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Key Trend 2024: #OutOfRetirement Explained for Retailers


As an online retailer, staying ahead of the latest fashion trends is crucial to meeting your customers’ evolving needs and preferences. The #OutOfRetirement trend, with its nostalgic “Grandpa” aesthetic, is rapidly gaining popularity among Gen Z. In this article, we’ll explore the factors driving this trend and provide actionable insights to help you craft durable, timeless pieces that appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Table of Contents
1. Understanding the #OutOfRetirement trend
2. Key influences shaping the trend
3. Essential items and design details
4. Actionable strategies for retailers

1. Understanding the #OutOfRetirement trend


The #OutOfRetirement trend is a culmination of various factors that resonate with Gen Z consumers. This demographic seeks emotional comfort and style inspiration from older generations, leading to a resurgence of vintage-inspired outfits. The trend seamlessly blends with the ongoing #SmartenUp movement, which emphasizes practicality and versatility. Additionally, the growing demand for comfort-led looks has paved the way for roomy, layered silhouettes that enhance wearability and tap into gender-inclusive opportunities.

2. Key influences shaping the trend


Several key influencers and brands have played a significant role in shaping the #OutOfRetirement trend. Golf le Fleur, American musician Tyler, the Creator’s high-end fashion label, specializes in preppy tailoring with a playful twist. The term “Grandpa core” has seen explosive growth on Google Trends, with “Eclectic Grandpa” offering a vibrant iteration. Chinese label Sean Suen explores traditional structures and materials while addressing #RedefiningMasculinity themes. South Korean band Jannabi’s nostalgic sound and fashion have sparked a major retro comeback among youth. British influencer and model Callum Mullin provides youthful interpretations of the #SmartenUp trend.

3. Essential items and design details

Heritage checks

To successfully incorporate the #OutOfRetirement trend into your offerings, focus on key items and design details that capture its essence. Slouchy cardigans, as seen on the A/W 24/25 menswear catwalks, are set to continue their commercial success. Heritage checks, such as small-scale prints and micro houndstooth patterns, offer long-term appeal. Tactile corduroy fabrications in neutral colorways, applied to high-waisted trousers or oversized jackets, add a vintage touch. Layering is essential to achieving the cozy, smart look; incorporate button-down shirts, knitwear, and roomy jackets when styling. Accessories like flat caps or hunting caps complete the sophisticated, nostalgic outfit.

4. Actionable strategies for retailers


To successfully capitalize on the #OutOfRetirement trend, retailers should consider implementing the following strategies:

1. Curate vintage-inspired collections

Develop a curated collection of vintage-inspired pieces that embody the essence of the #OutOfRetirement trend. Focus on classic silhouettes, such as slouchy cardigans, high-waisted trousers, and oversized jackets. Incorporate heritage checks, corduroy, and other tactile fabrics to add depth and nostalgia to your offerings.

2. Prioritize comfort and inclusivity

Recognize the importance of comfort in the #OutOfRetirement trend by designing pieces with relaxed, roomy fits. This approach not only enhances wearability but also taps into gender-inclusive opportunities. Ensure your sizing is inclusive and consider using gender-neutral language in your product descriptions and marketing materials.

3. Invest in timeless design elements

While the #OutOfRetirement trend has gained popularity quickly, it’s essential to ensure the longevity of your pieces. Incorporate timeless design elements, such as small-scale checks, subtle textures, and neutral colorways, to create versatile items that will remain relevant beyond the initial trend cycle.

4. Showcase styling possibilities

Help your customers visualize how to incorporate #OutOfRetirement pieces into their wardrobes by providing styling guidance. Create lookbooks, style guides, and product photographs that demonstrate the art of layering, mixing vintage-inspired items with contemporary pieces, and accessorizing with flat caps or hunting caps to complete the look.

5. Collaborate with influencers and brands

Partner with influencers and brands that align with the #OutOfRetirement aesthetic to expand your reach and credibility within the trend. Seek out collaborations with influencers like Callum Mullin, who provides youthful interpretations of the #SmartenUp trend, or brands like Sean Suen, which explore traditional structures and materials while addressing #RedefiningMasculinity themes.

6. Leverage social media and user-generated content

Encourage your customers to share their #OutOfRetirement looks on social media platforms using a branded hashtag. Repost and showcase user-generated content on your own channels to create a sense of community and inspire others to engage with the trend. Utilize trending hashtags like #Grandpacore, #SmartenUp, and #RedefiningMasculinity to increase your visibility and reach.

By implementing these actionable strategies, online retailers can effectively tap into the #OutOfRetirement trend, attract Gen Z consumers, and establish themselves as go-to destinations for nostalgic, comfortable, and stylish fashion. Continuously monitor the trend’s evolution and adapt your approach accordingly to stay relevant and meet your customers’ changing needs.


The #OutOfRetirement trend presents a unique opportunity for online retailers to cater to Gen Z’s desire for nostalgic, comfortable, and stylish fashion. By understanding the driving forces behind the trend and incorporating key design elements, you can create long-lasting, inclusive pieces that resonate with your target audience. Embrace the #SmartenUp and vintage aesthetics, prioritize comfort, and ensure durability and timelessness in your designs. By doing so, you’ll be well-positioned to capitalize on this growing trend and meet the evolving needs of your customers. Start exploring ways to integrate #OutOfRetirement into your upcoming collections and marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

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