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Packaging for Alcohol You Need To Use


Packaging is an important aspect of the buying process for consumers, as it helps to positively build up the overall experience and create a lasting memory. Alcohol packaging has evolved over the past few decades, with more and more unique boxes, glasses, and other types of packaging hitting today’s market.

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Global market value of packaging for alcohol
5 unique types of packaging for alcohol
What’s next for alcohol packaging?

Global market value of packaging for alcohol

The buying and drinking of alcohol have always been a popular recreational activity among both the younger and older population. With more demand than ever for alcohol, there has been an increase in consumers wanting unique packaging to go with it, whether that be for themselves or gift-giving purposes. 

In 2020, the global market value for packaging for alcohol was valued at USD 29.84 billion, and by 2026 that number is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.06%, bringing the overall market value to USD 38.87 billion. This increase is down to more companies making their packaging more attractive, consumers having a larger disposable income to spend on recreational activities such as drinking, and changing consumer preferences. Consumers pay attention to not only the design of the bottle but also the box that contains it. 

Bottle of wine sitting in black wrapping paper with ribbon

5 unique types of packaging for alcohol

When it comes to packaging for alcohol, there are many different types that can be incorporated into a specific drink. Today’s market is seeing square glass bottles, decanter sets, cardboard boxes for bottles, gift boxes, and alcohol pouches all making a big impact on consumer buying habits. 

Square glass bottle

Alcohol is traditionally sold in round glass bottles, but it’s the square glass bottle that’s starting to emerge as a popular type of packaging for alcohol among today’s consumers. The square glass bottle, also sometimes referred to as the French Square, is an elegant way to package alcohol and really make the bottle stand out among regular round-shaped ones. These square bottles can either come with a screw cap or a cork, depending on what the preference is, and can be completely customized with different types of printing styles. 

Despite having edges, these glass bottles are very durable and can be reused for other purposes such as housing bath salts or cooking ingredients. The four sides of the glass bottle also allow for multiple labeling, which isn’t always possible with a small round glass bottle. Overall, the alcohol market is seeing a higher demand for these types of glass bottles for drinks such as whisky, but other types of spirits such as vodka and gin are starting to emerge with square glass bottles too.

Three glass bottles in square shape with handmade labels

Decanter set

Decanter sets are popularly depicted in TV shows and movies in places such as offices, living rooms, or dining rooms. It’s this constant portrayal of the decanter set on the screen that’s helping to increase its popularity among younger consumers who are being exposed to a lot of screen time. The decanter set oozes elegance and high-end living, and no matter what room it’s placed in, it’s sure to be a big talking point. 

This type of packaging for alcohol is different from a regular bottle that’s displayed in a store. The decanter bottle is usually more appealing to many people than an alcohol bottle and helps to let the alcohol breathe before serving it. Decanter sets are normally shown with whiskey or other hard liquors, but they are also used for spirits such as tequila. This is one type of packaging for alcohol that’s been around for a long time and is seeing a second revival phase. 

A glass decanter set with bottle and two glasses

Multi-bottle cardboard box

Alcohol and cardboard aren’t normally synonymous with one another, but cardboard boxes for bottles are increasingly being used for a number of reasons. These cardboard boxes are perfect for keeping the bottles separate to lower the risk of damage during the shipping and delivery process. They are also a nice way to present different types of bottles in the same box, as the box itself can be customized to suit the needs of the business.

Another popular reason for using cardboard boxes to package alcohol bottles is that they make great gifts. These types of boxes are very popular when it comes to wine bottles, especially around the Christmas period as more unique types of alcohol are hitting the shelves with interesting designs. Consumers are increasingly looking to purchase gifts that include multiple products at once and this type of packaging for alcohol allows them to do so in a beautifully presented way.

A large cardboard box with wine bottles in padding

Gift box

Alcohol is a very popular gift at any time of the year, specifically around the holiday season or for a celebration. To make the best impression possible, having a gift box for the alcohol can really improve the overall gift and make it a memorable moment for the receiver. What consumers are looking for with this type of packaging is that it’s made of eco-friendly materials and that it gives the bottle a more luxurious feel to it, whether that be with the color and design of the exterior of the box or the padding on the inside of it.

These alcohol gift boxes are made of a sturdy cardboard material that allows for easy transportation and can last for a long time in storage. The packaging market is also seeing an increase in high-end gift boxes being used to present decanter sets and other alcohol sets, not just regular alcohol bottles. Embossed printing of the gift box is a popular way to increase its aesthetics and make an impact with the brand’s name at the forefront of the box.

Wooden box holding wine bottle with corkscrew beside it

Alcohol pouches

In recent years, the alcohol packaging market has implemented alcohol pouches into the mix, and they’re proving to be significantly more popular than first anticipated. Alcohol pouches are more convenient than bottles to transport and don’t run the risk of breaking as easily, which is why they are often used for juices and other liquids too. 

The screw cap closure helps to ensure that the alcohol doesn’t spill out, regardless of in which position it’s being held or transported. The alcohol pouches are also more cost-effective, which allows smaller businesses to compete with the larger ones who sell alcohol in glass bottles and have more money to spend on packaging and marketing.

Two gray plastic pouches used to store liquid

What’s next for alcohol packaging?

Alcohol packaging can make or break a sale, so it’s important to stay on top of the current trends among consumers. Packaging for alcohol covers a wide range of options, but the square glass bottle, decanter set, multi-bottle cardboard box, gift box, and alcohol pouch are all pulling ahead of the competition. 

The future of alcohol packaging seems bright. With more consumers looking to purchase high-end alcohol, the packaging will need to keep up with these changes in lifestyle and expectations. Eco-friendly packaging will also play a big role in the type of packaging for alcohol that will be popular in the coming years. 

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