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How to Profit From Ergonomic Office Chairs in 2024

One brown and one black padded ergonomic office chair

While ergonomic office chairs may not sound exciting, they can make all the difference for those who spend a significant portion of their day sitting at a desk. That’s why the market for ergonomic desk chairs is booming.

Read on to discover what is driving this growth as well as learn what to look for when buying these posture-saving chairs.

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The potential for selling ergonomic chairs
Choosing ergonomic office chairs for specific target markets

The potential for selling ergonomic chairs

Elegant blue and white office chair with headrest

When considering stocking certain products, it is important to understand their sales potential and what specific features customers are looking for. Below we’ll look at the factors driving the growth of the ergonomic chair market.

Market size and growth

According to Verified Market Research, the ergonomic chair market was valued at US $12.76 billion in 2020 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 8.4%, reaching US $23.96 billion by 2028.

From June to November 2023, average monthly searches for ergonomic desk chairs rose from 165,000 to 201,000, indicating a 22% increase overall.

The primary factors likely driving the growth of the ergonomic chair market include:

  • Increasing remote work and work-from-home arrangements
  • Increasing disposable income around the world
  • Growing preference for ergonomic and home office furniture that is comfortable and user-friendly
  • Rising demand for innovative, functional, and customizable furniture that can meet specific customer’s preferences

Choosing ergonomic office chairs for specific target markets

Ergonomic bucket-shaped conference chair with black and wood design

Ergonomics is related to people’s natural movement and posture in the workplace. As such factors are increasingly understood, designs are likewise refined as a way to increase productivity and boost physical and mental health. For example, people who work long hours from a desk tend to be more productive if they have been equipped with a supportive office chair. This extra support reduces the chance of injury and pain over time, helping employees focus on their work.

Accordingly, ergonomically designed chairs should offer adjustable lumbar support and other adjustable features, such as adjustable arms, as these also affect overall body posture.

In short, people want ergonomic chairs that look good, are customizable, and are affordable. Here are several different styles that meet these expectations in three target markets:

High-end ergonomic chairs

Executive ergonomic mesh adjustable office chair

Ergonomic office chair with black mesh design and adjustable back

Products like this ergonomic mesh swivel chair are favored for their sturdy metal build and breathable mesh overlay. Its padded mesh headrest also has adjustable capabilities, as too does its height and armrests.

Such swivel chairs also tend to have reclining features, and are priced anywhere between US $800-1,000.

Commercial ergonomic 3D adjustable mesh chair

Maroon-colored executive ergonomic chair with adjustable features

Made from aluminum, and also featuring a gas lift, this ergonomic office chair is another example of a more high-end product.

Mechanical adjustment systems apply to the headrest, backrest, and armrests. Besides height adjustments, the armrests and seat can move backward and forward. It also features an extendable footrest.

Customization is available in terms of design and color, for a price range between US $240-255, depending on how much customization is necessary.

Medium-priced ergonomic chairs

Modern, comfortable reclining swivel office chair

Black mesh padded desk chair with extended footrest

This chair is perfect for those looking for a medium-priced ergonomic office chair costing between US $100-120.

It has an aluminum alloy frame with a padded backrest and seat, providing flexible lumbar support. In addition, he headrest and seat are height and angle adjustable. For added cost, 4D armrests are also available, allowing the user to change their height, depth, and pivot.

As an ergonomic executive and gaming chair, the backrest has a flexible tilt function between 90° and 130°, and it has an extendable footrest. Three positions are available for the backrest and seat in this range.

This ergonomic office chair is perfect for customers working from home as well as a good fit for small to medium-sized new and established businesses.

Breathable home office mesh computer chair

Orange and white swivel office chair

This ergonomic chair offers many features at a price of US $53-59. This model encompasses a blend of materials, including mesh polyurethane, leather, and fabric.

It also features smooth, silent castors, adjustable head support, and a felxible backrest with supportive C-shape ergonomic molding. Similarly, the molded seat has a 40mm-high density, comfortable foam padding, and is height adjustable.

Finally, it also features adjustable armrests, an extendable footrest, and can be ordered in different colors.

Low-priced ergonomic chairs

Low-backed adjustable swivel ergonomic office chair

Blue and white basic office desk chair

This minimalist design office chair is made from stainless steel and polyurethane. Basic features include a low back with a gentle reclining feature and an adjustable height, headrest, and armrests.

This office chair offers a reasonably comfortable seat, but it does not have exceptional ergonomic features. Priced between US $14-35, depending on customization and number of chairs ordered, this model is suitable for the low-end market.

Charmount factory direct sales office chair

Basic black and white swivel office desk chair

This office chair also provides basic ergonomic features to cater to high-volume, low-end markets. The frame, made from stainless steel, supports a comfortable, S-shaped backrest for improved back and waist support and a 30° reclining capacity.

In addition, the seat is made from breathable latex material for hip and lower back support. The seat height has a 4-inch gas lift capacity and the armrests move at a 90° angle. The headrest is adjustable but optional. Other customizations include five feet instead of four for better load-bearing, as well as different color options.

This product is priced between US $12-25, making it a good fit for high-volume office chair requirements.


As long as there are offices, businesses, and people, there will be a market for ergonomic office chairs. Showing positive growth, it is the perfect time to increase your office chair inventory across various target markets.

Visit our showroom to find ergonomic office chairs that align with your ideal customers, building relationships with suppliers so that you can enjoy a more streamlined shopping experience.

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