.

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