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RCT Power To Produce DC 8 & DC 10 Hybrid Solar Inverters With ‘Giga-Fab’ In Augsburg

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  • RCT Power has added 2 new production lines at its ‘Giga-Fab’ in Germany’s Augsburg 
  • These will produce around 5,000 new DC 8 and DC 10 hybrid inverters per month 
  • In 2024, the company plans to add 2 more lines with a total 1.2 GW capacity  

RCT Power GmbH has launched a ‘Giga-Fab’ in Germany’s Augsburg region with 2 new production lines with a capacity to roll out around 5,000 hybrid solar inverters per month. 

The company will manufacture RCT Power DC 8 and DC 10 solar inverters on the new lines with an area of around 8,000 m2. The management says the expansion of this capacity takes its total operational production capacity to 600 MW.  

The expansion will create over 100 new jobs in Augsburg, and add over 80 jobs over the next 6 months, according to local media reports.  

As demand for residential solar grows, RCT management has plans to expand further in the future with the addition of 2 more lines with a total capacity of 1.2 GW in 2024. It would lead to the production of more than 10,000 battery inverters every month.  

The manufacturer opened a factory in Suzhou, China in June 2018 to produce up to 18,000 units.  

Earlier this year, the German inverter and battery storage firm hired RENA Technologies’ Vice President Product Management Eric Rüland as its new managing director.   

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