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Limited Delivery Options Can Hurt Online Retailers’ Sales

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New research by nShift urges online retailers to adopt a multi-carrier strategy to improve customer satisfaction.

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Roughly 70% of surveyed online shoppers consider a choice of delivery methods to be a key factor in their buying decision. Credit: PopTika via Shutterstock.

According to a recent report by nShift, a provider of delivery management solutions, online retailers who rely on just a single carrier or a limited number of carriers risk losing customers and sales.

The report, titled ‘Creating customer choice and unlocking efficiencies: the power of multi-carrier delivery management,’ highlights the importance of offering a variety of delivery options at checkout. 

Research shows that approximately 70% of online shoppers consider a choice of delivery methods to be a key factor in their buying decision.

nShift’s report outlines several key advantages for retailers who embrace a multi-carrier approach:

Increased conversions: Customers have diverse needs. Some prioritise fast delivery while others may be more concerned about price or convenience.

By offering a range of options such as express delivery, standard shipping, or pick-up at designated locations, retailers cater to a wider audience and are more likely to close the sale.

Enhanced delivery capacity: Partnering with multiple carriers allows retailers to adapt to changing customer behaviour and handle peak season surges more effectively.

Improved delivery performance: Working with a variety of carriers enables retailers to compare on-time delivery rates and overall service quality. This data can then be used to negotiate better rates and select the most reliable partners for their customers.

Global expansion: Reaching international markets requires partnerships with carriers that have a presence in those regions. 

A multi-carrier strategy allows retailers to offer a wider selection of delivery options in each market, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

Brand building and customer engagement: By managing customer communications directly, retailers can leverage delivery notifications to promote additional products and strengthen brand loyalty.

nShift said its delivery & experience management (DMXM) suite offers a comprehensive solution for managing deliveries across multiple carriers.

The platform provides access to over 1,000 carrier connections and integrates with more than one million pick-up/drop-off locations globally.

Additionally, nShift automates carrier selection, label printing, and other logistical tasks, streamlining the delivery process for retailers.

By adopting a multi-carrier strategy and leveraging solutions such as nShift’s DMXM suite, online retailers can significantly improve their delivery experience, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and sales.

Source from Retail Insight Network

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