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Iberdrola To Build 86.4 MW Hybrid Facility With Plans To Deploy Over 160,000 Solar Power Modules

  • Iberdrola says it has secured the environmental approval for the 1st hybrid PV and hydroelectric power plant of Spain 
  • The 86.4 MW facility will comprise more than 160,000 solar modules in Extremadura region 
  • Hybridization of 2 independent technologies will ensure a lower environmental impact with the use of similar infrastructure 

Spanish energy group Iberdrola has secured the environmental permit for a renewable energy project in Spain’s Extremadura region that it calls the ‘1st’ hybrid PV and hydroelectric power plant in the country. The 86.4 MW facility will use over 160,000 solar modules.  

To be built by Iberdrola España, the HIDRO Cedillo project will use the same grid connection point and share power infrastructure such as the substation and evacuation line along with using the same roads and facilities, leading to a lower environmental impact than 2 independent plants, explained the company.   

“By having two technologies capable of alternating, dependence on changing environmental conditions and limitations due to possible lack of resources such as wind or sunshine is significantly reduced, facilitating more stable and efficient renewable production,” it added.  

To facilitate the availability of water in different sectors of the PV plant, it plans to build 2 additional pools or water points.  

Iberdrola said it will also promote the improvement of biodiversity in the surroundings with shelters of reptiles and amphibians, watering trough for livestock and dovecote for the promotion of prey species of birds of prey, among other measures approved by the environmental impact statement. The same has been published in the country’s Official State Gazette (BOW). 

Iberdrola recently announced the completion of a 74 MW solar power plant, part of what it says is Spain’s 1st hybrid wind-solar plant in the Burgos region, to hybridize the existing Ballestas and Casetona (BaCa) wind complex (see Europe Solar PV News Snippets). 

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