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Oversized Gym Shirts: 4 Stunning Types to Stock Now

Muscular man lifting weights in an oversized gym shirt

Since 2020, comfort has remained a significant trend in the fashion industry. Oversized gym shirts tap into this trend by perfectly balancing style and comfort, providing unrestricted movement and a relaxed, breathable feel for intense workouts and casual leisure.

Oversized gym shirts have also evolved into various eye-catching types that sellers can use to diversify their inventories. Discover five fantastic options that will catch customers’ attention in 2024. This article will highlight four note-worthy trends business buyers should know before jumping into the market.

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What’s the size of the athleisure market in 2024?
4 oversized gym shirts that are super attractive this year
4 oversized gym shirt trends worth noting
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What’s the size of the athleisure market in 2024?

Man preparing for a workout in a black hooded vest

In 2023, the global market for comfy, sporty clothing reached a value of US $358.08 billion. It is projected to continue growing at a 9.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2030 because more young people are participating in sports and outdoor activities globally. The fitness and health consciousness trend is also driving this market’s growth.

Athletic shirts were the most popular item in 2023, accounting for over 31% of all sales. Women’s athleisure also sold the most, accounting for over 40% of the global market. North America was the most significant regional market in 2023, with over 30% of total sales.

4 oversized gym shirts that are super attractive this year

1. Oversized rugby shirts

Couple wearing oversized rugby shirts

These shirts take inspiration from traditional rugby designs, featuring bold stripes, thick collars, and loose, boxy fits. They are perfect for anyone who wants to add a sporty, preppy vibe to their workout outfit. Wearing an oversized rugby shirt can also give customers that “borrowed from your significant other” look, which adds a playful touch to their style.

During colder months, oversized rugby shirts are great for layering. Customers can easily wear a fitted thermal shirt or another layer underneath for extra warmth without feeling too bundled up. And if customers are working outdoors, the extra fabric can give them a bit more sun coverage compared to regular tight-fitting tees.

Man wearing a sports-inspired rugby shirt

Pairing these baggy rugby shirts with tight leggings creates a fantastic contrast that consumers can rock anywhere. They can also opt for biker shorts for a sporty look that allows for excellent movement. And when it comes to ultimate comfort, nothing beats wearing these shirts with sweatpants.

2. Oversized mesh shirts

Lady posing in an oversized mesh gym shirt

Oversized mesh shirts are about keeping calm and showing off what’s underneath, like a snug tank top or sports bra. They are a big hit because these shirts bring back that athletic vibe from the 90s and early 2000s, making customers feel nostalgic while staying stylish.

These shirts mix performance and streetwear, making them perfect for going from the gym to hanging out with friends. They come in many colors and bold designs, so customers can stand out while they work out.

Man rocking a white oversized mesh shirt

When it comes to styling, the options are almost limitless. Consumers can wear them over tank tops, sports bras, or fitted tees for extra style and coverage. Or, they can go for a bold look and show off some skin. And for the bottom half, these shirts look great with colorful leggings, fun biker shorts, or eye-catching sweatpants.

3. Open-back oversized tops

Lady working out in a green open-back oversized top

These shirts feature dramatic open backs with criss-cross straps or exciting cutouts. Open-back oversized tops are perfect for showing off back definition and adding an element of style. Plus, their open-back design is unbeatable for breathability, allowing for constant airflow and keeping wearers more relaxed during workouts—no more annoying sweat patches.

Oversized open-back tops add a touch of unique flair to gym outfits. With various strap designs and cuts, retailers can easily stock styles to suit different tastes. They can also offer tops with high necks or broader straps to appeal to customers looking for additional coverage.

Lady doing yoga in an open-back top

High-waisted leggings make a fantastic pair with these tops, creating a flattering silhouette while emphasizing the open-back design. Tennis skirts are perfect for a playful, feminine touch, while loose-fitting sweatpants create a laid-back yet stylish workout vibe. Women can add an extra layer by rocking a fitted cropped tank top underneath.

4. Oversized tank tops

Tattooed man wearing a gray oversized tank top

Oversized tank tops are like open-back tops for guys. They allow superior airflow, keeping the wearer cooler and less prone to sweat buildup during workouts. These tops also enable customers to move freely without the fabric clinging or bunching, making them perfect for exercises involving lots of bending, stretching, or reaching.

Women can also wear oversized tank tops. They can layer them over sports bras, fitted tees, or long-sleeve tops for more coverage or cooler-weather workouts. More importantly, oversized tank tops are versatile enough for various workouts, from weightlifting and yoga to cardio and dance classes.

Lady in a red oversized tank top

Oversized tank tops can work in various outfits. Men can pair them with mesh basketball shorts, tapered sweatpants, and high-waisted running shorts. Women can rock them with high-waisted biker shorts, a sports bra/compressed leggings combo, pleated tennis skirts, and loose-fitting track-style pants.

4 oversized gym shirt trends worth noting

Trend 1: Raw-edge and cut-off styles

Man in an oversized gym shirt with a raw hem

Oversized gym shirts now come with raw hems, intentionally frayed edges, and even cut-off sleeves for a rebellious, edgy look. This trend taps into the desire for individuality and an ”undone” aesthetic. Oversized gym shirts adopting the raw-edge trends pair well with structured bottoms (like tailored joggers or high-waisted leggings). These bottoms create an amazing contrast that balances the roughness.

Trend 2: Mixed-material mashups

Man posing in a blue oversized mixed-material shirt

Mixed materials now transform simple, oversized tees into statement pieces. But beyond visual appeal, this trend packs a lot of functionality. For example, oversized gym shirts with mesh back panels offer increased breathability, while fleece inserts add warmth where needed. This trend speaks to tech-driven consumers focused on performance.

However, when stocking this trend, retailers must look for contrasts like sheer mesh combined with opaque jersey or tech fabrics blended with classic cotton. The contrasting design helps keep the oversized style engaging and eye-catching.

Trend 3: Extreme drop shoulders

Lady wearing an oversized gym shirt with extreme drop shoulders

This trend plays with proportions, emphasizing the upper body while making gym outfits feel more dramatic. Extreme drop shoulders are ideal for those who prefer outfits that visually broaden their shoulders. But while visually striking, business buyers must ensure the shirts with this aesthetic update in their inventory are sufficient for the range of motion for specific exercises.

For a safer bet, offer oversized gym shirts with extreme drop shoulders to consumers engaging in low-impact workouts or those looking for streetwear looks. Beyond drop shoulders, explore exaggerated kimono-style sleeves or batwing cuts for similarly oversized yet distinct silhouettes.

Trend 4: Asymmetrical styles

Lady wearing an oversized gym shirt with an asymmetrical hem

Asymmetry is a common element in runway fashion, which is now filtering into activewear. This trend adds an avant-garde touch to the already-loved oversized look. The varying lengths and drapes of asymmetrical shirts offer unique layering opportunities, like peeking out from jackets or adding dimension over simple leggings.

Wrapping up

After years of hyper-fitted activewear, the oversized trend offers a different style from body-conscious silhouettes. Celebrities and social media influencers have heavily embraced the oversized gym look, making the trend even more desirable in 2024. The best part is that the oversized gym shirt trend in activewear is likely more than a fad. Google data shows the trend has witnessed a 300% popularity spike, jumping from 450,000 in March to 673,000 in April 2024.

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