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Outstanding Dinnerware Sets Every Kitchen Needs in 2022-2023


There’s nothing like fancy dinnerware to make a statement for special occasions—and regular basis. Dinnerware sets are just as significant as the meal eaten from them. Usually, they include everything from morning bowls to holiday dinner plates.

Businesses can choose from many dinnerware materials, styles, and patterns. But that only makes it difficult to choose one. They’ll also have to consider how they’ll use and care for it before deciding.

This article will guide retailers to stock up on unique dinnerware sets that will attract consumers in 2022-2023.

Table of Contents
The demand for dinnerware sets
Six dinnerware sets for formal and home uses
How to buy dinnerware sets (three things to consider)
Capitalize on these dinnerware sets

The demand for the dinnerware sets

The global tableware industry had an impressive $42.52 billion market size in 2019. But research estimates that the market will expand further at a CAGR of 6.0% from 2020 to 2025.

The rising demand for attractive dinnerware and increased economic growth influence this market’s growth. 

That’s not all. There’s been an increase in the number of residential houses. This factor, combined with changing lifestyles and rising disposable incomes, drives the increased demand for dinnerware. Experts also expect these factors to continue expanding the market over the forecast period.

Businesses can leverage these increased market demands and make more sales with the following formal and home dinnerware sets in 2022/2023.

Six dinnerware sets for formal and home uses

1. Stoneware

Close-up shot of stoneware dinner set

Stonewear is a type of dinnerware made from fired ceramic and vitreous material (glass). Usually, it’s heated at very high temperatures to give it immense durability. The added glass material also makes it stronger than some dinnerware sets.

This dinnerware features a more opaque and thicker body with various glaze textures. Retailers can buy them in satin, shiny, or matte.

Stoneware on a table with stunning design

Stonewear is the go-to for consumers who love casual settings. Most dinnerware enthusiasts favor them for their versatility and easy maintenance. 

Consumers who also prefer cooking or storing food in their dinnerware will fancy stonewares. This dinnerware can withstand the heat from microwaves & ovens, go into dishwashers, and stay intact in freezers—a strong selling point for such consumers.

2. Vitrified glass

Black and clear vitrified glass bowls

Fragile is the first thing consumers think of when they hear the word glass. But that’s not the case with this dinnerware type. Vitrified glass is glass, but it’s more durable.

This dinnerware goes through ultra-high temperatures to produce a nonporous and opaque look. The most popular brand of vitrified glass dinnerware is Corelle. Businesses can rest assured that this proprietary glass laminate is practically indestructible.

Corelle vitrified glass appeals to consumers looking for more durable sets. Despite their appearance, this dinnerware set won’t chip or break, even when dropped. It’s also safe to use this dinnerware set in microwaves and dishwashers.

3. Porcelain/china

Porcelain dinnerware set on white table

Porcelain/china dinnerware use fine-particle clay materials heated at high temperatures to make them nonporous and durable. These clay materials usually comprise quartz, kaolin, and feldspar.

This dinnerware offers a delicately constructed and thinner design that makes it almost translucent. It also allows adding shaped details to the body’s design.

China dinnerware set with spoon and fork

Porcelain/china attracts consumers that love formal dining. The dinnerware set exudes formality and is capable of adding elegance to casual meals.

Most china dinnerware sets are microwave, dishwasher, and oven compatible. However, businesses that purchase variants with platinum, gold, or silver borders must indicate that they aren’t safe to use in such appliances. Washing with citrus-scented detergents could also damage the dinnerware’s metal accent.

4. Earthenware

Glossy earthenware dinnerware on white table

Businesses can dive into earthenware as a way to appeal to consumers looking for affordable but functional dinnerware. It’s similar to stoneware, as it’s a type of fired ceramic, but it’s also glazed, making it thick and heavy with a rustic feel.

However, it’s not as strong and durable as other dinnerware types and can chip easily. Earthenware usually features hand-painted designs that give it a more crafted aesthetic.

