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Ilmatar To Build 230 MW New Solar PV Capacity in Finnish Municipality of Joroinen by 2025

  • Ilmatar is to build 2 solar power plants representing 230 MW aggregate capacity in Finland
  • Both the facilities will be located in Huutokoski and Vuotsinsuo regions in the Municipality of Joroinen
  • It aims to start construction work on sites in 2024 to have the projects up and running by 2025

Finnish independent power producer (IPP) Ilmatar Energy has announced 2 industrial scale solar power plants with 230 MW combined capacity to be built by the company in the Municipality of Joroinen in Finland.

One of the 2 projects will be located in Huutokoski region, close to a reserve power station in a forest management area. It will be realized as 2 sub-projects with 55 MW-70 MW capacity.

The other PV plant with 160 MW capacity will come up on a former peat production site in Vuotsinsuo area on a former peat production site on approximately 200 hectare space.

Once online, the entire 230 MW capacity is expected to generate up to 230 GWh annually which will be enough to suffice the electricity consumption needs of close to 50,000 1-bedroom apartments.

“In addition to wind power, Ilmatar is now focusing its strategy strongly on developing the production of solar power. We have already finished our first solar farm in Joroinen, which brought us a wealth of experience,” according to Ilmatar’s VP of Projects Erkka Saario. Ilmatar is currently operating a solar power park in the Joroinen airport area.

Ilmatar says it currently targets to have requisite permits by autumn and break ground on site in 2024 to commission the projects by 2025.

“The municipality and its decision-makers want to do everything they can to help Finland achieve energy self-sufficiency. On the other hand, we also want to take part in unlocking the future green energy potential of our region,” added Joroinen Mayor Jaakko Kuronen.

Interest in large scale solar power plants is increasing in Finland whose 2030 renewable energy plan is geared towards onshore wind that should account for 20 GW of total capacity. Solar PV is targeted to add only 800 MW to the total.

In April 2023, the European Commission invited proposals for the 1st cross border tender for renewable energy under the European Renewable Energy Financing Mechanism (RENEWFM) to have 400 MW solar PV capacity in Finland, capping prices at €180/MW.

Rystad Energy believes Finland, along with Sweden and Denmark will propel Nordic region to become a powerhouse for stable, low-cost and clean electricity supplier for Europe.

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