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Modern Romantic: The 2024 Intimate Apparel Trend

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The Modern Romantic trend for 2024 takes intimate apparel to new heights, blending ultra-feminine details with minimalist silhouettes for a fresh, contemporary aesthetic. This movement, evolving from the Pretty Feminine trend, sees the integration of exaggeratedly feminine elements like ruffles, frills, and corsage embellishments into simple shapes. The result? Underwear-as-outerwear pieces that make a bold statement. Inspired by youth trends, catwalk collections, and a nostalgic nod to kawaii and coquette aesthetics, Modern Romantic is set to captivate the younger market with its unique blend of subtlety and flair.

Table of Contents
1. Overview of the Modern Romantic trend
2. Key influences shaping the trend
3. Essential items and design details
4. Action points for embracing the trend

1. Overview of the Modern Romantic trend

ruffled bloombers

The Modern Romantic trend is reshaping the world of intimate apparel by infusing it with an aura of contemporary romance, distinctively characterized by its use of ultra-feminine details upon minimalist silhouettes. This approach is a progressive evolution from the conventional aesthetic of merely being “pretty” or “feminine.” It elevates basic pieces into fashion-forward statements by strategically incorporating romantic and exaggerated features such as ruffles, frills, and elaborate corsage accents. The ultimate goal is to craft pieces that blur the lines between underwear and outerwear, transforming intimate items into versatile pieces that can confidently be displayed in public. This trend draws heavily from youthful influences, including the latest catwalk collections that embrace a variety of aesthetics ranging from kawaii to coquette, aiming to captivate the younger demographic with its sophisticated blend of subtlety and boldness.

2. Key influences shaping the trend

no-trousers trend

Central to the development of the Modern Romantic trend are several key influences that have steered its direction. Among these is the burgeoning “no-trouser” trend, coupled with the revival of ruffled bloomers and a pronounced inclination towards hyper-feminine, coquette aesthetics. Social media platforms and influential fashion figures have significantly contributed to the resurgence of these styles, fostering a renewed interest in vintage and ultra-feminine designs. Fashion weeks have witnessed these elements come to life, with daring fashion enthusiasts incorporating bold intimate pieces into their outerwear ensembles. This trend not only showcases a shift towards more audacious fashion choices but also highlights a growing acceptance of mixing traditional lingerie elements with everyday wear.

3. Essential items and design details

corsage details

The Modern Romantic trend brings to the forefront key items and design details that are essential for capturing its essence. Among these, ruffled knickers and feminine frills stand out, offering a playful yet elegant update to intimate apparel. Corsage details and rose revival prints inject a vintage charm, blending nostalgia with contemporary fashion sensibilities. The influence of the ’90s is palpable through the use of delicate lace, ribbons, and satin-based rose prints, revisiting and revitalizing elements from the past to suit the modern aesthetic. These design details are pivotal in bridging the gap between classic romanticism and the streamlined simplicity of modern design, crafting pieces that are both visually appealing and functionally versatile.

4. Action points for embracing the trend

rose revival

For brands and designers aiming to embrace the Modern Romantic trend, the path forward involves a careful blend of aesthetics. Incorporating pretty feminine elements with minimalist designs, focusing on the innovative concept of underwear-as-outerwear, and drawing inspiration from thrifted lingerie are key strategies. These action points not only align with the trend’s core principles but also cater to the consumer’s growing demand for unique, statement-making pieces that transcend traditional boundaries. By adopting these approaches, brands can offer collections that are in sync with the Modern Romantic ethos, appealing to a demographic seeking a fusion of romance and modernity in their wardrobe.


The Modern Romantic trend is set to redefine the landscape of intimate apparel in 2024, offering a novel approach that marries the delicacy of ultra-feminine details with the simplicity of minimalist designs. This trend is a testament to the evolving fashion landscape, where the boundaries between innerwear and outerwear blur, inviting a more creative and personal expression of style. As the trend continues to unfold, it promises to bring a fresh perspective to intimate apparel, making it an exciting area for innovation and growth in the coming year.

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