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Hyper-Feminine Trims Elevate Pre-Fall 24 Collections


As we look ahead to Pre-Fall 24 womenswear, it’s clear that the hyper-feminine trend is here to stay. Designers are embracing their romantic side with eye-catching trims and embellishments that add shine, texture, and visual interest to garments. In this article, we’ll explore the key trim details that are defining the season, from ruffles and bows to buttons and fringe. Discover how these accents can elevate your collections and appeal to customers seeking pretty, feminine styles.

Table of Contents
1. Decorative embellishments dazzle
2. Occasion ruffles make a statement
3. Dressy bows channel girlhood charm
4. Subtle buttons blend form and function
5. Luxury fringing adds movement and drama
6. Delicate lace for a romantic touch

Decorative embellishments dazzle

lace and bead

The #Jewellerification trend is a major influence this season, with designers using embellishments to add attraction, shine and sparkle to everyday items. Metallic beads, rhinestones, crystals and gemstones are applied in scattered formations and localized placements to create dressy, eye-catching effects. For a sustainable twist, consider trompe-l’oeil digital prints that mimic the look of realistic embellishments. These accents can transform simple pieces into dazzling day-to-night styles that will become treasured investment pieces in a customer’s wardrobe.

Occasion ruffles make a statement


Ruffles continue to be a key detail for Pre-Fall 24, tapping into the #ModernRomantic and #PrettyFeminine stories. Cascading tiers of oversized and micro ruffles adorn dresses and jackets, creating striking occasionwear that exudes #MainCharacterEnergy. Ruffles also add a soft, feminine touch to power dressing and #SmartenUp styles. For a more commercial take, consider applying subtle ruffle accents in signature placements. The versatility of ruffles makes them a strong choice for collections targeting feminine tastes.

Dressy bows channel girlhood charm 


Statement bows are having a moment as a trim detail, channeling a sense of girlhood and ultra-feminine charm. Occasionwear is freshened up with the addition of dressy bows in various sizes. For a refined, understated take, focus on slimmer, minimalist bows crafted in mono-materials. Built-in bow details feel elegant and exuberant. With their pretty, polished look, bows are an excellent choice for styles aimed at the #ModernRomantic customer.

Subtle buttons blend form and function


Button details are on the rise this season, offering a way to blend decorative femininity with functionality. Tapping into the #ModularDesign trend, buttons can allow garments to be adapted to suit personal whims. Luxe buttons in high-quality metals and finishes can elevate pared-back items with a touch of #EverydayDecadence. When applied with a subtle hand, buttons introduce visual interest and a delicate feminine twist. They’re a strong choice for brands interested in functional trims with a refined sensibility.

Luxury fringing adds movement and drama

western fringing

Fringing is regaining traction as a key trim for Pre-Fall 24. Adding a sense of movement, texture and drama to garments, fringe can update both classic pieces and occasionwear. A small amount of fraying offers a commercial way to nod to the trend, while more extreme tiers of longer strands create a bold statement. With influences from #Western and #NewRetro stories, fringing taps into the #HyperTexture trend in a dynamic, eye-catching way. It’s an impactful choice for collections with a flair for the dramatic.

Delicate lace for a romantic touch


Lace trims continue to be a defining detail of the #ModernRomantic story for Pre-Fall. Delicate lace borders add a pretty decorative flourish to hemlines, necklines and all-over garments. This traditionally feminine accent feels fresh when mixed with unexpected materials like knits, leather and denim. Lace introduces an air of refined romanticism and vintage-inspired elegance. It’s an enduring choice for brands targeting the #PrettyFeminine customer.


The hyper-feminine trend is defining Pre-Fall 24 womenswear, with trims and embellishments like ruffles, bows, buttons, fringe, and lace elevating collections. These eye-catching details add texture, movement, and romantic charm to garments, transforming basic pieces into investment-worthy styles. As you incorporate these trends, prioritize quality, versatility, and sustainability in your trim sourcing and application. By striking a balance between prettiness, functionality, and environmental impact, you can create covetable Pre-Fall collections that will resonate with customers seeking fresh, irresistible feminine fashion.

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