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Redefining Men’s Style: The Essential Trousers & Shorts for Spring/Summer 2024

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As we look ahead to the Spring/Summer 2024 men’s apparel season, it’s time to start planning your bottom assortment. Men’s trousers and shorts are undergoing an evolution, with bolder silhouettes, softer fabrics, and updated details that embrace new notions of masculinity. In this article, we’ll explore five key bottom styles that you’ll want in your S/S24 offerings.

Table of Contents
The Smart Fluid Trouser
The Full-Cut Short
The Upcycled Field Trouser
The Retro Sport Short
The Sporty Panelled Track Pant

The Smart Fluid Trouser

smart fluid trousers

The smart fluid trouser is a key style for Spring/Summer 2024 that aligns with larger trends of redefining masculinity. As gender norms and expressions continue to evolve, especially among younger generations, the smart trouser silhouette is undergoing an exciting expansion. 

Lightweight, fluid fabrics in soft finishes are essential to embracing the sensual side of today’s masculinity. Look for fabrics with a lustrous sheen, like lightweight wool with stretch, silk wool blends, and viscose with a satin face. These softer hand feels provide a fluid drape when cut into tapered trousers, forgoing the stiffness of traditional suiting wools.

Pleating and flare work together to create volume and flow in this updated silhouette. A single pleat at the waistband gives subtle fullness to the trouser front, avoiding too much excess fabric. Pair this with a leg that gently flares from the knee down to finish in a bootcut or wide leg opening. This creates movement and a long, lean line when worn.

Design details like side adjusters at the waistband and cropped lengths work for both casual and tailored looks. For an edgy weekend look, pair the smart fluid trousers with a slim-fit ribbed tank and chunky boots. For the office, style it with a pale tonal shirt, textured vest, and suede loafers. The color palette can range from neutrals like black, khaki, and navy to pastels and brighter saturated hues that make a statement.

With its directional yet accessible silhouette, the smart fluid trouser infuses a new sensibility into men’s shirting bottoms. It allows creativity and expression and opens up menswear to embrace different facets of masculinity.

The Full-Cut Smart Short

A man in full-cut smart shorts

The full-cut smart short meets emerging trends for work leisure and not-so-classic wardrobe essentials. With its relaxed yet tailored silhouette, it has wide-ranging lifestyle appeal for the S/S 24 consumer.

The roomy thigh and loose fit through the hip create an inclusive shape, flattering for many body types. Pleats at the waist allow for adjustable fullness, while the length remains professional just above the knee.

Details like zippered pockets, utility loops, and contrast cuffs feel utilitarian and nod to workwear. Choose lightweight cotton, linen or hemp blends for optimal comfort and breathability on warm days. 

T-shirts, polos, and casual woven shirts pair well with these shorts for work and weekends. It also works for semi-formal occasions when worn with an open-collared shirt and blazer. Overall, the smart full-cut short is an elevated basic that offers versatility.

The Upcycled Field Trouser

field trousers

Workwear-inspired field and carpenter pants maintain their relevance into Spring/Summer 2024. Consumers will continue to value their durability and functionality.

Give these trousers an eco-conscious update by utilizing deadstock, vintage, and upcycled fabrics. Contrast patched pieces on the front legs or back pockets create a modern deconstructed look.

Choose faded prints and florals for the patches and avoid greenwashing by using fully upcycled materials. This gives a playful contradiction to the traditionally masculine workwear silhouette.

Reinforce the artisanal appeal by distressing edges or adding hand-embroidered accents. Pair these upcycled field trousers with casual shirts, hoodies, vests or oversized knits for an everyday look.

The Retro Sport Short 

young man in sport shorts

The sport short is primed for a revival with inspirations spanning retro athletics, resort wear, and lounge dressing. Start with a classic tennis or running silhouette in mid to short lengths.

Prioritize breezy, lightweight fabrics like cotton jersey, nylon mesh, and silk blends. Drawstrings, elastic waists and side slits optimize ease and range of motion.

Bold varsity stripes, color blocking, and piping trim accentuate the retro sporty vibe. Alternatively, muted resort prints and terry cloth lend a casual lounge-like feel.

These sporty shorts pair well with polos, sweatshirts, and casual collared shirts. It works for exercising, hanging poolside, or just relaxing at home. The retro sport short offers endless versatility this season.

The Sporty Panelled Track Pant

panelled track pants

Look to gaming and e-sports culture for inspiration on this graphic track pant. The goal is comfort with a standout style.

Start with a roomy track pant or jogger silhouette. Cotton, nylon, and poly blends offer stretch and durability. Oversized fits with elastic or adjustable waistbands are key.

Color block panels, asymmetric inserts, and taping create striking effects down the legs. Bold prints and hues reinforce the eye-catching aesthetic.

Pair with oversized hoodies, graphic tees, and bomber jackets. These pants radiate personality for chilling at home, heading to a gaming competition, or making a store run. It’s athleisure with a digital edge.


As you merchandise your men’s apparel offerings for Spring/Summer 2024, be sure to explore these key bottom silhouettes and details. 

The smart fluid trousers, full-cut shorts, upcycled field pants, retro sport short, and graphic track pants provide options to meet the needs of today’s male consumers. Whether they seek sophistication, comfort, utility, or digitally-inspired flair, these styles have versatility for life’s everyday occasions.

Most importantly, embrace expanded notions of masculinity and responsibility through directional yet accessible designs. Make use of softer fabrics, tailored details, and purposeful prints to redefine the masculine aesthetic. Sustainable practices also remain central to connecting with conscientious Gen Z and Millennial shoppers. 

With mindful consideration of these trends, your S/S24 bottoms assortment will hit the mark for both comfort and self-expression. Male consumers will appreciate the chance to explore modern wardrobing potentials through your product offerings.

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