Earthenware dinnerware set on a table with chopsticks

Consumers that prefer casual dinner settings can’t go wrong with this dinnerware. However, earthenware is porous, making it liquid-absorbent and susceptible to stains. Consumers should avoid soaking earthenware in water so as not to spoil its aesthetics. 

Businesses can also stock up on glazed earthenware. Most glazed variants can be used in microwaves and dishwashers.

5. Bone china

Close-up shot of bone china dinnerware with cutleries

Dinnerware can’t get more elegant and durable than bone china. Made from bone ash and combined with porcelain clay, bone china offers a delicate, thin structure that’s more durable than it looks.

Unlike porcelain, bone china goes through slightly lower temperatures to create a lightweight and translucent material. Although it looks fragile, bone china is the most durable and strongest ceramic dinnerware.

Bone china dinnerware set on a table with scented candles

Its milky appearance makes it appealing to consumers looking for formal and daily dining sets. Consumers who prefer hand washing can glean toward bone china with metallic banding.

6. Melamine

Blue and white-patterned melamine dinnerware

Melamine offers something different from other dinnerware. Although it resembles ceramic, melamine uses durable resin in its composition. “Unbreakable” is the word that best describes this dinnerware type as it’s resistant to chipping or shattering.

It can also stand the test of time, making it incredibly versatile for various occasions. This plastic dinnerware is sturdy but lightweight and has a glossy finish.

Since it’s indestructible, consumers that prefer outdoor dining will gravitate towards melamine dinnerware. Consumers with kids will also love this dinner set. However, this dinnerware is not compatible with extreme heat, making it appealing to consumers that don’t plan on using it in ovens & microwaves.

Melamine is safe to use with dishwashers. Businesses can also stock them in several colors and patterns.

How to buy dinnerware sets (three things to consider)

A pattern that lasts

Quality dinnerware should be usable for any meal. Unless consumers want to buy two dinnerware sets (one formal and one informal), businesses should opt for transitional single-styled sets.

Although dinnerware sets with decorations have an exciting feel, they have a higher chance of becoming outdated. Opting for sets with minimal patterns and designs will give a classic and timeless aesthetic.

Dinnerware sets with patterns that have been around for long periods are also great options. It means the design would remain in production for a while and will be easy to replace in case consumers need extras.

A comfortable weight

Not all dinnerware sets are lightweight. Businesses can market various weight ranges to appeal to different consumer preferences.

Retailers should consider carrying them in stacks to see how heavy they’ll be when lifting them before gauging the weight.

Although bone china is lightweight, it’s one of the best dinnerwares available. It’s even more durable than thicker stoneware of porcelain.

Shape and size

Weight doesn’t necessarily translate to size. Businesses must also consider the size and shape of each dinnerware set piece.

Although there are general shape and size considerations, sellers can offer various shapes and sizes to appeal to different consumers.


Most dinnerware sets feature different bowl sizes and styles. Businesses can stock up on low bowls and deep bowls. Low bowls are great for consumers who love pasta, stews, and risotto, while deep bowls have larger capacities and are more attractive for all-purpose usage. 


Plate sizes depend on their rims. Plates with wider rims have reduced overall surface capacities. Such sizes appeal to consumers looking to decrease food sizes. 

Contrarily, those with narrower rims will have more space. Sellers can offer these to consumers looking for larger food servings.

Teacups or mugs and saucers

Businesses should consider merchandising dinnerware sets that allow consumers to choose between teacups, mugs, and saucers. Teacups and saucers work for more formal occasions. Mugs work for more casual settings, like taking morning coffee.

Capitalize on these dinnerware sets

Dinnerware is an important decision as it’s something consumers will use for special and daily occasions. With the growing potential of the dinnerware market, businesses must capitalize on stoneware, vitrified glass, porcelain/china, earthenware, bone china, and melamine to enjoy increased profits in 2022-2023.

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