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5 Trends in Labels That Help the Planet and Sales


Labels can have a massive impact on a brand’s marketing success. They are the first impression a customer has of a company and can often influence their decision to buy. The best labels are visually engaging, but also make a practical addition to products and packages.

Throughout 2022, there will be an increasing focus on eco-friendly business practices. A BBMG Concious Consumer report shows that over 75% of consumers feel they can make a difference by purchasing from environmentally friendly businesses, and the label trends should match that. To address consumers’ concerns and maintain their loyalty, the labels industry will incorporate sustainability into their packages. The ability to adapt will be particularly important in 2022, as the surging e-commerce market will substantially drive up demand for labels.

KFC eco-friendly package

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Customization makes products stand out in a crowd
Utilize biodegradable finishes
Enable smart technology within your products
Transparent labeling is more than just design

Customization makes products stand out in a crowd

By customizing its labels, a business has immediate access to a cheap, simple, and effective branding strategy. Whatever a customer’s needs, recent advances in the labeling industry ensure they are met. From labels that offer UV protection to those that can withstand wet weather, performance labels will be in demand. Along with these practical options, stand-out graphics, opaque backings, and origin labels will also trend in 2022.

Increasingly, businesses will use customized labels as a way of getting noticed and to add an element of uniformity to their packages. Labels that provide social media and other contact details, as well as a company motto or insignia, are likely to be in high demand too. It’s a cost-free way of fostering a sense of community with consumers and requires little legwork on the part of a business. Consumers believe this type of company will show the same diligence when it comes to their package and is liable to be more trusting of the brand.

Utilize biodegradable finishes

Labels can be made more distinctive by adding different finishes, which may be textures and colors or a combination of both. For environmentally-conscious brands and customers, biodegradable products will be key. Consider utilizing paper to add a premium finish, while also supporting the use of sustainable materials. Other examples of biodegradable finishes could include algae-based plastics, while other brands may opt for recycled materials. It is important for brands to remember that less is more when it comes to packaging. Consumers are savvy in the current market, and less likely to be impressed with flashy or loud labels.

utilizing paper to add a premium finish

Enable smart technology within your products

Technology is everywhere you turn in the modern world, and packaging can make the most of this. Clearmark describes a “smart label” as a term for any type of label that uses tech to add data and function, more than just your typical barcode. With smartphones in the hands of consumers, companies can enable QR codes or interactive features that give customers more, from serving suggestions to offers and promotions. Once traffic has been encouraged through the host site, there’s no end to what can be achieved from enhancing the customer buying procedure through to collecting data from repeat clicks. RFID codes can also be used to track products through the supply chain.

smart label-QR codes

Transparent labeling is more than just design

For 2022, companies will choose finishes that reflect the qualities of their product inside. This provides the consumer with information on the package and can be more useful to them than a label that’s word-heavy. Consumer trust is essential for businesses to establish repeat purchases while strengthening the brand’s relationship with its consumers. Transparent labels are an easy way for a business to show their morals and should show concise details of the products, where they have been sourced, or even how they are made. By displaying important information such as this, customers tend to believe the brand has nothing to hide.

Simple Premium Label

Creating labels to enhance your brand

In an increasingly competitive market, one simple way in which brands and sellers can stand out is through the clever use of labels. In 2022, labels will be seen as promotional tools. When people are considering a product, they want to know what is in the package and what it can do for them. The sooner they decide that the item is useful to them, the sooner they are likely to buy.

As we move into the new year, labels with clever, creative, and harmonious design elements will be used to appeal to consumers. From custom designs to illustrations and more, there is a huge amount of choice when it comes to the design and finish of each label. Some labels are tailor-made to suit a client’s requirements and some can be bought in bulk to deliver a more profitable experience.

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